How To Make Baby Sleep | Tips On When To Introduce The Comforter | WARNING To Soon Will Cause Dramas

I'm going to give you some tips today on

the comforter or the blankie I'm a firm

believer in the power of the blankie

simply because babies require some type

of prop or some type of comfort to put

themselves to sleep and just like we do

we rely on our pillow and babies are

pretty much the same they rely on

something to help them go to sleep and

in some cases it can be mom it can be

done it can be the breast it can be the

bottle um but in other cases it could be

the comforter so I'll give you some tips

moving forward on how to introduce it

when to introduce it but I'll just show

you my boys comforters when what they've

got and what they've had since they were

babies this is no other see seven and a

half years old and as you can see

they're pretty well used and this is

Cruise's it's not much of anything and

it doesn't Lee didn't look like these

six and a half years ago but he really

loves it and he's attached to it so the

best age to introduce it is probably

anywhere between four and five months

are all bunks Bob's a little bit more

active that out of a swaddle you can

introduce it earlier but probably not to

sleep with so anything from four to five

months of age is a good age and it takes

time so that's probably my biggest tip

it's really it takes time you know got

to be really consistent and you got to

be patient it can take as early as two

weeks for an attachment to it happen or

as long as months you know it can take

anywhere from two to six months for a

bun to take place so and the way they

create that bond is have the comforter

with them 24/7

they really don't get the opportunity to

switch off and not see this so when

you're in the car have it in the car

when you're in the pram have it in the

pram when you're at home and then tummy

time or they're just having a bit of a

play just have it around when you're

changing the nappy have it on their

tummy when you're feeding especially

when you're feeding have it draped over

you chances are when you're feeling bugs

probably peeking or twitching or pulling

or twirling put their hand on the

comforter and they'll start to use that

comforter as their association and it

would really start to help with that

bond also if you've got a dummy you can

attach it to the comforter as well

especially for toddlers that might help

but as they get a little bit older they

can start to find their dummy a lot


looking for the comforter my other big

tips as well is buy two

now as you can see we know is it's been

really well used

so it used to look like this but I've

had to patch it up so by two if you have

to go to daycare or you drop off at nan

& pops or you go into the shops or you

ever god forbid lost one you've always

got that back up at home also make sure

there's soft really soft babies will

like to play with it and flick it and

play with it and pull it around and if

it's got a heavy something in it that's

heavy or if it's got a teething ring on

it it can become quite dangerous it's

like a weapon so just be mindful of what

you buy it doesn't have any attachments

to it and it's really soft and small ish

so this is probably a good size if you

do have a wrap or a blanket or something

that you had when bob was a newborn that

they actually quite liked and they're

attached to you could use that you could

either tidy and or not or you could cut

it up into pieces so it's similar to

that size that will probably that's a

good yeah that's a very good size and

when you decide that you when you know

that they really love it want it need it

and it's time what you do at that point

then is leave it in the car or the on

their bed it doesn't come out so you

don't have this toddler walking around

the shops dragging it around its the

bedtime and sleep only and lastly call

it a name my boys call their Snuggie but

you can call it anything you want

especially with toddlers you might want

them to call it a name or get them to

pick it I do work with toddlers and it's

never too late to introduce one and just

giving them that little bit of

responsibility and independence goes a

long way with the bonding process so I

hope those tips out