How to Use an Electric Collar to Train a Dog to Come When called

okay so what I wanted to show you guys

was some simple stuff that we'll often

do when we're introducing a dog to an


and oftentimes the way I like to explain

how to do this is to explain what people

do wrong just because we see we see a

lot of people have kind of a negative

association towards e-collars and when

they're used wrong they're not a very

good tool you know be completely honest

with you but when they're used right we

can use them on low levels it's a

teaching tool it's a it's a guidance

tool it can be a great tool but one

reason we see people get these these

collars is for coming when called right

their dog doesn't come we call them so

what they'll do is to put the collar on

they tell the dog to come the dog

doesn't come down hit the button now on

certain occasions I'll be honest that

does work it can work but generally what

happens is if you see from the dog's

perspective he's thirty yards over there

and he feels this little stimulation now

and that's of course if they're using a

low level but the dog feels just kind of

this little tiny stimulation and things

like that and so nothing in the dog's

mind registers oh something's tickling

my neck I should run back to the owner

but often times if you see from the

owners perspective they're like darn it

it's not working the dogs not coming and

so maybe they'll use a higher level or

maybe they'll keep hitting it or

whatever and so from the dogs

perspective they're like man this is

painful I don't like this sometimes you

even see people train their dogs to run

away because what they'll do is they'll

hit the button the dog is like so

freaked out he runs the opposite

direction and so what we need to do is

we can take time and teach the dog what

the little stimulation means this is a

language it's a language like any other

language the e-collar is a language is

what I mean it's a language like any

other language in the sense of that you

know it's it's four into this dog right

now this is day one I'm training with

this dog and so it's foreign to this dog

and so she has no idea what it means

what it does any of that and so how do

we understand language if I want to if I

want to learn Spanish or French or

German or whatever how do I understand

it is I have to associate something with

those new sounds and those new gestures

or whatever the case might be the same

is true with the dog with this

language there's got to be something

associated with it otherwise it just

comes out of the blue of the dot has no

clue what it means and so like I see a

lot of owners and their attempts to get

the dog to understand go really high and

this is where a lot of you know a lot of

people have a very negative idea of

eCollege is because you know they use

them on such this high level and you get

this dog screaming and stuff like that

and of course we don't want that so

there's a very simple exercise that

we'll often do in the very beginning

stages to start teaching the dog about

stimulation of what it means you know

what this new language means and so I'm

always going to start this with a leash

you know to give you four or six foot

leash I don't have a training collar on

right now that there's no pinch or

anything like that just a simple slide

please I'm just going to use very light

stimulation when I hold it down come on

good girl

and so the second she starts coming to

me is when I release that button go to

girl and I'm using a very very low level

just enough for her to kind of barely

recognize it and so I hold it down come

on come on

clicker her girl and you can tell a lot

of the puppy you can tell that she feels

that there's just you might not be able

to on video I can tell them right here

but there's just a slight turn of the

head she feels it like what is that and

so it's just this little sensation that

comes from nowhere so good girl what a

good girl I'm so happy you're so happy

good girl and so now what I'm doing in

addition to this is of course verbally

I'm calling her but also I'm using just

the slide has been a pressure on that

leash so that she realizes that when she

feels a little bit of pressure and she

comes that little tickle is going to

shut up and so what does this lead to as

time goes on well it leads to a dog that

we take off leash and the dog says their

mind up I'm awfully sure I don't have to

come anymore

and then I can use just a very light

stimulation and make sense to the dog oh

what a good girl and I'm already

starting to get some nice focus here

where she's voluntarily oh you're so


wanting to come in and pay attention to

me oh what a good girl what a good girl

and so I'm going to get her away from me

here okay okay good girl good girl so we

see she's very intent on staying with

good girl good girl boys I got girl

coming for me

good girl and so this is like I said one

of the ways that will introduce the

e-collar to a dog in the very beginning

stages now we want the dog that I was

talking about context that we want the

dog to understand the key collar and

various contests in one context the

e-collar means to come in another

context the e color means to go your bed

in other contexts it might be to sit or

something like that but the beginning

stages will just teach the dog tiny

little tickle come back to me tiny

little tickle come back to me and soon

we get focused and from that focus we

start talking to the dog about a lot of

other things we want them to understand

so hopefully that makes sense

leave comments below if you've got

questions and we'll talk soon