How to start a travel baseball team!

how hard could it be to start a travel

baseball team let's find out


hey guys Chris Sloane here with bad

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about all right so today I wanted to

talk a little bit about building the

travel team what it takes to put a team

together and just some of the things

that you need to kind of get going it's

something that's you know I've been a

part of them been involved with for a

long time so this this for me is is

really kind of some first steps for you

and things that I think that are very

important to to getting started down

that road so I'm really talking about

three points today there's obviously a

ton of time that we could spend and

maybe I'll do some other episodes and

talk about a little bit more in depth

but for today's episode we're just going

to hit those three items number one

first and foremost find a mentor what I

mean by that is find someone who has

started a team before has been through

the process has ran a team for a while

maybe they're not doing it now but they

have at least done before find someone

that you can talk to ask questions get

feedback from regularly and really just

establish a relationship with them long

term to help you know kind of what

things to expect and then just answer

questions and get you know some ideas on

how to answer deal with parents deal

with players deal with you know

situations that you might come across so

finding someone that's got that

experience and has been there before

it's gonna be really important as you

take those first steps in getting and

getting better at what you do right so

so find someone out there that you trust

that you know has been there and really

kind of you know established that

relationship with them so you guys can

communicate and collaborate sure you're

going to be

different teams and that sort of thing

but at the end of the day you're both

still trying to do the same thing which

is influence young men and women help

them be better people and you know help

them to grow in a sport that you

probably love so first and foremost find

a mentor and you know keep them close to

you number two set goals and

expectations for for that I'm simply

saying that it's important to know where

you want to go with your organization

and your team to really be able to track

progress and know how your team is

progressing and the things that you know

are the things that you're doing working

and that sort of thing and and goals can

really vary from age and from the groups

that you're working with essentially you

know your your set of goals may be hey

win one game then your next set is win a

tournament you know or make it to a

world series and place in the World

Series you know as you get older and

progress with high school age players

maybe it's helped your players are in a

position on their high school team or as

they even get beyond that maybe it's

helped them to earn a position at a

college or university so the goals for

your organization are going to help

define the direction that you take so

it's important to have established where

you're going from the the beginning

otherwise you're just really you know

you're just playing baseball and kids

can get that anywhere right so if you

really say hey here's who we are as an

organization and here's what we want to

do you're gonna be much more apt to help

them get to the position that they need

to go and where you want to go number

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