Tutorial: Age Appropriate Makeup for a Young Teen

coffee break with me whoa so I have a

really special tutorial for you guys

today but before I get attacked and

before I caused another controversy

between parents and moms attacking me or

13 year olds

telling me I don't know what I'm talking

about this tutorial is for the younger

teen girls and the only reason that I'm

doing it is because one of my

subscribers asked me to help because

she's 13 and doesn't know anything about

makeup and wanted a age-appropriate

makeup tutorial which to me says a lot

about this young girl it says I'm 13 I

realize I'm not gonna put on 10 pounds

of makeup like you do but can you please

help me do a look that is good for my

age so for me I it was I was honored to

get that request now before you guys say

at 13 I didn't use makeup you know I'm a

mom of a 13 year old I would never let

her use makeup I understand all of that

because I wasn't a team too long ago and

my parents didn't let me use makeup not

because they didn't want me to use

makeup but because I really wasn't

interested I didn't start using makeup

until I was 15 it was around my

quinceanera so probably around 15 and my

mom was really open-minded she was like

oh you want to learn how to use that

here I'll teach you you want to learn

how to use that I'll teach you so my mom

was really cool she wasn't one of those

mom that was like no no no you're not

going to use makeup so um it's really

important I don't want to give parenting

advice because I hate when I get

parenting advice but as a young mom um I

think it's really important to change

with the time because if we get really

stuck in our old antiquated or

old-fashioned ways or the ways that we

were raised we're going to kind of lose

that connection with our own children so

I don't agree with how much time has

changed from when I was

I remember playing outside on my bicycle

and in dirt and climbing trees and now

everyone has their face in a monitor so

I don't agree with how time has changed

but I do agree with changing with it so

that we don't get left behind especially

as parents so now that you know

cosmetics are geared towards younger

girls and they are showing interest in

in enhancing their beauty and I have the

platform to help I feel that if I can

help a 13 year old achieve a natural

natural affordable nan hooker makeup

look then I am all for helping so please

do not burn me at the stake okay I'm not

trying to do anything controversial I'm

just trying to help help up my subby so

um I designed a tutorial that is age

appropriate for a young teen girl but

this is also a tutorial for moms on the

go for someone that doesn't really like

makeup that just wants to look touched

up someone that like that really really

really really natural look or that

really likes affordable drugstore

products so this tutorial is designed to

be quick easy fast affordable and I

guess readily available these products

are pretty much available at all

drugstores and big-box stores um and you

could use coupons on them anyway um if

you want to see how I got this really

really simple young age-appropriate look

please keep watch oh right now I have a

naked face I am actually just wearing my

moisturizer and I did put a little bit

of a salmon color concealer because you

guys know I have that severe critical

condition panda eye disease so um I

wanted to look as 13-year old as

possible and that's the only thing that

I applied to cheat um let's get started

with the face when I was growing up and

I started makeup I only did press powder

I remember my first pressed powder with

in that round green compact from

covergirl and it was the oil control

version which I've never been Oly but I

guess that's where it all began um so

what I have is a couple options if you

are more adventure

thirteen-year-old um you could try a BB

cream and probably my best suggestion

because um at 13 you're still doing

physical education you're still outdoors

you're probably walking to school I

would recommend the Revlon Photoready BB

cream um it is I think maybe eight or

nine dollars but it does provide really

good coverage not that you need it

um and the best part is it has 30 um 30

SPF or sun protection which is a huge

plus you want to start fighting against

those wrinkles at a young age so this is

if you would if you have a parent or if

you want a more complicated makeup

routine but like I said when I was

growing up my very first foundation or

face product was just a pressed powder

so a really good pressed powder for a

young 13 year old would be probably the

Maybelline Dream matte or any of the

products from covergirl are really sheer

cover and they're very gentle on the

skin so I'm just going to take my

Maybelline Dream matte and with the

sponge that comes in it or the little

poof this is a little powder poof I'm

just going to concentrate on my forehead

down my nose a little bit on the sides

of my nose and then on my chin I'm not

going to put it all over my face you do

not need to do this at your age

do not overdo it girls you want to look

natural and beautiful and if you guys

can tell I'm not rubbing it in my face

because I don't want to clog my pores

I'm patting it onto the surface of my

skin that's all I did

another tip that I want to share with

you guys at this age you may have just

started plucking your eyebrows or um I

don't know if you don't I I've always

had these eyebrows these are not plucked

eyebrows these aren't just my eyebrows I

didn't start drawing my eyebrows until I

was in high school and trust me it was a

joke they were terrible but a good tip

take a cute

wet it and then clean your eyebrows in

case you've got any powder on them that

way they look bold without having to add

any product because when you apply

powder over them they will start to look

a little ashy or powdery so if you clean

them up it brings back that natural hair

color that you have in your brows then I

forgot to share with you guys is if you

have a problem with blemishes or you

feel a little bit insecure about certain

spots I know that at that age is when

you start to get those like random

monthly breakouts um and a good

concealer of an affordable concealer is

the L'Oreal True Match

it's like a big chubby crayon and it

comes in several different colors and

this is good for just spot concealing if

you notice like oh my god I woke up this

morning and I have a giant zit on my

face it's good for just covering that

tiny little spot

I have several breakouts on my chin

right now and so I'm just going to take

a little bit and apply that to the areas

of my face where I feel a little

self-conscious or uncomfortable and then

taking your ring finger just softly

blend it out and the reason I applied it

after um my powder is I want it to stick

to the powder and I want it to get a

little bit more full coverage if I had

applied it to my face first and then the


I couldn't have used this applicator to

apply it because this is a fabric


and the concealer is wet it's a moisture

product so it'll just create bacteria on

this sponge and then you'll just get

more breakouts so although it is

contradictory to apply a dry product and

then a wet product in this case when

you're just applying a tiny bit of

powder it's okay to do it won't look

cakey if you guys can see my chin

doesn't look cakey or terrible okay

after we do our face clean up our

eyebrows and conceal any blemishes that

we have you could do

a blush I didn't know about blush I

never used blush in fact I only use

bronzer until probably until I got

married I didn't I didn't use blush I

was too scared to use blush I didn't

want to be one of those people that

didn't know how to apply blush and

looked like clown so I didn't use blush

until I was like 24 believe it or not I

just use a bronzer to kind of give my

face some definition but you're too

young for that

so um go ahead and take a light pink a

light pale baby pink and apply that to

the apples of your cheeks blush two

product recommendations for you would be

pearlescent pink by wet and wild but

this is a little bit um pigmented so if

you have a heavy hand you can end up

looking like you put on too much and

another recommendation is the NYX blush

in angel and this is just the most

gentle soft pale pink um that just gives

you that perfect right amount of


I don't know what's going on with my

lighting you guys I really hope you guys

can see what I'm trying to show you um

today it's like a rainy super dark super

gloomy day here in Dallas and there's

just no light I have absolutely no no no

light except those little crappy lights

that I ordered to help my video quality

um but usually I depend on natural light

that's where I get most of my light from

and today it's just not one of those

days so sorry mother nature is not

cooperating um okay so we did our face

we did a little bit of concealing we

cleaned up our eyebrows we applied some

blush just to the apples of our cheek

remember you want to use a really light

pale pink now the other thing that we're

going to do is we're going to take a

waterproof brown eyeliner at 13 I don't

think you should use any eyeliner but I

do know what it's like puffy

oh wait this man wore no good Eve isn't


yeah I do know what it's like to have

very little eye bum eyelashes you guys

know I have I have hair in places that a

girl does not want to have hair like my

arms when I was picked on a lot in

school they would call me tarantula arms

and so I have hair I have a lot of hair

on my arms but I have no eyebrows and no

eyelashes so I do know what that's like

and I could tell you put on a couple

coats of mascara but if you don't have a

lot of eyelashes it's really not going

to make that big of a difference so if

you have cool parents or guardians that

let you wear eyeliner reach for a brown

eyeliner rather than a black eyeliner it

will give you the depth or the

appearance of more lashes without being

harsh like a black liner and the reason

you want a waterproof is so that it

lasts all day so just take a brown liner

and apply that to your upper lash line

or the rim the top rim of your eyelashes

or your eyelid um so go ahead and apply

that Brown liner then what you're going

to do is curl your lashes

and when you um curl your lashes you

want to be really careful because

eyelashes take I don't know I don't

remember where I read something like if

you rip out one eyelash it takes like a

year to grow back so treat your

eyelashes really carefully um and curl

them with an eyelash curler be very

gentle I have heard the elf eyelash

curler it's one dollar at Target is

really really good so maybe if you don't

have one that might be something that

you can go out and get curling your

eyelashes really makes a huge difference

in the way your eyes look or your

eyelashes turn out after you apply

mascara um after you've curled your

lashes you want to apply maybe one or

two coats of your favorite mascara

remember that you don't want to apply a

really volumizing mascara a mascara

that's going to make your eyelashes

thick you want a mascara that will make

your eyelashes long you want your you

want your eyelashes to look like an

accessory on your face you don't want

people to look at your eyelashes you

want them to look at you so you're

basically just wanting a mascara that

will make your lashes look like your

lashes but better and that's basically

the theme of this whole tutorial your

skin but better your cheeks but better

your brows but better type of concept

this is a volumizing mascara it's the

clump crusher by covergirl but if you

just use one or two coat it doesn't

build that much volume where it will

distract from your natural beauty so I

just went ahead and put one coat on my

top lashes and one coat on my bottom

lashes I would even suggest doing your

bottom because you probably don't need

to but I mean if you already have your

mascara I might as well give you the

extra little touch um and the very last

thing for this look is a lip balm a

really cute lip balm something that

makes your lips hydrated provide some


and gives you just a little bit of tint

or a little bit of color so that you

don't look so pale um and my special

purchase just for this tutorial is

actually a Baby Lips from Maybelline and

I don't even need to explain this to you

guys you probably know exactly what this

is and you have it in like every single

flavor I have no idea what flavor scent

aroma or anything this is it's the hot

pink one um and I'm just gonna go ahead

and apply this to my lips and that is it

for this tutorial for younger girls um I

wanna really really repeat um that I at

13 had no idea about makeup I didn't

know anything about makeup I didn't use

makeup but I know times change and we

kind of got to change with the time so

this special subscriber reached out to

me and asked me to help out and I

thought if I can if I can clarify

something I could teach you how to look

age-appropriate I'd be more than happy

to help so again let's go ahead and do

like a little recap there's a teacher in

me um at this age you guys want to

embrace your natural beauty you don't

want to change anything because makeup

is like Pandora's box once you open it

you can't put it back in once you start

using makeup it's really hard not to use

makeup you start to feel more confident

with it and more insecure without it and

that's not the point of makeup makeup is

a tool to enhance what you already have

and to make it just a little bit more

special but never forget that what you

have is already beautiful but that's

just a tool to enhance what you already

have remember that okay so a quick recap

um if you want you could use a BB cream

like the Revlon Photoready this is a

little bit pricey I think for a for

thirteen-year-old makeup but it does

have 30 SPF or sun protection which is

good especially if you're an outdoorsy

kind of girl um but what I used at my

when I started using makeup which was

like 15 or 16 was

a pressed powder and my Kris powder of

choice is the Maybelline Dream matte

powder it keeps you matte and it doesn't

make you look cakey or powdery if you

excuse me I'm choking if you struggle

with blemishes you want to have a really

good thick concealer on hand to UM cover

just certain spots do not start putting

concealer in your under eye

do not start concealing redness or any

of that because you don't have any right

now okay just focus on spot blemishing

like I have a couple on my chin I just

took a little bit and put it on my chin

the one that I used was the L'Oreal True

Match crayon again all of these products

are drugstore affordable and you could

use coupons um then for a blush I did

the NYX blush in angel which is just a

really pretty pale pink um for my eyes I

used the Jane waterproof eyeliner in

brown and the covergirl clump crusher

and the last thing that I used on my

lips was just a baby lips which is going

to provide me just a natural on rosiness

or a tint to my lips it's going to keep

them hydrated and it's going to keep

that color on my face so again remember

at this age embrace your beauty because

once you start to get to my age which I

still won't tell you um you start to

notice other things like bags under your

eyes or you start getting little sleep

or when you go to high school or college

you're studying that's when you start

getting the dark circles or bigger

breakouts so right now at 13 embrace

what you have take advantage of your

natural beauty and be thankful that you

don't have a long makeup routine to add

to your morning's before school so I

really hope you guys enjoyed this

tutorial please give me a thumbs up or

comment down below if you

useful um and I think that's it guys

until next time

it's coffee break is over