7 Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

seven benefits of walking during

pregnancy hello soon-to-be moms I'm Ali

and in this video I'm going to show you

the benefits of walking during pregnancy

this special time in your life requires

a certain level of physical activity for

your and your baby's health and walking

is the easiest way to do so let's see

benefits you and your bundle of joy will

get from walking toned muscles and

strong hearts easy and shorter labor

burns calories thus preventing excessive

weight gain prevents gestational

diabetes and preeclampsia maintains

adequate fitness levels eases

constipation and manages stress levels

the best thing about walking is that

everyone can do it however when pregnant

you have to be more careful here are

tips for walking during pregnancy walk

at a comfortable pace that isn't too

fast take a bottle of water don't walk

in extremely humid or hot conditions

listen to your body and know when to

stop and take some rest

I hope this video inspired you to grab a

bottle of water and go outside and walk

in order to stay fit during pregnancy

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