Should baby walkers be used? What about jumpers?

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today I want to talk about another

controversial baby item or items which

are baby walkers and jumpers in case

you're interested then please keep on

watching most of the information I will

share with you today comes from an

article by Segal and Burton it's titled

effect of baby walkers on motor and

mental development in human infants I

will of course link it down below so

that you can go ahead and read it on

your own of course I will be summarizing

the main points of this article in this

video in this article they talk about

two reasons why walkers should not be

used and they briefly mentioned one

visual motor enrichment hypothesis

according to the hypothesis babies on

walkers are more aware of Heights and

they have better spatial search skills

so in that sense the walkers are viewed

as an enrichment tool and not a

deprivation one this is how baby walkers

used to look like and old days there was

a no tray and the openings for the legs

were very wide to avoid supplication and

to big accidents walkers were equipped

with a large tray however this does not

allow babies to see as they walk how

their limbs are moving according to one

research babies that used walkers by the

ages of 10 to 12 months walk two weeks

later than their twin siblings who had

no walker exposure the second reason

that this article gives as to why

walkers should not be used is that after

the onset of a crawling if walkers are

used then babies are now really

exploring the world around them because

when a baby is crawling they can access

parts of the room or objects much more

than they can have access when they are

in the walker but here of course I would

like to say that by the age of 10 to 12

months if babies are already crawling

some even walk at that age so I think at

that time babies should not be put in

walkers I personally with my babies with

my twins every time I would want to put

them in the Walker by the age of 9

they start crawling they would just put

their feet up and refuse to sit in the

Walker I also want to mention that I did

not buy the Walker in intention that

this is a device that will teach my

babies how to walk I know that babies

can walk naturally they don't need any

devices by the ages of six to nine

months you need a lot of entertainment

ideas I personally read books to them I

would think to them we would listen to

music dance even but then again you need

some other forms of entertainment Canada

has been the sail importation and

advertising of all baby walkers and off

April 2007 in June 2017 research with

that in the UAE and an article was

published asking for a ban on baby

walkers six hundred and forty six cases

of injuries were reported there was one

case of a baby being hit by a car there

were also a lot of accidents where

babies fell down the stairs or even to

the pool of course I'm not judging the

different circumstances people live in

but if babies are to be put in walkers

our eyes should always be on them and if

not then we can just use other means

like for example I also got my babies a

big fence in which I put all their toys

and they can play inside safely while I

do my house chores as for jumpers and

now a lot of doctors recommend use of

jumpers over walkers however there's

also a lot of research that says that

jumpers are also not a very good tool

first of all the child is kept in one

place which means that they are deprived

of exploring the world around them and

they cannot move the kree's balance and

poor posture are also concerns as well

as the fact that the babies will put all

their weight on their leg jumpers have

different heights and you can adjust the

height based on your baby's height but

even when you do that you'll notice that

your baby is jumping on toes so even

with my

I noticed this once they started walking

of course assisted walking they would

always a tiptoe I guess it's easier to

bend something than to spread awareness

so in that sense if banning walkers or

even jumpers in the future will lead to

having a safer environment for babies

then it's okay but I do want to say that

my babies really enjoyed that using

walkers and jumpers and as I said the

minute they start crawling they refused

to sit and any one of them and they just

wanted to crawl around and explore the

world around them this is it for today I

hope you found this video useful please

let me know down in the comments if you

have used walkers with your babies if

there are any side effects that you have

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