How Much Exercise Does A Husky Need?

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Thanksgiving hope you guys filled your

bellies with some good old Turk some

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really like Thanksgiving foods they're

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eat the Thanksgiving dogs and fire

hydrants a mystery that baffles even the

most educated of men why do they have

such a close relationship perhaps it is

where the source of all dog Twitter

comes from today we're gonna be talking

about how often and how long should you

be taking your Siberian Husky on walks I

get questions all the time asking me hey

man how often should I walk my husky how

much exercise do they need well we are

going to discuss that topic in today's

episode so let's say you got a husky at

home you trying to figure out hey how

long did I take him for a walk this is

never an easy answer it's always kind of

complicated there is no surefire answer

to this question it's all depending on

your dog oh and your location but we're

gonna go over each of those little

factors right now let's say you live in

the north and you have a cold climate

year-round that's like if he like she's

like dude come on you need to catch up

my brother when you're husky is in the

cold weather

it gives them so much more endurance so

fortunately for you if you live in cold


you're only gonna have to take your

husky on like two solid walks a day a

lot of people come to the channel and

they say a formula you said that you

should only take your dog on one walk a

day that's totally not enough bro first

of all it entirely depends on the walk

what if it's like a nine mile walk I

think if a husky walked for nine miles

in one day they'd be pretty good

although I know they can run for much

more than that I think a nine mile walk

in one day would be just fine and would

Tucker your HUS go out yeah good girl so

if you live in cold climates you don't

want to take your husky on a walk for

about 45 minutes to an hour for each

walk but you're only gonna have to do

two of those a day so chances are if you

live in cold climates you can get away

with walking your husky for about an

hour in the morning

and an hour at night so if you live in a

moderate climate like let's say you live

in the middle of the United States gets

a little warm in the summer gets a

little cold during the winter you're

going to want to walk your dog for about

two to three times a day for about 35 to

45 minutes now the reason we are

increasingly walks 2/3 a day instead of

two and decreasing the time is because

during hot weather

Huskies can get really really tired

really really fast so it's important to

kind of cut those walk times up to make

sure your Siberian Husky does not

overheat now if you live in hotter

climates you're gonna be wanting to walk

your husk Oh about four times a day but

you're gonna want to limit those

sessions to about 25 minutes per walk

that's about as much as you can get out

of a husky when you live in hot climates

you don't want to have them overheat so

we're talking if you live in weather

that's around 80 degrees year-round or

hotter you're gonna only want to walk

your husky for about 25 minutes but

you're gonna want to do that about 4

times a day

so just remember the colder weather you

live in the longer walks you have to

take but the least amount of them you

have to do in a day

the hotter the weather that you live in

the more you're gonna walk your dog with

the least amount of time you're gonna do

it so just keep those tips in mind this

is the best way to make sure that your

husk o doesn't overheat if you're

wondering how long you should be walking

them this is a good guideline a good

place to start living in cold climates

I'm thinking walk your pup about two

hours a day living in hot climates do it

about an hour and a half a day but in

small spurts this is really gonna help

you out when it comes to figuring out

how long your husky should be walking

and you should be able to tell the signs

of if your husky is either a overheated

or be tired just keep an eye on them as

you do your walk sessions when they

start to slow down and tuck her out that

probably means you should start turning

around and start heading home just be

smart about it look at your dog try and

read what they are telling you with

their body language and you should be

good now every single dog is different

this doesn't mean that your dog will


here or apply to everything I'm saying

in this video your husky may be crazy


and need a lot more energy or your husky

may be way way chill and need way less

energy it's all just depending on your

dog and no one knows your dog Oh better

than you so just wanted to help you guys

out I hope this was a helpful video for

you today look at Gila being a good girl

right now on our walk break please

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