When to use a pacifier

are you wondering when is the best time to start using a pacifier with your

newborn in this video I will give you five tips on when to use a pacifier stay


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so you never miss a video tip number one give it to your newborn when they are

unbearably crying after you check to see if they had a wet diaper or if it's

feeding time before having a baby I was thinking that

I wouldn't use the pacifier really that much my mother wasn't a big fan but as

we were leaving the hospital the baby started having a meltdown

while we are putting him in the car seat and the nurse gave us invaluable advice

it's a means to an end you don't always have to use it but when you do it's

super helpful in the moment and you can always remove the pacifier once you see

that the baby's calm tip number two talk to your lactation specialists

because if you're nursing and may potentially cause issues with latching

early on so you really want to make sure what is best for your baby in the

situation that you're in tip number three when they spit out their pacifiers

and they're calm don't be quick to put it back in their mouth again if they

start crying again and they become unbearable first check to see if their

diapers wet or see if it's feeding time if they become unbearable then go ahead

and try to put that pacifier in but try to hold off as much as possible tip

number four there's many different size pacifiers but I recommend for newborns

to use the mam pacifiers it's perfect shape for not hitting the nose here a

lot of pacifiers come in different sizes and shapes and they may actually bump

into their nose so just make sure you're picking one that's a good size that

gives that nose some room and our babies actually five months old and he still

uses these it's just a good size for him if you're interested we actually put

this one in the links below so you can check it out and maybe add it to your

registry but we also provided other links for different popular pacifiers

that are different sizes tip number five we recommend that you use a pacifier

clip you'll see that your baby's going to want to spit it out at the

most random times and when you're in the hospital or you're in the doctor's

office you don't want that pacifier falling on the floor you want to make

sure that it's nice and clean before you put it back into your baby's mouth so in

order to avoid that you want to use a pacifier clip we also link that up in

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