Tummy Time for Babies (0-3 Month Old)


hello my friends I'm Nicole with kids ot

help and welcome back to our tummy time

series so this is part 2 of 3 if you

have not checked out part 1 I will link

it up above be sure to check that one

out before watching this video so here

in part 2 we will be covering tummy time

for ages 0 to 3 months of age but before

we get going I want to let you guys know

that down below in the description box I

have put together a development tool

milestone chart for ages 0 to 12 months

it is completely free all you have to do

is click the link below print it out put

it on your fridge it's a great resource

for you to follow along and see what

developmental milestones are coming up

next for your baby all right guys let's

get into it by 3 months of age your baby

should be able to tolerate tummy time

for approximately 20 to 30 minutes a day

now this can be broken up into sessions

ranging from 2 to 5 minutes or longer

depending on your infant's tolerance a

quick tip for you guys to consider is

including tummy time after a diaper

change this makes it super easy for you

to just know that you're getting the 20

to 30 minutes in without trying to keep

track of how many sessions you've done

daily so at this age you will see that

during tummy time your infant is able to

lift their head their neck and their

trunk and all of this hard work is

increasing their strength in their

shoulders their neck and their back not

only is tummy time making these muscles

stronger but it's also providing a lot

of sensory feedback to your infant about

where their body is in space

by three months of age your infants

vision is becoming clearer but it

definitely has some ways to go before

they can focus as well as we can as

adults so as you can tell by the picture

your three month old is better able to

bring close objects into focus and the

ability to see more colors is developing

by three months of age your infant

should be stimulated visually by toys

and they can track objects that are

moving in front of them however they

won't yet be demonstrating the

coordination necessary to reach four

items yet

so as you guys can see the exercise ball

remains a staple that can be used at

various ages for tummy time I do have a

link in the description box below for

some other recommended products that

I've used successfully during tummy time

as well so as you can tell there's a

clear difference in your infant's head

and neck control now versus when they

were newborns I'm able to move chi in

various planes and he's able to keep

this head relatively upright with little

to no difficulty these changes in

movements allow for different muscle

groups to be worked and challenged that

might otherwise get less attention than

some other larger muscle groups

you might have also noticed that around

two months of age your baby will be able

to shift most of their weight back

towards the pelvis and legs which will

free up their arms their trunk their

head in their neck for a greater range

of motion which will eventually allow

them to reach for items with their hands

another tummy time tip to consider is to

increase the visual components of tummy

time by throwing some Christmas lights

in front of your kiddo consider using a

light filtering blanket over the lights

to decrease the brightness but you can

add colored lights or lights that

twinkle to music whatever you think

might get your little ones attention

when it comes to positions in Prior

Clips you've seen the babies placed on

the floor the large exercise ball and

even a mini Boppy pillow and now I'm

showing you guys the football hold I've

had a lot of success calming Kai in this

position it might also benefit babies

who have excessive gas as it provides

gentle pressure to the tummy which can

help to move the gas in this position

your infants like straddle your forearm

and your hand provides support at their

chest while your fingers help to support

their head

alright guys that's going to do it for

part 2 of tummy time be sure to catch

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