Kylie Jenner - My Everyday Makeup Look

hey guys it's Kylie this is my brand-new

updated makeup tutorial I know I've done

a few of these in the past and I'm

always learning new things so my makeup

routine is definitely changing also

since becoming a mom it has gone from

taking me 30 minutes to do my makeup to

now having to do my makeup in 10 minutes

so this is my new routine I hope you

guys like it and yeah keep watching a

first step before anything since my hair

is already done is I'm going to clip up

clip my hair back so my foundation

doesn't get in my hair this is gonna be

very different than the drunk get ready

with me and how cute are these mirrors

by the way coming soon I like to start

with my face primer from my birthday

collection so I'm gonna put my hands are

clean and I'm gonna put like two squirts

love this primer it is such a good

primer and it just makes my makeup lay

so much better

primer on and then I'm gonna do some of

my Kylie skin the lip mask this is

heaven it is also launching soon so stay

tuned well it's kind of jacked right now

so this is great so the last tutorial

that I did I did it for Vogue my routine

has definitely changed a lot since then

I've had to cut my routine down a lot so

this routine it'll probably take me a

little longer now because I'll be

explaining to you guys every step of the

way but this routine really takes me no

longer than like 10 minutes let's get

into it so I start with my foundation I

used to start with my brows now I start

with my foundation and I'm using

luminous silk foundation I love this

foundation I love how it makes my skin

looks I'm gonna do like three squirts of

that and the color 6.5 and then I'm

gonna do one squirt of nine then I'm

gonna take this brush it's a Kylie

cosmetics brush in number six I like

this brush because I like how it um you

know really gets my foundation in there

so I'm kind of gonna like mix it with my

brush go ahead I definitely feel like

this is my this combo is like my perfect

match so I just like to like blend it in

really well

so I'm even gonna like go over my

eyelids and open my brows my favorite

part about doing my makeup is it's like

a therapeutic moment for me

I turned my music on if I'm getting at

ready at night I'll have like a glass of

wine or hums like my coffee I'm doing in

the morning okay so now that I got a

nice thin layer of foundation I'm gonna

use a Beauty Blender and just blend it

in so there's no streaks from the brush

I always go down to my neck okay so next

step is my concealer I'm using shade

maple right now I don't like to use too

much little imperfections there I'm

gonna do like just dominoes

I'm also gonna take Himalaya and just do

like two dots under my eyes this has

like a pink undertone so I really feel

like it cancels out any dark circles

that I have from so now I'm gonna go

ahead and blend blend blend

stormy is actually super into makeup

right now it is amazing she every time

I'm wearing lipsticks she notices and

she looks at me and she's like lip lip

lip okay now that we blended my

concealer in I'm gonna go and take my

favorite setting powder in the entire

world it happened to cerebro Kylie

cosmetics first I'm gonna do a light

step with soft pink I like to use this

definitely the under eye area cuz it

kinda has like a hue of pain which

my dark circles so I'm just gonna do a

light layer like that and then I'm going

to take the Beautyblender and she wants

the loose sand and I'm gonna set and

then when I do my eyeshadow this will be

a good base because I don't want my

eyeshadow to fall under my eyes one

product I can't live without is

definitely lipstick I'm obsessive

lipstick I don't know what I would do

without it so I'm just pressing my

translucent powder into the center of my

forehead under my nose and the center of

my chin I also you know I'm baking

around my nose so I'm going to leave

that there in there and I'm gonna take

another brush and do a line down the

center of my nose and I feel like when

you just bake like this it really

it's like perfect your makeup last but

not least I'm gonna take beige the color

beige with my big chunky brush and I'm

gonna set the rest of my face love this

color I love that it doesn't make me

look it doesn't like take the color away

keep your face looking warm okay so now

that I'm all set I'm gonna do my brows

so let's do my brows next this is shade

medium brown so my routine before I

would start with my brows to make them

super snatch but now I kind up for my

everyday routine I like to just do them

pretty fast and more natural so I start

with the lining underneath I'm getting

that shape extending oh I like my brow

to be a little bit

longer and in the drunken ready with me

video I knew there was no turning back

when I started doing my brows and I just

I couldn't do them I knew I was like

really really wasted at that point

making my brows look at least decent on

an everyday basis it's very important

just because all y'all like my makeup

artists really instilled in me that

brows like frame your face and it's just

so important to have blonde brows after

I lined the bottom of them

then I rushed down my brows and I kind

of like line the top lately and just

shake them out if I only had five

minutes to do my makeup I would

definitely just do concealer brush lash

and brows and maybe one of my lip

blushes now that I lined my brows I'm

going to go in with I'm actually using

cool Brown my little shadow duo for my

brows I'm just kind of like filling them


a little powder Nate's here

Oh suck and then brushing it through I

haven't even thought about what when I'm

gonna let store me wear makeup I don't

know I'm just gonna see she might even

not want to wear makeup

I mean honestly but how things are going

though like this girl is obsessed with

makeup she bends me at this point these

are my little brow sticks and I am

obsessed they're so easy it literally is

the best creation ever and I kind of

just line underneath my brow I'm using

the shade medium matte

okay so after I put that on I kind of

like blend it out into my lid

a beauty trend that I love right now are

the rhinestones all over the eyes

inspired by euphoria which I love that

show by the way they definitely want to

do a rhinestone like very soon I'm gonna

go right into my eyes so for an everyday

easy look I always go for my bronze

palette this was my first pilot ever and

it's still my little baby I love it

right the shades the Matteson here are

still my absolute favorite it is a

Larios column in the Spencer

Arielle I'm filming I'm filming a makeup

tutorial alright wait do you like was

all what lip should I do today okay I'll

think about it but I'm gonna do like a

two second eye look cuz this is what I

do when I'm rushing so I'll mix topaz

and Tiger eye it's like a cool tone

brown and like a warm tone brown and I

put this right in my crease

really all you need is like one swipe

and I kind of blend it out

and then I go a little circles over here

that's literally all I need

so I'm on to the other side

I like to blend it in here in RAL every

time he does my eye he goes in here and

then he blends up into my brow so I just

like to do that now I don't know it

really does for me but I'm gonna take

Jasper this light color and just put it

in the center of my lid just to on both

sides and then blend it out I feel like

it just gives me like a gives me like a

faux cut crease

and just like brightening up that inside

in there I go right below my crease I'm

gonna take Bronzite which is like a

really dark brown I'm gonna take the

tiniest bit I'm gonna put in with this

flatter brush which is number thirteen

and then after I place it exactly where

I want it to be

I'm gonna take my bigger brush which is

number 15 I'm just gonna do it quick

blend okay so this is what I would do

like on an everyday basis but I think

I'm gonna add some shimmer i glaze in

the center of my eye because I have

shimmer and glazes coming out this fall

this is one of my favorite formulas for

Kylie cosmetics I've ever created I've

done it for some collection so far so

you guys might already be familiar with

the formula but if you're not and you

haven't tried it yet I think it's an

amazing thing to have in your makeup

collection it's so easy to apply and it

just it just really amplifies your look

my vibe this fall I cannot wait for the

cold again you guys and coats and

sweaters and all that I'm debating

between these two shades more pie please

which is like a lighter shade or brown

sugar which is this gorgeous brown thing

I'm going to go with this one this one

looks exciting

as color is everything it's like brown

and when I put it on my finger it has a

pink in it it's gorgeous

we're going with brown sugar and I'm

only gonna take a little because I want

to blend it out all over my eye and make

it look not so pigmented let's start

like that a little bit over here and

then I'm gonna take a clean finger and

blend it out I like to use my fingers

for these colors I'm gonna do this on my

lid and I'm gonna do the other one in

it's better so I'm gonna do more pie

please right in here and also these

shades are really nice because you could

do a lot or you can blend it outward

kind of just looks like your eyes are

wet so my favorite so mug like why I'm

gonna have you hold the mirror right

here because I need I need a two hand

situation okay so this is Mike eyeliner

bus liner of all time period

and then go to the top

and then just bottom

and I like it long

okay so I like to do my liner super long

and make my eyes look really extended

now I think it's a good time to brush my

brows up and then we're gonna dust

underneath my eye I'm gonna mix my

bronzers tequila tan and toasty and I'm

gonna do this to contour my face back in

here so now that we're done with that

I'm gonna take these now

it's just a tiny bit

I'm not gonna lie watch the videos the

name you don't make up and I like cringe

at how much powder that I put under here

it's right now I really just do like

super light powder I'm gonna do a little

bit of beige and then I'm gonna do it

some translucent like right over top

okay so now we're gonna let that sit I

am almost done so I'm gonna do my lash

line so I'm gonna go in and gamma topaz

and Tiger eye I'm gonna start the edge

try to just be as close to my lash line

as possible and blind all the way okay

so now I feel like it's time to take my

lips out you know I talked about blush

oh it really is my favorite so I'm gonna

mix some of my two favorite shades from

my collection body on the block and

winter kiss this is a very blue-based

pink this is more of a peachy vibe but I

think the mixture of them together is

beautiful so I'm going to take my

favorite blush brush which is number


rub it on my mouth and they're just all

over my basically

why not

I think it's time for some highlighter I

am gonna use my favorite shade clean

drift looks like this and I'm gonna do

it right just on my to the top right

there I'm not gonna drag it on to my

chief because I don't think highlighter

on my cheek I'm now I'm gonna take a

smaller brush and do right the center of

my nose

maybe about my little book okay now it's

time for a lip candy Kylie can do your

Chloe I think I'm gonna go with Kylie

sorry Arielle it's just my favorite so

I'm going to do my Kylie lip liner how I

like to do my Kylie lip kit is I like to

line my lips pretty much all the way in

like I just did and then I book highly

right in the center

Center Omegas I really like like a

hombre lid so now I'm gonna do some

mascara and I'll be right back alright

so I just finished my mascara and now

I'm going to the last step is to just

wipe off what a little bit left that

I've been baking here spray my setting

spray mist event settings Bruce smells

amazing I got so many compliments on my

setting spray I just like to do like a

light mist all over my face I'm so happy

I did this for you guys my routine has

definitely changed since becoming a mom

and I hope you guys enjoyed this

tutorial I hope you learned something

and I will see you guys next time