How to Choose the Best Play Gym or Playmat | ft. Skip Hop, Fisher-Price, Lovevery - Babylist

before your baby can set up or crawl

around they'll spend a lot of time on

their back and tummy which is where a

play mat or play gym could be useful

playing mats are like a baby picnic

blanket they're a designated spot to put

your baby down on the floor play gyms

are usually the mat plus an arch that's

attached to the mat but sometimes it's

just the toy arch no mat if you're

wondering can you just throw a blanket

on the ground you absolutely could but

play mats and gyms are just specially

designed to stimulate your baby with

visuals textures sounds and activities

they're most fun around three to six

months as your baby is practicing tummy

time to develop their neck muscles and

they can also help with hand-eye

coordination I've tried out a few

options and it seems like most of them

are pretty easy to clean and most of

them let you remove the toys to take

them with you on the go but here are

some other factors to consider some gyms

are easy to move from room to room while

others are easier to put away I found

the toy archetype play gym was a breeze

to pick up and move but a pain to store

meanwhile the mats may have been a

little clunkier to get through a doorway

but they folded for storage much

smoother another thing to note not all

play gems are designed to grow with your

baby for example with this gym your babe

will have a lot of fun in that back in

tummy time phase with all the activities

but once they can sit up or stand

they'll spend most of their time trying

to pull the arch down or just shaking it

around but then there are other gyms

that can convert with each new stage

like this piano gem that lets your baby

kick the keys at first but then lets

them play once they can sit up or like

this play gym that lets them convert to

the toy arch into a play tent a last

thing to consider about your play mat or

gym is cuteness yes cuteness for example

my daughter really liked the pink and

white colors and pretzel toys on this

gym while I was a fan of the minimalist

look of this one you'll have to talk it

over with them and hopefully come to a

good compromise well I hope this was

helpful Evie registering