When Does the $400 Unemployment Start? | Everything You Need to Know

what's up you guys my name is aubry and

this is my channel and today we're going

to be talking about the federal

unemployment benefit that was signed

as an executive order over the weekend

by donald trump

we'll be talking about what exactly this

entails who will qualify for this new


what amount it's going to be for and the

most frequently asked question of all

when does this benefit start so let's

get started now over the weekend donald


signed an executive order addressing the

federal unemployment benefit and for

those of you who don't know why this is

substantial and why

it's important is because with the cares

act back in march there was a federal

unemployment benefit on top of

traditional state benefits

and this allowed for unemployment

recipients to receive significantly more

money than they would if they were just

collecting from the state this came in

the form of a 600

flat rate payment every week from the

federal government

now this program expired back in july

and with its expiration came

a lot of worries on what that would mean


would it affect the housing market would

it affect the job market would it affect

the economy and would it kind of cause

a domino effect of negative economic

effects after the expiration date and

because of this

and because of all the economic concerns

there has been a lot of pressure on both

democrats and republicans to get some

sort of

federal unemployment benefit passed now

because of that pressure and because i


of the lack of progress over the last

few weeks donald trump signed an

executive order over the weekend

addressing this problem but there are a

few differences between the original

unemployment benefit that we were

collecting and this new one that falls

under the executive order

in fact the amount of money that you can

receive the timelines in which you can

receive it and

the people that can qualify for it have

all changed under this new executive


so the first thing that you need to

understand is that while the initial

unemployment benefit was a flat rate six

hundred dollars so

anybody who qualified for unemployment

would qualify for the six hundred


this time around it is 400 but the

federal government is only going to be

covering 75

of that meaning they are only covering

300 of the 400

the additional 100 that will make up the

400 total has to come from states


now this additional 100 per week that

would make up the 400 is expected to

come from the coronavirus relief fund or


which was a fund set up by the federal

government to go to

states and their budgets to help them

combat the coronavirus but the problem

with using states budgets and the crf

in order to fulfill that extra 100 is

that a lot of states may not have the


to implement that sort of unemployment

program in fact ohio and the state of

new york are two states that have


come out and talked about the fact that

they may not be able to afford to give

that additional 100

to unemployment beneficiaries the other


important and kind of unfortunate piece

of information with this unemployment


is that recipients must be receiving at

least one hundred dollars in state

unemployment benefits until they can

qualify for this additional four hundred

dollar boost

and there is quite frankly a lot of

people that do not receive

more than one hundred dollars in state

unemployment benefits and all of these

people would not qualify for this boost

for example if you're somebody who works

in the hospitality industry and your pay

includes mainly cash payments like tips

you most likely will not qualify for

this federal boost donald trump decided

that the reason why he enacted this 100

threshold requirement was because of the

fact that there has been a lot of

unemployment fraud in the last few


but the unemployment fraud has come

mainly from people who are stealing

social security numbers and identities

rather than from people who are just

simply collecting unemployment when they

don't necessarily qualify for it

so it does seem odd that they would make

this 100 requirement especially because

it's going to be leaving out anywhere

between 5 and 10

of the us population who were people

that would not normally qualify for more

than 100

on state unemployment benefits the other

thing that's important to note about the

unemployment program

is that it is currently slated to end on

december 6

2020 or whenever it reaches its 25

billion dollar spending cap

but the problem with this is that

experts say that that spending cap could

be reached in as early as five to six


meaning that we won't get anywhere close

to that december 6th date

now in regards to when you can expect to

start receiving this unemployment


there is some confusion on exactly what

the timeline looks like

now according to donald trump and

according to the executive order

it is active as of august 1st which

means that you theoretically could

already start collecting payments now

according to the secretary of treasury

steve mnuchin

you could start seeing funds being

available immediately while larry kudlow


a little bit less optimistic as mnuchin

and he said that it would realistically

take a couple of weeks for anybody to

start receiving payments through this

executive order

but it has been stated that once people

do start receiving payments you do have

the possibility of receiving retroactive

payments as well

meaning that even if you don't get your

first unemployment payment for another

two weeks you could still collect

until the moment you get your first

payment so retroactive payments

will be available now all in all i do

think it's important to note that the

legitimacy behind these executive orders

is definitely in question and i wouldn't

say that any of these orders that donald

trump passed is

by any means a shoe-in there's been a

lot of kind of talk on whether or not he

even has the authority to execute these

executive orders because technically

speaking the president doesn't have

control over the budget

congress does and because of that there

is a lot of talk on whether or not nancy

pelosi and chuck schumer will file some

sort of lawsuit

with that being said i do think that

this is a good thing even if there is

a lawsuit filed even if the senate and

congress push back on the executive

orders i think that progress in any form

is still progress and progress is a good


and i do think that this puts pressure

on both democrats and republicans to


dragging their feet and to work out a

deal and if we can have some sort of

progress and some sort of appeasement in

the meantime even if that is through an

executive order by donald trump

i do think that that's a good thing in

the end and so with that make sure to

understand that the things i'm talking

about today could absolutely change

and what this executive order looks like

today may not be what it looks like


a lot is changing quickly and with that

new information will come out as well

now i have been getting a lot of

questions in the comments section of my


asking to do a walkthrough on how to

apply for unemployment now the thing

about unemployment is it's controlled

state by state

so meet in texas the process of filing

for unemployment would be

different than if you were located in

california or if you're located in ohio

or in new york or in iowa

and because of that it's very difficult

for me to go through and give a walk


on how exactly to file for unemployment

insurance but i will include a few links

in the description below

on a few different resources you can

turn to to help you in filling out your

own unemployment insurance

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