Middle School Makeup: 6th, 7th, And 8th Grade Makeup

hello everybody so today I'm doing

another video in my back to school

series and it's gonna be a makeup 4 6 7

& 8

before I get started I wanted to mention

that this is gonna be different for

everyone everyone breaks out at

different times and you might need to do

foundation at like 7th or 8th grade but

this is what I do and like what I used

to do and I'm actually going into 9th

grade but this is gonna be what I did

they use before and yeah hope you guys

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those this month so you have without

further ado let's just get started


we'll start you with a sixth-grade I'm

putting on this moisturizer it's from

great skin I'll link it down below and

I'm in love with this it's super light

and good for sixth graders


then I'm doing this tricks and lips

Lipton and chicken and I'm putting it on

my lips and then I'm blending it I

looked it's very natural but has a

little bit of color so it's really good

and it lasts you for a long time and

then the rest I put on my cheeks and the

last thing that I'm doing is curling my

eyelashes and this eyelash curler is

from preacher man and it's one of the

best at pod


that if some of you guys want to do a

little more I decided to do my eyebrows

I think everyone should have nice

eyebrows what I do is use this benefit I

brought it and I just put it on a brush

and just create my shape


and that's it for sixth grade and now

I'm just seventh grade I'm starting with

using this em concealer and I'm just

putting it where I need it

usually under my eyes because I wake up

early and it just gets dark on me there

and then I put it on my eyelids because

I don't want to have any eye shadow on

and then just on any blemishes that I



this is totally optional but I decide to

do eyeliner and this is when I started

to do Island hair just this mode by next

to my lashes and it looks really nice


and a lot of people start doing mascara

in seventh grade by actually starving

state by side to show you and I just did

one small coat


so now it's the 8th grade I'm starting

with mascara again and I'm just doing a

trickle and I'm just stood my bottom

lashes - and just giving a little extra

oomph to the lashes

and now I'm doing the hoola bronzer and

I'm just doing a tiny bit just to give

definition to my little chubby cheeks


now for my favorite part this is next

lip color and it's not and it's in the

color Istanbul and it's my favorite

perfect forceful and very natural

thank you guys so much for watching I

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