Medela Soft Shells Vs Philips Avent Comfort Shells | Breast Shell Review

hi guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video i'm going to be reviewing

for you guys

the medela soft shells and the advent

comfort brush shells

i'm going to be showing you guys some

different ways that you can use these

inserting video clips of how these both


under your clothing going over some pros

and cons and giving you guys some

recommendations when you're using your

shelves but before we get started i

would like to make a quick disclaimer

that i'm not a lactation consultant if

you're a new viewer

welcome my name is isabelle i'm a first

time mom and i hope that my experiences

and reviews can help other moms on their


journey so let's start off with pricing

for both of these the medela runs for


it's gonna come with two plastic shells

that's gonna hold your milk

and two silicone fittings now your avent

is gonna run for 16.99 and with your

oven you're gonna get two different

types of shells

shells with air vents and shells without

these are also going to come with two

silicone fittings

now one thing that i want to know is

that your medullas are going to be for

shorter nipples

so let's compare the two side by side

you can see that the oven comes out just

a little bit further than the medela


so if you have a shorter nipple then

medell is going to be great for you

and if you have a longer nipple the

advent will be better for you

now this is not something that i knew

when i purchased my medela's

so when i was using my medela's i

noticed that my nipple was touching this

part right here

with my advent i don't have that problem

my nipple doesn't touch it at all

now let me give you a quick assembly of

these the nice thing about these is that

they're only two pieces

so what you'll want to do is just place

your silicone fitting

around your plastic shell and you're

good to go now let's talk about how to

put these on

you're going to want to make sure that

you have a bra on so that it can secure

your shells into place you can use a

regular wire bra

a sports bra and you can even use a tank

top if it's tight enough to your skin

all you'll do is place your nipple right

in the center

and you're going to want to make sure

that the air vents are at the top

to prevent the milk from leaking out at

the bottom now let's talk about some of

the different ways that you can use your


i personally think that the best way

that you can use your shells is if

you're in the middle of a breastfeeding


all you'll want to do is latch your baby

onto one side and have your brush shell

on the other side

i would also recommend wearing a nursing

bra so that it's holding your shell into

place while you're nursing

another really great way that i love to

use these shells is when i'm out and i

don't have time to pump wherever i am

sometimes i can just feel a letdown

begin to come so what i'll do is i'll

pop my shells into place

and i'll wear them while they catch my

milk i also do this in the middle of the

night if i wasn't able to pump before my

baby wants to drink a bottle

i'll pop these in while i feed my baby a

bottle and if i am to leak at all it

will catch any of the milk instead of

falling onto breast pads

you can also use these while you're

pumping but i wouldn't recommend using

these for a big pumping session

however i would recommend using these if

you want to get in a quick

five minute pumping session and get at

least one let down this is really nice

because you can also have an extra hand

to tend to your baby's needs if you need


now let's talk about some of the pros

and cons of using brush shells

we all know that sometimes as

breastfeeding moms your milk can just

start to leak on its own

what i really love about the brush

shells is that they're really easy to

pop in

anywhere it makes it really convenient

to be able to catch your milk if you

know that you're gonna leak and be able

to save literally

every ounce that were to leak onto

breast pads they fit right into your bra

and they're so discreet that you can

hardly tell that you're wearing them

i'm gonna insert video clips of me

wearing both of them so you can see how

they look

under your clothing this is how it looks

with the medela's

and this is how it looks with the ovens

so some cons that i have about this is

that it's not like a haka

where it's suctioning and pulling out

the milk from your breasts rather it's

just catching whatever milk falls

and if you guys are interested in

learning more about the haka

make sure to watch this video right here

another con about these is that it's

very easy to forget that you're wearing


and accidentally bend over and your milk

can spill out through the air vents

so you want to be very mindful that

they're on when you're wearing them they

can also only hold up to so much milk

personally the most that i've caught has

been one ounce in each

and it's been perfectly fine for me but

i'm not really sure if you can carry

more as i haven't really experienced

that yet now some recommendations that i

have for you guys when you're using

these shells

are you really want to be mindful that

you're wearing them and try not to bend


it's also not going to be a good idea to

try sleeping with these

as you can and probably will experience

a lot of leakage

also the best way that you can pour your

milk out is through the air vents on

both of these

sometimes when you're taking your

silicone fitting off the back

some of your milk can actually spill

around here or through the air vents

but with your avent non-vented you won't

have to worry about that since there

aren't any holes

i'm going to insert a video of me

showing you how you can pour your milk

through your air vents

i'm also going to insert a video clip of

me pouring out the milk with your advent

non-vented as well now here's a video of

me emptying out my avent

with the vents

and here's a video of me pouring out my

medela with the air vents

and now here's a video of me pouring out

my avent without the air vents

you'll want to remove your silicone


and pour it in all in all having brush

shells in your breastfeeding or pumping


is going to be really great for a number

of reasons brush shells help save

literally every last ounce which is so

important because these can be a start

to your freezer stash

or you can use the ounce or the ounce

and a half that you have

to mix in with your baby purees we all

know how important

every last drop of our breast milk is i

hope you guys enjoyed today's video

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