A fertility monitor that works?! | Ovusense Review

hey everyone and welcome back to my

channel and welcome to today's video I

am so excited for today's video this

video has been in the works for a while

now and as you can see from the title

today we're talking about the obvious

sense so a couple months ago I uploaded

a video about the AVA bracelet the pros

and the cons - the AVA bracelet if you

haven't seen that video I will link it

in the description for you and up in the

cards you can go watch that really quick

if you want to know my thoughts on the

Aemon bracelet but spoiler alert I'm not

a fan of the AVA bracelet yeah you can

go watch that video if you're interested

in my thoughts on that but today I

wanted to sit down and finally film my

thoughts on the obvious sense it was

really cool a few cents actually saw my

video about the AVA bracelet and they

were so confident that I would like the

obvious sense they did offer to send me

one to give it a whirl those of you that

don't know me um my name is Kelsey I've

been going through infertility and

infertility treatments for over two and

a half years now I do have PCOS which is

polycystic ovarian syndrome and yeah

we've been through a hell of a road if

you haven't caught up on our journey

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and let's just get talking about obvious

okay so when are we since had first

reached out to me I wasn't super

familiar with what obvious sense was so

let me break it down for you real quick

if you also aren't too sure what obvi

sense is here's my obvi sense yes I'm

gonna show this to you

this is a medical device and it's

amazing what this little thing can do so

I'm gonna show this to you this feels

really invasive to my personal privacy

but whatever so this fun little device

goes where you think it goes yeah this

bad boy goes into your vajayjay and you


with it in and it is I caught a little

it looks like a little bull sperm

yeah okay we're gonna put her away now

because I feel really weird showing this

to you yeah that's the obvious that's

what it looks like yes this does go in

your vagina and you sleep in it okay so

let's talk about what the obvious sense

does compared to other fertility kind of

methods and tracking and other devices

okay so first and foremost the obvious

sense is a fully certified medical

device and it's been through not one but

two clinical trials another thing that I

think right off the bat I need to say

that I like about obvious ins it's

obvious it's is marketed toward those of

us with polycystic ovarian syndrome ear

regular cycles medicated cycles IUI IVF

oral medications you name it this device

is made to go along with that if you're

not on fertility meds that's fine the

obvious sense is great for you too but

that is what attracted me so much to the

obvious sense when they reached out they

were like you have PCOS you're going

through route ility treatment this

device can help you and boy has it I'll

dive into that in a minute I just want

to kind of clear up some things about

well obviously isn't what it does okay

so you might be thinking what does that

little device do while it's in your body

so what obvi sense is doing while you're

sleeping is tracking your core

temperature and core temperature is

absolutely different than basal body

temperature so if you've been a TTC or

for a while you might be familiar with

basal body temperature it's when you

take your temperature first thing in the

morning at rest and you charted in a

graph so obvious it's kind of takes it a

step further so obvious and can detect

ovulation 24 hours in advance to let you

know like hey girl it's time to baby


you're about to do this and it also

gives you an eight-day fertile window so

I know some like obvious population

predictor kits give you like a three to

four day one they're really not accurate

if you have PCOS because your LH hormone

can spike in our relation cannot occur

obvious ins can actually catch all of

that and it's really amazing like what

that little computer device thing in

your body is doing so like I was saying

like doing your oral temperature or

ovulation predictor kits they can not

actually tell you when you ovulate it or

when you're about to ovulate and they're

not completely accurate especially if

you have PCOS so obvious ins is 99%

accurate obvious ins can detect the

initial rise and progesterone right

after ovulation which is really cool and

you'll start to see once you're tracking

in obvious ends kind of what your what

your hormones are doing if you are on

meds if you aren't on meds it will it

will track all that for you and give you

some really interesting information okay

so a little bit about my experience with

the obvious sense it was I've had it now

for well I've actually had it longer

than two months so I attempted to use

the Audrey since and I'll pop up

screenshots here of what my charts look

like I attempted to use the obvious

sense for our very first attempt at IU I

and if you guys follow my channel you

will know my very first I oh I actually

was cancelled due to overstimulation so

we had a little bit of a hiccup in the

road and I stopped using obvi sense

because I did have to go on birth

control to shrink assists long story

short anyways this last cycle we also

used the obvious sense while attempting

I you I and I learned a lot of valuable

information from obvious ins so much so

that I actually told my doctor about it

and we are tweaking my next I you eye

protocol so we pop up a picture here of

what this my chart looked like this last

cycle and a couple things about it so in

my cycle that we did IUI we did the HCG

trigger shot and if you are familiar

with that that shot just forces your

body to ovulate the follicles that you

have created so we did the trigger shot

and we

did my ioi about 24 hours after the

trigger shot and if you don't know also

the trigger shot forces your body to

ovulate within 12 to 48 hours after it

was shot while wearing obvious sense I

actually learned so here's a picture of

my chart and I circled where we did the

trigger shot I found out through my

chart that I have actually one of the


avi leaders after a trigger shot not a

24 to 36-hour ovulate er like a lot of

people are so with that information I

learned that our next IUI needs to be

done a little bit later we did my I UI

24 hours after trigger and now from

obvious ins I have asked my doctor if we

can do i why 36 hours after the trigger

shot if you don't know washed sperm from

IU I doesn't quite live as long as

regular sperm because it is washed and

that it dies a little bit faster so

doing the IUI around closer to ovulation

gives your body more time for the egg to

meet up with a sperm well they're still

living so I do think that my iöi was

done a little bit too soon and obviously

it's helped me figure that out I would

never have known otherwise so that is

probably my favorite feature about avi

sense is that it confirms your ovulation

date and the longer you use it so say

you use it for a couple cycles it gets

to know you even better it predicts your

fertile window when you're gonna ovulate

so I think it's really interesting you

can also input little notes in there of

the medications you're on yeah so I am a

big fan of this I okay so to preface I

have not used the obvi sense not being

medicated I was curious and wanted to

see some charts of some PCOS gals that

have longer cycles and obvious ins

helped them conceive so I'm going to

show you guys a couple of those charts

that I have found most of these women

had longer cycle

some of them shorter but you can tell

the the more rapid big changes and a

chart is a kind of an indicator of some

hormone imbalances it shows that like

your temperature isn't very steady

when I was on progesterone during the

two-week wait after ovulation you can

see my chart was pretty pretty steady a

lot of women that are using obvious

sense so once you have your ovulation

confirmed it tells you that you can stop

using the sensor but I know many many

many women continue to wear the sensor

throughout the two-week wait because

they like to watch their temperature

continue to rise aware temperature

increase during the two-week wait can be

a pretty solid indicator that you could

be pregnant and then an indicator that

you are not pregnant in your period is

coming is usually if your temperature

line dips below the cover line of where

your ovulation was so it's really

fascinating obvious has a really helpful

Facebook groups that you can join that

I'll leave in the description if you're

interested even if you can check it out

before you buy you can read all kinds of

experiences I've posted in there a ton

just like asking questions cuz you know

it's it's a lot and their customer

service is really helpful so I did just

want to talk about like my very first

couple days using obvi cents the very

first night using it I will not lie I

was freaking out just like is it gonna

fall out is it gonna go somewhere what's

gonna happen am I gonna get toxic shock

syndrome like all the things so it was

really sweet the obvious ins social

media people I don't know if that's

their job but they talked to me on

Instagram DMS and assured me and it made

me feel better once the obvious sense is

in it has nowhere to go like your vagina

it's theirs you can't get through the

cervix like it's not happening so the

only way out is out so I do want to say

that if you are gonna hop on the obvious

inch train

to not be nervous there's nowhere for it

to go it falls out falls out you put a

fry back in I did want to mention that

the way this detector is read is it

comes with this thing called an NFC

detector or adapter thing it does have

one of these bad boys so if you have a

newer phone make sure you have a dongle

so you can actually plug it in or you

can do what I do and I use my iPad I

just leave my iPad in the bathroom wake

up in the morning rinse off my office

and it's real quick you connect it to

this bad boy it senses it and don't

worry if you wash it in cold water the

obvious sense is smart enough to know

that the temperature of the water you're

washing it is not a normal human

temperature and it retains the

information that your body is giving the

sensor so no worries there do you

suggest you follow obvious sense on

Instagram they will tell tell you about

different promotional periods they're

doing where you can get a good discount

on the obvious sense I did want to say

too that their website is very

informative so if there's anything I'm

not touching on that you're curious

about highly highly suggest you check

out their website it has a lot of

information it looks like kind of my

thoughts on obby sense I am a fan I am

very impressed with its knowledge I will

say I did get a little bit nervous

because it predicted that I ovulated

sooner and as I continue to wear it it

did bump it back a day so don't get

discouraged if maybe your first round

with it it's not a hundred percent right

away it will figure itself out

throughout that cycle and tell you

affirmative ly when you ovulated so your

line might move might not move so just

stick with it give it a second cycle and

I promise it's gonna figure your body

out it's gonna know it's gonna tell you

things that you it's the information you

want to know you know obviously if

they're sending one sending me one to

try and really appreciate it and I look

forward to continue to use it until

we have succeeded yeah I think that's it

I will see you guys in the next video