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today we're gonna be doing a battle of

the baby wipes I'm gonna be comparing

nine different brands of baby wipes so

when you become a new mom there are so

many decisions you have to make it could

be really overwhelming looking down the

aisle of diapers wipes things like that

and having so many different options you

don't even know what to choose so I

decided I'm gonna review all of the top

brands of baby wipes

you can be wiping button you can be

washing your hands definitely this one

whoa you could like swinging from this

from a tree

no but slips well so the things I'm

gonna review with each brand is gonna be

first of all the price per wipe just to

let you guys know the price is kind of

varied depending on how many wipes you

get I tried to find the most frequently

bought size like a normal box and I took

that price and I calculated the price

per Y for each one so it does vary a

tiny bit depending on the quantity that

you buy but the information that I'm

using is typically like a generic box of

wipes that you would normally buy so the

things I'm gonna be reviewing will be

the price per wipe if it's fragrance

free or not maybe one specifically if it

specifies that it's good for sensitive

skin the durability of the wipes and the

moisture level so those are the things I

feel like are the most important so

those are the things I'm gonna be

touching on so the first one of a review

is the Kirkland wipes these ones are so

convenient they're really affordable

it's a $20 for a huge box of them so we

love these wipes and these are the ones

that we've used with both of our kids so

I'm really interested to see how they

compare to the other wipes okay so the

Kirkland wipes they are two cents per

white fragrance free so they are

unscented which I love

next durability pretty durable they

stretch oh they do break so okay pretty

decent amount of force needed to break

it there

not super thick or super thin and the

moisture level is good okay so that's

the Kirkland one that's the one we use

the most so let's see how the other ones

are next up

Huggies I have two different kinds of

Huggies so let's start with the Huggies

simply clean alright

so pulling this out I do like they're

kind of attached at the ends so that

when you pull it out it just detaches

when you're pulling them out they're not

all stuck together so I really like that

the moisture level is good its moist

it's pretty moist which is nice

fragrance free these are also two cents

per wipe so the same price as the

Kirkland ones the problem with these see

they're really easy to rip oh my gosh

this is crazy okay so these rips so easy

these are not durable at all the

material not great so mm-hmm

I mean what is that so yeah not the best


let's compare it to the Huggies natural

care so these are safe is it safe for

sensitive skin so that's nice and their

fragrance free the Huggies simply clean

fragrance free wipes do not specify that

they're safe for sensitive skin but the

Huggies natural care do so let's see the

difference here they feel really similar

same moisture level same feel let's see

I'm assuming yeah they feel exactly the

same price per white for this one is

between two and three cents so tiny bit

more pricey yeah I'm just not a fan of

anything that's this easy to tear up

once again not the best next

let's do water wipes these are

definitely more expensive Wow

okay these are six cents per wipe six

cents per wipe that's three times more

expensive than the other wipes that's

crazy to me so I know these are popular

I like the fact it says the world's

purest baby wipes so that's awesome I

really like that but honestly to be

three times as much as expensive

they better be amazing okay you pull it

out and it comes like folded so it's

like this when you pull it out and you

have to like unfold it to get it all the

way open which is not really convenient

if you're having a situation where you

need wipes right away and you have to

sit there pull them out one by one and

unfold each one hmm

not the best um Wow they feel really

durable super durable like incredible

that's really good okay just flash these

so that's good they're pretty soft the

moisture level is the same as the other

ones and fragrance-free they're water

wipe so there's not much to it which is

nice I really like these you feel really

nice I don't know if they're worth three

times the price but so far I like them a

lot next seventh-generation baby wipe

these are four cents per weigh safe for

babies bottom hands and face and they

are made for sensitive skin so that's



okay he's come out nice these are

thicker than the other ones these are a

really firm actually they're like pretty

firm and they're very durable okay okay

you can rip it but I had to put like a

lot of force to rip it okay

so good not as durable as the water

wipes for sure but not as bad as the

Huggies moisture level is good a tiny

bit less wet than the others so

fragrance-free doesn't have a smell

doesn't have a residue or anything don't

know if I would pay extra for this but

okay next we have pampers sensitive so

these are the Pampers wipes that are

specifically made for sensitive skin

number one choice of all hospitals it

says let's find out okay

when you pull it out it kind of leaves

like a lot out so when you pull it it's

like kind of has see how much is like

you have to like either tuck that in or

I don't know opposed to where is it the

Huggies I really like that I really like

that I think that's really convenient so

we can just take any of these other

wipes and put it in this and contraption

I would be happy okay back to pampers

sensitive they feel really nice they're

like really smooth and soft

oh they're super durable really durable

just like the water wipes maybe even

more can you pull it this way I mean

okay you can rip it but it takes a lot

of force so these are these are the most

durable ones yet and the moisture level

is great no scent

whoo these feel really nice these might

be my favorite so far

oh how much how much surprise three

cents per wipe so I would say for the

quality only one cent more I think it's

definitely worth it so far I really like

the pampers sensitive wipes okay next up

baby Ganic I really like this brand I've

never tried their wipes but I love their

sunscreen and shampoo and body wash so

let's find out okay

really nice on the draw let's see they

feel really thin super thin much more

thin than the other ones well they do

have kind of a scent what does this say

fragrance free non allergenic

pediatrician and dermatologist tested

plant derived ingredients no parabens

sulfates blah blah blah no fragrance

okay so I mean it it sounds great there

is a slight fragrance I'm not sure

what that fragrance is smells

interesting not horrible but strange


so really durable this way this way

pretty durable honestly yeah these are

good the moisture level is a little bit

low so not super moist and they're thin

but they're they're fine the price let's

see okay

the price for these ones was hard to

find a price that was accurate

what I saw was a range between three

cents to eight cents eight cents 100% I

would never buy these for eight cents a

wipe for three cents a wipe same price

as the pampers sensitive wipes I would

definitely definitely choose the paper

sensitive whips over these okay next up

is the Target brand up and up baby wipes

this is what it looks like

these are fragrance free baby wipes

gentle texture for better cleaning thick

durable cloth like free of alcohol dyes

parabens it's fragrance free but it

doesn't specify if it's for sensitive


all right decent on the draw you still

kind of have to unfold it moisture

levels good at very moist pretty soft

pretty big pretty durable

hmm kind of you know it's not as bad as

the Huggies but it's it's not great I

mean I didn't use that much force with

that so no smell feels okay what's the

price okay here we go one cent per bite

okay it's between it's like 1/6 so

between 1 & 2 cents per wipe so this is

by far the cheapest wipe decent not bad

and very affordable so that's good

the only thing is it doesn't feel that

durable last but not least the

ever-so-popular on his company wipes I

know their diapers are really popular

but those two are also I know those are

more pricey so yeah okay the wipes also

are between five and six cents per wipe

so definitely up there let's see how

they are oh my gosh I literally just

like pulled out like six wipes they were

not detaching from one another

okay that's annoying let's see moisture

level is good the texture is not soft at

all it feels like really grippy like it

feels I mean I guess that could be good

to get stuff off but hmm not obsessed

with how it feels moist your levels fine

a tiny bit dry hmm hmm yeah not that

durable hmm okay well there you go I

definitely definitely would not pay five

to six cents per wife for that one for

sure have a tiny bit of smell but

nothing crazy

these do stay gentle durable plant-based

wipes new and improved it doesn't say

anything about sensitive skin so that's

all of them

I would say judging by this review the

water wipes are great but they are

definitely way pricier so the water

wipes are great quality I mean you get

what you pay for of course if you're

willing to pay more for the best of the

best I would say those for sure but

really really really close in comparison

to quality is this pampers sensitive

wipes honestly I think these are my

favorite yes I love these yes and

they're only three cents per wipes so

the average is like about two to three

cents I think and so this is right there

and the water wipes six cents per wipe I

just I don't know I just can't I just

can't justify that the pampers sensitive

wipes I think that's the winner in my

opinion but Kirkland brand ones are good

too I just love the convenience of the

Kirkland brand ones

oh they kind of rip too easy now that I

think about it oh man okay it's clear

pampers sensitive wipes 100% hands down

the winner

okay hi welcome to my channel hi I'm

Alex I'm his wife and Alex yeah you

didn't know what I'm doing you know so

this is Alex my husband he is going to

be doing a blind test on each of the

wipes and he's gonna let me know which

one he thinks is the best without

knowing any of the brands I'm here for

the Battle of the baby wipes hearing

durability smell cost cost ease of

removal a moisture five things first one

this is four cents per wipe that's not


okay well it smells good durability

seems good texture and and moisture are

good this one that seems good overall

durability durability is good oh yeah I

can rip it it's a big boy okay so it was

pretty strong you're not you're not

gonna like slip through the thing never

know but slips okay so that's one that

seemed good but expensive durability it

can already tell us unless it's a little

bit more stretchy if you like that I

don't think that's a good thing for

wipes though necessarily smell who what

is that

it smells like fruity kind of it's weird

don't like a smell I think the

durability is much less moisture is

about the same as the first one but

durability seems less the price is

between well actually stretches a bit

before it breaks the price is between

three to eight

three to eight cents what was the first

one for no so these are both super

expensive this one actually is more

doable than I thought

it has some stretch it won't it doesn't

break it stretches which is good so

actually I like that one more - to smell

this smell was not that great for me

handle mic is how it comes out yeah it's

got some stretch so like that smell

crazy this is this is a risk you're

gonna be wipin about to give you

watching your hands definitely happen to

this one yep

cheap two cents the Reich isn't enough

for away to 30 cents per wipe smells

neutral moisture level so far over

Marshall has been the same honestly so I

think I skipped moisture any other ones

but they're all about the same

this Marshall was fine it's stretchy ooh

durability is real bad real bad just

like this last one so durability this is

another code Brown I think one here

how many been doing this already for

next one is two cents per white I know

there's nine brands out there okay two

cents smells fine

sorry baby wipe moisture level a little

light for me whatever this one is

durability is about middle the road

compared to all the rest next one is how

it comes out yeah yeah that's a low

score right there it's between one care

like unwrapping the menu between one to

two cents one six six o durability is

good between 1 and 1 and 2 cents per

bite I mean look I like long missing

just got okay and then we got moisture

level good this is actually the best one

that was my favorite so far

okay okay this one's good whoa yeah holy

cow this is like overkill you could like

swing from this from a tree

wow they don't I can stretch the part

even adds like ultra weak okay break it

okay one so what's good this is my

favorite one now whoa

last 11.66 yeah that's the core the

texture here huh wow that's really

sucked up every last scream of it so

moisturize very good I like it overall

smell okay there Billy middle of the

road to week between five and six cents

for what okay there it is

they what kind of smell that is maybe

let's not um

durability is good but stretch is pretty

good I don't think you're gonna have any

burp code Browns on this one

moisture level is really good I don't

know how came out a package but overall

this one's really pretty high

what's reasons overall the one point six

six whatever that one was second was

whatever you gave me after that those

are my two favorites now when was the

price dip so one weighs one point six

six that's target and then it was six

six cents totally one point six six is

money is no winner for sure I thought

that was thirty place for me throw those

three are pretty much even for me yeah

the motion is worth the same because one

hand was a little bit lacking that oh no

I don't remember which one that was the

one where you get yeah yeah by the way

media Kirkman

two cents so we actually be getting a

cheaper and better yes one point six six

is cheaper than two yeah well what do

you think I'm doing this for we are

talking pennies

one point six yeah but how many wipes do

you use over time reaper diaper probably

like on an easy one like two or three

and then how many times per day

challenging once per month it me maybe

eight it's like bad exactly and you're

not only using them for 2/3 but so you

use them for whatever other face yeah

there you go one point six cents target

of it up