Husky puppy's first walk on a leash

okay not tricks first walk outside but

there's a lot of filming he already

hates the leash yes he hates the leash

come on come on


come on buddy

you go to the bathroom now

you absolutely hate solution okay wasn't


for some reason this is a favor one come

on come on buddy come on

come on snow were you at last time

mumfie no no no no come on come on

check he's just sitting there like no oh

come on babe

so trip is seven weeks old just got him

last night

he didn't have too much last night but

we don't have a crate phone yet it's in

the mail he's crazy

my little boy

come on please

and he likes to eat everything beside

beside his food for his cheese it really

eats everything else but what are you

supposed to eat but he doesn't like his

leash no no no come on buddy yeah

and he just walked in it no no come on

well I will let you guys know if she