OPK Progression using Clearblue Fertility Monitor

hi everybody it's Connie here hope you

guys had a really nice relaxing Labor

Day weekend um mine was really good I

just had a nice time spending it with

friends and hanging out and of course

quality time with John um so hope you

guys had a nice time as well um I hope

you don't mind but I am back with

another update and I'm saying I hope you

don't mind because I don't have much

going on I wish that I can come on here

and tell you guys something really

exciting like oh I'm gonna be doing my

first IUI or something like that but um

like I said in previous videos I am just

not ready for that and John and I are

going to try at least two cycles to try

to conceive naturally before doing I you

I so um so the I you I may not be too

far in the future like too far out in

the future you know so um but I just

wanted to you know kind of get in the

habit of making videos so that I can

just really keep up with you guys and

let you guys know what's going on with

me um I saw a lot of Gigi Sears doing

things with like their OB Ches and I saw

a couple of the you know videos where

there would they would be doing like a

live obk or something like that so I

thought well I'm not going to do a live

obk I but I did film and I also have

pictures of my opk progression since

cycle day 7 using the clear blue

fertility monitor and it was pretty

interesting I have to say because I

thought the monitor would be like messed

up because I didn't use it for like I

used it in the beginning of a year and

then I stopped and then I started again

and supposedly the monitor like gets to

know you and your cycle after a while of

using it so um I was like oh maybe I

messed it up somehow and you know being

on and off with it but that wasn't the

case at all and I was really amazed at

how oh my hair is just sticking out

there um I was really amazed at how

pretty accurate it was in conjunction


my pee tracker app which I find is

pretty right on

maybe off by day or two and also in

conjunction with my own ovulation

symptoms I was really amazed at the

clear blue monitor the the accuracy at

detecting the LH surge so I wanted to

just show you some footage and I'm going

to be talking about the progression okay

so you guys are seeing my Opie Ches that

I've done for this cycle thus far I am

pretty much at the tail end where I

already got my LH surge and I don't

really need to well it depends on what

the monitor says the monitor may be

asking me for sticks still after I've

gotten my LH I don't know what it's

going to ask me tomorrow but it did ask

me for a stick today which is cycle day

19 so cycle day 19 is right here it's

the last one I just want to show you

guys the progression so what I did was

the monitor started asking me for sticks

on cycle day seven and on this side I

wrote L which means low fertility low

fertility meaning that there's like one

bar showing and you see that I got lows

all the way and just for fun by the way

I am I took a Dollar Tree ones and I

started testing with those on cycle day

eleven and I just used what I had so I'm

not really sure if I saw a positive one

using these and then I ran out before I

got the positive on cycle day 17 using

the clear blue so these were just an


these are all I had so as you can see

all of all of these are from cycle day

seven through twelve are low they're all

low fertility and also the other thing

is that what I never really looked at


I started testing this cycle was this

pet right here so it's low because

there's another line that's supposed to

show up on the bottom so there's two

lines one supposed to show up on the

bottom which the monitor reads and as

you can see it's very faint giving me a

low fertility reading so then when I

started getting highs and I put the H

right here to show that those are high I

don't know if you guys can see it I

don't have a delight on in this room but

I guess the monitor detected something

like a subtle line and cycled a 13 on

the Dollar Tree it wasn't quite it looks

positive but it's not quite positive um

yeah it's in cycle D 13 is darker than

cycle day 12 which is darker than 11 so

I saw something starting right here but

I didn't ever ever really get like to

the positive mark even though I do

clearly see another line but anyway

still from cycle day 13 through 16 I got

a high reading so I got four days of

high readings meaning that there's two

bars on the monitor okay um and then you

could see here on cycle day 17

this one right here cycle day 17 you

could see the first indication of that

second line and this is the first time

that I had seen it myself - I never

really analyzed this part I just always

went by what the minor said but when I

was looking at the lines here I was like

oh so that's why I got a peak and cycle

day 17 gave me a peak and you can see

it's kind of like half of a line and

then cycle day 18 is when I got the full


um and that that is peak number two so

here's the initial surge of LH and then

peak then it goes into full-blown surge

I guess on the second peak so from what

I understand own it let me just show you

in today's cycle day nineteen and it's a

high reading so as you can see that

second line is starting to go away so

this is where I got the peak that pretty

much saying that I'm going to ovulate I

believe it's like 24 within 24 to 36

hours or something like that yeah so

within 24 to 36 hours of getting your

first peak reading is when you're

supposed to ovulate and normally the

monitor will give you an automatic

second peak normally there's just two

peaks in the cycle and then everything

else and then after that it will turn

into high and then I guess low low low I

don't know I'm not sure I have to keep

testing and see if the monitor asked me

for more sticks and I was surprised it

asked me for a stick for today cycle day

19 because I already got the peaks so

that is the opk progression using my

clear blue fertility monitor this cycle

so wasn't that pretty cool yeah so today

I am cycle day 19

this cycle was a pretty late ovulation

for me but that's not totally unusual

because my cycles go anywhere from 27 to

33 days I can't believe that because I

was looking back at the all my cycles

and I was like taking notes and it's a

really big range I mean you know so

basically my ovulation is going to be


very unpredictable so all I can do is go

off of my symptoms that I have and also

from now on be using the clear blue

fertility monitor so that's where I'm at

now please leave a comment below and let

me know where you're at now like if you

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thank you so much I love reading them

and just give me an update

give me another update just like I'm

giving you guys another update here you

guys give me an update tell me where you

are at thank you so much for listening

and I'll catch you in the next video bye