Growing herbs, fruit & vegetables in my apartment

hello everyone welcome to this week's

video this is Lala from the rain Queen

calm so this week's video is about

growing herbs fruit and vegetables

indoors as some of you will know I have

a really big garden in South Africa and

I've got chickens we've got a couple of

dogs and I grow my herbs fruit and

vegetables outdoors so here in Shanghai

I have an apartment and I'm up on a very

high floor but I wanted to keep growing

herbs fruit and vegetables so in order

to have this joy in my life I've had to

make some adjustments from what I'm used

to doing at home so here I grow my fruit

and vegetables indoors and I also have a

balcony a small little balcony where I

have a little bit of space to grow now

what I've done is I've got potted plants

and vegetables and this works out quite

well for me and I'm going to explain

some of the requirements for getting

your fruit herbs and vegetables to be

happy indoors so I'll start with showing

you what I've got here this is rosemary

a really wonderful fragrant herb for

roasting it goes well with lamb and if

you'd love to have a bit of a drink you

can also put this in gin this is very

popular to do in South Africa we put

almost an entire salad in our gin so

rosemary is a really great herb to have

around and these are peppers or chilies

depending on where you come from in the


this variety is called Carnaval it's

most often sold actually as an

ornamental I bought this as an

ornamental but they are edible I've been

eating them for years so you can eat

these but what you need to make sure of

before you start eating them is that

you've kept them for at least a month or

so to let any anything that may have

been sprayed on them to sort of get out

of the plant system so you water them

with clean water you use your organic

herbicides if they've got any you know

foreign plants growing in there if you

have you know like things like

lice or anything that you don't want on

the plant any bugs only use organic

insecticides as well and my favorite

organic insecticide is something that

you might have in your kitchen and you

can eat it

canola oil so if I notice any

soft-bodied insects on these plants I

just doused the plant and the insects in

canola oil and it smothers them and it's

very safe so to make sure that you don't

get exposed to any chemical herbicides

pesticides or anything like that from

these store-bought vegetables just keep

them for at least a month or two

watering them and only using organic

things on the plants that way you make

sure that they safe to eat and in fact

if you buy it with peppers already on I

would actually take off all the peppers

and then you wait for your own crop of

peppers to start on the plants just in

case there's anything that's put up in

the plants but as you can see here I've

had this one for already a couple of

months and the plant has started to make

new flowers so if you've got a plant

that you've bought and you want to get

your own fruit from this chili plant you

don't need to wait very long like after

two months if the weather is starting to

warm up you will start to get new

flowers and new fruit so I need to take

these off I haven't been eating much of

these hot peppers so I need to take off

the old ones so that the new ones can

have enough energy to grow so chilies

like a lot of light so make sure that

you've got it as close to the light as

possible and they like to dry out as

well just a little bit between watering

so don't keep them too soggy the same

goes for lavender as far as I know it's

not lavender rosemary as far as I know

it's a bit of Turanian plant so they

also like a lot of sunshine and also to

dry out a bit between waterings so this

is how you must take care of these

plants it smells so fragrant I wish I

wish you could smell this through

YouTube and this is mint mint is one of

the easiest plants to grow and in fact

this is the first herb that I remember

growing I must have been about five

years old mint just loves to have a lot

of water and it loves to have

space to roam so in a putt it's great to

keep it contained and of course if

you're in an apartment you don't have a

choice but to keep it contained so this

is the type of soil that it's got it's

kind of a lonely soil I think there may

be a little bit of perlite Denis but

this is just your average potting soil

nothing very special or spectacular here

you can have a little bit of perlite but

it's not completely necessary just

ordinary non sandy soil is fine and make

sure that in oil plants you have

drainage so my pots all have drainage

and I keep them on sources so that the

water doesn't go onto the surfaces so

this one is just in a normal plastic pot

from the nursery but it's able to drain

it's got granite holes underneath and

it's able to drain into the pot same for

this one okay

so make sure you give the plants enough

light and drainage and of course you

fertilize them and I'll speak to you

about what I do to fertilize these

plants so besides these two hubs and the

chili I also have some citrus too quite

interesting ones and I'll start with

this one which looks a little bit

bizarre this is a citrus that is popular

here in Asia and one of the common names

is Buddha's hand and look at the shape

of that this is so fragrant the entire

room smells like this so citrus liked to

have water but also they need a lot of

light and they need to dry out well

between waterings so this one it kind of

grown bonsai style I'll show you here

and this lovely pot with some moss and

rocks and some gravel but this gravel is

just a top tracing underneath is normal

soil and there's some companion plants

in there and a lovely rock just to make

it look beautiful

over here is a color monden Kalimantan

is a lovely citrus full jams jellies

tarts and for putting in your drinks as

well you can do that the inside of the

little citrus fruit is quite sour and

bitter it's quite similar to a lemon in

taste but the flesh

well not the flesh sorry the peel is

very very sweet you can candy that you

can use that to make a marmalade you can

do quite a lot of things with this plant

but how I'm currently keeping it is it's

actually growing out on the balcony I've

just brought this one in to make the

video so this is a plant from my

neighbor my neighbor got it over Chinese

New Year and it had these little red

packets with money and stuff inside and

they took the bunny and I didn't want

the plant anymore so the plant was left

in quite a bad condition it wasn't

watered most of the leaves were actually

shriveled up so I took off all the

leaves that were shriveled up and it's

just a few healthy leaves left on top of

this plant and there are actually two of

them so the other one is outside on the

balcony and what I've done is after

taking off all those old shriveled up

leaves I decided to just leave the

oranges on because they look so

beautiful and I will let this grow and

there are new little leaves that have

started to form also some new flower

buds as well because we are at the end

of winter beginning of spring almost I

can't find the flower buds here in this

mess of twigs but I will keep you

updated on the progress of these plants

so I know that this is a healthy plant

because the stems are still green when

the stems turned black or brown then you

know it's time to let it go so for

example this part of the stem is

actually dead I should probably prune

that off but from here it's still

healthy and it will still be able to

make new leaves shoots and fruits so

this is what I give the plants currently

to grow and thrive I don't know if any

of you can read Mandarin but this is an

organic vermicompost this is made from

worm castings it's very very safe

you cannot overdose your plants on this

and it's it's non-toxic you can read up

a bit about worm te & vermicompost and

how I use it is I just sprinkle about 2

or 3 tablespoons into the big pots and

about 1 tablespoon into the smaller pots

just on the top of the pot and then I

water the pots I use this about once

every 20 days on these plants and I've

only started using it now in the end of

winter because the plants are now

growing and going into the active growth

phase you don't want to fertilize your

plants in winter because they're not

actively growing so they're not going to

make optimum use of that fertilizer but

you can give your plants actually in

winter is epsom salts so epsom salts I

think it's got magnesium if I'm not

mistaken magnesium is the component of

epsom salts that helps your plant to

harden off and get strong so that they

can survive the winter so that's a good

thing you can give them perhaps once a

month or once every two months in winter

but otherwise don't fertilize plants in

winter and we fertilize them in the

beginning of spring and throughout

summer to encourage strong healthy

growth so this is what I'm currently

doing for my plants here indoors in

Shanghai making sure they get enough

light and fertilizer organic good

organic fertilizer yeah so that is it

oh yes before I forget so I have a

humidifier as well

now when you live in an apartment and

it's winter you will most often have air

conditioning or heating system right and

that makes the air very very dry so for

many plants like my orchids back here

that is not a good situation they become

very dry desiccated especially if you


or if you are going to be leaving that

heater on overnight and the plants can

very easily dry out so what I do to keep

the air nicely humid is I have a five

liter humidifier here there's another

truly two humidifier in my room where

I've got other plants and I switch them

on I'm during the day and they help the

plants to stay happy and healthy so

those are my tips make sure that you've

got good light you fertilize in spring

and summer and keep the air nicely humid

for your indoor plants alright everyone

so that is it for this week's video

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