Diaper Rash Dos & Don’ts

very few if any child makes it out of

diapers without this irritating problem

diaper rash it can range from

uncomfortable to painful one in four

children actually see a pediatrician or

a physician for that problem usually

between the ages of 0 and 3 years of age

diaper rash is caused by the skin being

exposed to moisture for long periods in

most cases it clears up in 2 or 3 days

when it comes to treatments there are

do's and don'ts that can make a

difference to your bottom line first the

domes don't be fooled by ultra absorbent

diapers although they do pull moisture

away from the skin they still need to be

changed frequently when a baby's diaper

is getting wet and heavy it's definitely

time to change it try not to let the

baby skin be in contact with urine or

with stool and don't over use baby

powder and wipes what you think may be

soothing could actually be irritating is

pediatrician discourage using powders or

cornstarch for preventing or treating

diaper rash because that can be inhaled

into the lungs when changing a diaper

it's best not to use the wipes that you

can buy in the store what works really

nicely is just warm water and a soft

towel and it's best to block dry the

skin and not to rub the skin now the

do's proper over-the-counter products

can provide protection for your baby's

bum if the area is becoming really red

inflamed apply an ointment that contains

zinc oxide or even petroleum jelly

because that creates a barrier to

prevent the skin from getting further

irritated and do let your baby go on

natural nothing is better for diaper

rash than fresh air when the baby is

napping lay the baby on a towel and take

the diaper off so that the bottom can

air out finally treat diaper rash with

the same care you give your baby a

little TLC goes a long way

Fort Lee Memorial Health System I'm Amy

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