Jolly Jumper Review & Tips

hi everyone, welcome back to the Truly Mama YouTube channel. My name is Jillian

and I am here today to share with you one of my favorite baby activities and

one of the best ways to kill some time and get some hands-free time. I'm talking

about the Jolly Jumper exerciser. Now the Jolly Jumper exerciser has been around

for years and it's one of those things that I used to pretend to do when I was

growing up and playing with dolls. I would make a little Jolly Jumper style

device and put the babies in it because I knew that when you have a baby you

just have a Jolly Jumper that's just the way that it goes. Now when I had a little

one of my own I could not wait to go out and buy a Jolly Jumper so that's one of

the first things that I did and when he was finally old enough to go in it, I

couldn't wait to get started, and it hasn't disappointed. So today I'm

gonna share with you a couple tips and tricks that I found along the way to

make sure that your baby has a jumping, jolly good time in the Jolly Jumper

we're gonna show you how to set up the Jolly Jumper sounds like it should be

straightforward but it can be a little confusing and show you those little tips

that we've found that definitely make the experience just all that much better.

If you find today's video useful make sure to give us a thumbs up, leave us a

comment, and let us know, and of course hit that subscribe button. So the Jolly

Jumper exerciser has been around since 1948. That's a lot of years of making

parents and babies happy alike and is certainly one of those products that has

been trusted by parents and loved by babies for years and years and years.

The Jolly Jumper comes in two different styles, you can either have one that

hangs from any doorframe or you can get one that comes on a bit of an a-frame,

I'll call it, I don't know if it's actually an a-frame but it comes on a

frame and that way you can pop it up really anywhere in your house on a back

deck wherever you go. Now for us the Jolly Jumper that hung on the doorframe

made a lot more sense. We have a lot of different doorways in our house and we

didn't really want to have to worry about storing the a-frame somewhere or

finding the perfect place to pop it up so for us the door frame one was

definitely the way to go. Now with that said if you have a home that doesn't

have a lot of doors, maybe it's very open concept, or if you're somebody that likes

to spend a lot of time outside on a large back deck for example then the

frame Jolly Jumper may make sense for you. Now

the Jolly Jumper has been a great form of entertainment for my son Louie not only

does it allow my husband and I a couple minutes of hands-free time but it just

makes him so happy being in there it really allows him to burn off some

energy get some exercise, explore the ways that his body can move.

he found it especially thrilling before he started to crawl and his movement was

a little limited but even now that he's up and crawling he still enjoys it quite

a bit. The Jolly Jumper exerciser is something

that you can start using with your baby around the age of three months old or

when they are ready to sit up with their head completely unsupported and you can

use it all the way up until they're 28 pounds or until they start walking. The

Jolly Jumper is super easy to set up there are no tools required and I'm

going to show you just how to do that because honestly it is so easy to set up

that when you're setting it up you think I must be doing something wrong there's

no way that it is this easy but it is that easy!

So the Jolly Jumper for us is certainly a family affair now here's a, that's my

husband Eddie, will hook at the top that literally just snaps right onto a

doorframe right on either side of a doorframe just like that. We have a very

tall baby, he's 10 months old and he's actually the size of your average

two-year-old, so you can make it different heights. Are you ready to get

jumping Louie? Okay daddy's gonna put you in the Jolly Jumper.

So the Jolly Jumper is actually ergonomically designed so they made it to

make sure that your baby's back and spine are very well supported and that

their hips aren't going to get harmed when they're jumping in this. So you can

rest assured that your baby is going to be safe and comfortable in the Jolly

Jumper. So you just slide them in like that, put their arms through the little

holes, and then there's a buckle that goes around their waist to make sure

that they're nice and secure. Now for us to get Louie jumping when we show him how

to jump, he definitely takes off, he gets excited, and especially when we put on

some tunes he loves to get moving and grooving!

So the Jolly Jumper is just as easy to put away as it is to set up. Like I said

there are no tools required it's very easy to do. All you have to do is unstrap

your little one, take your little one out, and put it in your closet or wherever you

like to put it away. So that really is how easy it is to use the Jolly Jumper.

There's no time required for setup it's super easy to put the baby in if you

have two hands. I do find it a little challenging just when I'm by myself but

It's easy to use, fun to use, you really can't go wrong.

the Jolly Jumper is great for play. It's an excellent way to get some hands-free

time for mom and dad and it's great to help your baby exercise, strengthen those

muscles and explore the body movement before they've really had an opportunity

to all on their own. He worked up an appetite and he's having

some crackers now after his little exercise session, but like I said the

Jolly Jumper is just tons of fun for the whole family and the best tips that I

can give you are if you have one that hangs on the doorframe it's definitely

great to hang it in the closet to put it away and out of the way until you need

it next time. Definitely make sure that you adjust the height of it for your

babies so they can get the best jump possible and if your baby's just kind of

standing there and spinning around in circles and isn't really sure what to do

put on some music for them. Jackson 5 always gets him going and you're good to

go. the Jolly Jumper is absolutely mama

approved it's not super expensive and it will provide you hours and hours of fun

for you and your baby and lots of hands-free time. If you have a favorite

activity that you love to do with your little one or if you've got a secret

that lets you and your partner get a little bit of hands-free time, which like

I said we could all use some more of, let me know in the comments down below we're

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