The Truth about Hepatitis B

and we'll always remember that day I

went to my family doctor to get the

results she's usually really cheery in

and then in a fairly laid-back but that

day she looked at me very seriously and

said hey Anthony I got some bad news for

you there is a we found a huge tumor in

your liver

chronic hepatitis B is a very common

liver disease caused by the hepatitis B


well why we have about 240 million

people living with chronic hepatitis B

and every year about 700 thousand died

from complications associated with

chronic hepatitis B such as liver cancer

about 1 in 10 Asians have chronic

hepatitis B and the alarming thing is


we're not even aware they had the

disease people don't really understand

the nature of the disease they tend to

be either in a bit afraid of afraid of

it or they maybe choose not interact

with people you know what hepatitis B

hepatitis B is not transmitted through

casual interaction is transmitted

largely in three ways from the mother to

child at Birth if the newborn did not

get vaccinated through unsafe injections

also it could be transmitted through

unprotected sex

here is the disease we have all the

solutions we have a vaccine we have

drugs to treat the disease so people

don't die of complications we can

actually screen those who are infected

regularly for liver cancer for early

detection so they can you know have a

good chance of surviving the cancer but

because there is not the advocacy

political will very few people hear

about this problem they will have

organization actually identify hepatitis

B as a infection we can wipe out from

the face of the earth the message is if

you are screened and founder of krappa

dies B is very simple you just you don't

need to see your doctor all the time you

do twice a year blood tests to monitor

for any flare-up of your hepatitis

monitor for liver cancer and once you

hit a certain age you start once a year

ultrasound there are a lot of women from

Asia who have these misconception

they've been told by their parents oh if

you have chronic Hep B you cannot be


he'll be too bad for your liver and you

can't pass it to your baby

but actually all that is not true

having hepatitis B does not mean that

you cannot be pregnant or can't have

children I hold myself as the best

example of that like I said to beautiful

pregnancies to beautiful children both

of my children received vaccines right

after delivery and both of them are

hepatitis B free I have lived a most

wonderful life being hepatitis B

positive I don't see myself as a

hepatitis B patient I just think of

myself like any other person chronic

hepatitis B is a preventable and

treatable disease to confidentially

assess your risk and learn more about

hepatitis B and liver cancer please

visit liver