What Not To Do At A Soccer Tryout - 7 Soccer Tips

soccer tryouts can be a bit tricky

you're usually competing with a ton

dozens sometimes even hundreds of other

guys trying to get very limited spots in

a team so really you need as much help

as you can get in order to make the team

on for these other players so in this

video I want to go over what not to do

at a soccer tryout so that you're not

taking yourself out of contention and

you can actually start doing the right

things to make the team that's coming up

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the new videos that we release so as I

already mentioned this video is gonna

focus on what not to do at a soccer

tryout it's good to be aware of what

some good things to do and we'll go over

those too but it's also good to be aware

of what to avoid so that you can start

planning to avoid these things already

so let's get into the first one so

speaking of preparing the first mistake

is not preparing you know leading up to

the tryout if you're not preparing for

this trial if you're not getting

yourself in shape practicing doing all

the things you need to do so that you

have the skill set to stand out at this

tryout well then you're fighting an

uphill battle already you know one thing

I tell players all the time is if you're

going into a tryout out of shape not fit

well it's gonna be an almost impossible

task especially if the coach recognizes

pretty early that you are not in shape

you know he's gonna look at you and go

well he didn't have the discipline to

get in shape for this tryout you know

Acey gonna be able to help my team I'm

gonna have to work on getting him in

shape where I'm trying to teach tactics

and do other drills with the other

players it's just not worth it

even if you're a great player it's not

gonna be worth it for the coach plus

you're not gonna be able to show

everything you can do because you're not

gonna last that long on the pitch so

regardless of how skilled you are you

could be the most skilled player there

if you can only play for like 25 minutes

before you're gassed and you're done

it's not gonna matter so make sure you

leading up to the tryout that you're fit

that you're in shape that you're

prepared and ready to go

number two is another killer and it's

poor mentality mindset attitude all

three put together

if a coach identifies early on or at all

in the trial that you have a poor

attitude you give up you blame other

players you put your head down when you

make a mistake and can't recover you

know they're gonna pick up on that right

away you know a big part of being able

to play in a team and to perform well

and actually have a good impact on the

team which is the kind of players the

coaches want to bring in is having good

mentality having a good attitude coach

is not gonna bring a player and they

thinks going is going to affect the

dressing room negatively he's not gonna

bring a player in he thinks is going to

adversely negatively affect his other

players and he's also not going to put a

player on his team who might be skilled

but never shows it because he doesn't

have the confidence to do it so you need

to demonstrate to the coach that you

have a good attitude you know you are

encouraging your players you are

offering feedback you are not

criticizing you're not blaming you know

you're not getting super um you're not

being super hard on yourself when you

make a mistake you're staying in the

game you're keeping your energy levels

high you're communicating effectively

but as soon as you start dropping your

head and taking yourself out of the

place you should start blaming other

players for what's happening you know

even if you think it's their fault it's

not gonna help and you know he's not

gonna want to bring in a player who

criticizes his teammates on the pitch

right so make sure you're coming in with

a good attitude a good mentality a good


number three is one that all coaches

love I would say the majority of coaches

will look out for this and it's your

work rate you know if you at the child

aren't willing to fight when you're

literally fighting for places to get on

a team and you're not showing good work

late at a tryout then the coach is gonna

assume well he's not gonna do this why

would he do it be any different way he's

actually on the team if you're being

lazy you're not tracking back again

you're giving up on the play after maybe

the ball is taken away from you or

something happens you know you're just

not putting in the effort that's gonna

reflect negatively on you again even if

you're one of the best players there

that's going to make him second-guess

your inclusion in his team even if

you're a good player now the great thing

is you can make up maybe for your lack

of skill with hard work of course you

need to be skilled to to make

teams but working hard only stands to

help you while not working hard only

stands to hurt you so make sure when

you're at the tryout you were you were

doing your absolute best you were

working your absolute hardest let the

coach know that this is how you normally

perform it your best every single time

your hardest the best that you can do

and he will take that into an account

and will take notice of that the fourth

thing not to do is being afraid of

standing out and I I've experienced it

so many times myself included I've done

this in the past but I've experienced so

many teammates who I played with and

we're trying out for me be like like an

all-star team or something when they

bring everyone together and play some

kind of game I've noticed it with

players I played in high school or in

other places who are trying out for us

the same club team and I know how good

these players are and yet for some

reason during the trial they don't show

it they shy away they're so afraid of

making a mistake and looking bad that

they don't go out there play their game

and actually shine they're afraid of

standing out and you've probably noticed

this too as well maybe a player you know

who's really good just fantastic super

skilled plays super conservative when

it's a tryout opportunity or a trial

opportunity the fact that matter is you

need to play your game you need to not

be afraid of standing out you can't play

in order to just play safe the whole

time in play so you don't make any

mistakes and don't try and make mistakes

but you need to play your game you need

to show the coaches what you can do you

could be the best finisher but if I'm a

great finisher and I go into a trial

I never shoot because I don't want to

take a bad shot or I don't want to lose

the ball well I'm not going to be able

to show the coaches that I'm a good

finisher if you're great at taking

players one-on-one but you think well I

don't want to lose the ball I don't want

to make a mistake so I'm not gonna take

anyone one-on-one the coach is never

gonna know how great you are one-on-one

you need to play to your strengths and

not be afraid of shining of standing out

of taking control of the tryout because

if you are even if you're a great player

you're going to you know just kind of

fall into the crowd you're just gonna

blend in with everyone else and not be

one of the players that stands out and

they go oh look at this guy look how

skillful this guy is look at his

finishing look at how great he

is in the midfield how tidy is the

creative ability this guy's got you need

to play your game and not shy away so

number five is actually the other

spectrum of that and usually players

fall into one or the other it's not

doing enough and kind of shying away or

over complicating it and doing things

they normally wouldn't and I've seen

this probably an equal measure to the

other and it's when a player who plays a

certain way tries to do something

different in order to impress the coach

you need to just play to your strengths

show the coach what you can do if you're

a tidy midfielder who usually plays one

and two touch do that to the best of

your ability if you're a guy who is oh

great dribbler and can take people on

your like a Robin you can cut inside and

score you can take players on really

well then you need to do that don't

cater to what you think the coach is

looking for play your game it might not

be a fit but it also might be a fit and

you'll never know if you don't actually

play your game and you over complicate

things and try and be a player that you

are not

and again I've experienced this many

times when a player will go into these

trials and try and beat the whole team

to score instead of played a normal

passing game that they would play or

vice-versa a player who's super skilful

thinks the coach is looking for a

creative midfield player will play how

to position and try and do that you know

you need to play to your strengths and

show what you can do don't try and be a

player that you're not okay so number

six I actually just kind of mentioned

and the next thing not to do is not play

your position and sometimes you will be

forced to play in a different position

but you need to at least try and play

your position and what I find is most

players will just be like hey coach I'll

play anywhere and that's great and

that's I'm not saying that's a bad

mentality but screw brownie points is

the brownie points with the coaches play

in your position where you are going to

have an impact on the match you want to

impress the coach you want the coach to

take notice of you play in your

strongest position if you can so you can

show what you can do if you're a center

mid don't agree to play left back

without at least saying hey I'm a center

mid now if you get stuck in a different

position play to the best of your

ability right and if you make the team

you can show and training that look of

all I'm probably bear in this position

or you get converted

to another position but the point is at

least try I don't think there's a single

trial I've been to where I haven't

played striker because when the coaches

asked okay what positions do you play I

go to where the strikers are and I stand

firm on that now if he didn't said hey I

need you to play center mid I need you

to play wing during this I'll go do it

but I'm going to at least let it be

known that I'm here to try out for the

striker position again if you can't get

in your position

play don't sulk play the best you can in

the position you've been put in but

don't just let that happen don't just go

I'll play anywhere when you know you're

a center mid when you know you're a

winger and know what you can do on that

wing you know it's a disservice to

yourself okay again play the best if you

put in a different position but at least

fight a little to play in your natural


all right guys number seven and the last

one I'm going to leave you with I kind

of mentioned earlier but I want to

highlight it a little more and it's

dwelling on your mistakes and this is

kind of an attitude thing but in a trial

you're probably to make a lot of

mistakes especially in a tryout because

things are usually a bit chaotic you

have so many players doing some of the

things I mentioned trying to do too much

trying to do too little so a lot of

mistakes are probably gonna happen so

you need to not dwell on this you need

to have the ability to bounce back

quickly and the coaches will also take

note of that

trust me most coaches notice when a

player makes a mistake and their head

hangs low and it affects the rest of

their game and they notice the players

who make mistakes bounce back and don't

let it affect their game they will take

note of that they are looking for that

as well so you know again to give

yourself every possible chance of making

the team and this is something to bring

into your game either way but to give

yourself the best possible chance don't

let your mistakes eat away at you bounce

back get back into the game and don't

worry about it if you want to analyze

your mistakes after the game great but

while you're in the game it does not

serve you to beat yourself up over your

mistakes okay guys so question of the

day is let me know about your tryout

experiences what worked for you what

didn't work what would you do

differently if you had the chance in a

previous tryout that you've already been

through I want to hear your experiences

down below guys thank you so much for

tuning into this video you know

hopefully this will help you

guys make whatever team you're trying

out for I've made other trial videos

amor I've had many players come to me

and say it helped them make the team so

I know that this stuff works you know

try and apply all of this if you can to

your games make sure you check out the

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