When To Start UWORLD For Step 1 - TMJ 028

so when should you start using you world

for a step one exactly we'll talk about

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wanted to talk about a very common step

one topic which is when should you start

using you world now you world is

obviously a very popular question Bing

for step one related questions and

everyone wants to know like how do I use

it when should I start what are the best

way to self study and you if you want

answers to all those questions that link

down below to ultimate guide that we

have on our website as one of our blog

posts I'm sure it will help answer most

of the questions that you probably have

we you will today we're gonna talk about

specifically you know when you should

start using it and my answer may vary

from your preferences but I always

recommend that you use your world

specifically during your dedicated and

try not to use it elsewhere and your

preclinical curriculum and usually when

I've given that advice in the past I

have had students who say well I can't

use it as a second year or maybe can I

use it several months in advance to just

get ready for step one and you know I'll

give you my advice in a second but one

thing I will say is that the way you

study for step one during your dedicated

Pratt that four to six weeks whatever

your institution gives you ideally it's

completely different in terms of

intensity than those two years of

medical school you have to start

preparing for step one there's just a

different level of focus the different

level of a petition and intensity so if

you want to use you world you know

earlier then you're dedicated that's

your choice now to recommend you know if

you are going to do it you try not to do

it any more than four weeks in advance

if you're dedicated so if you're

dedicated with starting in July but

maybe you can go ahead and start using

it on June to give yourself before we

cruise to get familiar with the style of

questions at difficult to your questions

and then you can go ahead

get into your dedicated that I think is

okay what some students will ask me to

do is whether they can go ahead and

start using you world as a first-year

med student or a second-year med student

and I don't think there's that much

utility because I feel like at that

point we start to have memorized

questions and because you world is such

an effective tool and it's probably the

most similar to the actual USMLE exam

you don't want to use up all those

questions because then when you're

prepping during your dedicated one you

don't have another question source

that's just as good so you're not

setting with the most adequate

information and to you know if you go

ahead and try to use your again it's not

as effective the second time especially

if you're used to memorizing what the

answers are or what the questions are so

that's why I try to stray away from

using you alt earlier on and if you want

other options you know I went down below

I'll put it right here a video where I

recommend the top question banks that

you can use for your step one path and

some of my favorite question Bank

sources to use as a first and second

year med student resources like us Emily

rx which is made by the creators of

first aid to really give you a nice high

yield and foundational sense of what you

need to know for step one but also other

resources that come with questions built

into their resource things like Visio

which is great for first and second year

med students or if you are a visual

learner then things like quick Montel

both of those links are affiliate links

so we do get a little bit of a

commission and kickback if you choose to

go through them and if you don't feel

comfortable going through those links I

still recommend the products they just

recommend going through the rule and

typing in their URLs to find out more

about the bottom line guys to best use

you or I really recommend to try to keep

those high-yield high-quality questions

or as close to your exam data as

possible so whether that's six weeks you

know ten weeks now that's up to you you

pick your preference but it's specially

if you are somebody who tends to

memorize questions and can go through a

question bank and just not get it much

utility like I was I would stay away

from using it your person second year so

hopefully that helps answer a lot of

questions so that's pretty much it for

this video guys if you have more

questions regarding step one go ahead

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more tips and 1-3 specific kind of tips

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essential strategies and concepts you

need to know to really make that 250

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