How To Practice Walking A Siberian Husky!

hey everybody welcome to another episode

of 60 formula I hope you're doing well

today move that big old brown nose you

got a big old chocolate-chip nose boy

today we're doing a whole bunch of

really cool stuff we're gonna be taking

Gila for a drive we're gonna be going to

the pet store and getting some brand-new

treats getting some brand new meats I'm

gonna be getting Gila some taste of the

wild food today

she's been craving that really really

good Wetlands formula so we're gonna go

and pick it up for we're gonna get a

brand-new treat and maybe a toy and

we're also gonna be talking about how

you can practice walking your siberian

husky on a leash I know a lot of you

guys are getting huskies and you're

trying to get your pepperoni pizza to

focus while you're on a walk stop

running so far ahead of me and stop

freaking out while other dogs are around

today we're gonna be talking about those

two things how you can practice focusing

with your husky on a walk making sure

that they are effectively walking in a

respectful manner so we got a whole

bunch of really cool stuff coming up

today something we haven't been posting

every single day consistently I know

that's our regimen but guess what

there's been like a hundred different

holidays this month Earth Day Passover

Tax Day Easter April Fool's when to the

holidays end in April I don't know but

now that all the holidays are over and

all that nonsense is done it's time to

get back to our regular schedule where

we post every single day that's right


you ready speak good girl

so come with us will you on another

episode of 60 formula where we find out

how to practice walking with your

siberian husky and we're just gonna hang

out a little bit go for a drive and

chill Maxon are you ready lady

are you ready Freddie can I get a paw

yeah hey boy take your paws all right

little bit up a little bit a little bit

a bit it's a bit of people hey McFly

anybody home

anybody home oh I just had my back yard

mowed in case you were like why does

that guy on YouTube never mow his

backyard well now it's mode so you don't

ever have to ask yourself that question

again my friend oh the everlasting game

that a husky plays what is underneath

the sofa what's underneath the couch get

a girl you got to shake that butt like

you're eight pizzahut come on I'll help

you look

come on let's go what's going on there

let's go in

together oh I see something blue B I see

something blue B oh I see the epic

cheese wheel - good golly goodness what

are we gonna do what are we gonna do we

gonna get all that stuff I guess we

should get it all right push it oh we

got the cheese wheel it's a little bit

hairy but so good Gila well geez wheel

you want that thing instead she's like I

like that thing is dead there goes so

one new toy two new toys the glue

Chester berry Shire nut I've wondered

where this has been all right let's get

to the episode enough messing around you

had too many glue Chester Shire bearings

let's go we're in the car we're about to

go to the store with Miss HeLa get some

dope treats maybe some brand new food

you know we think you want to go to the

store yeah let's go shopping lady


all right so when we went to the store

we got a huge bag of taste of the wild

this is heelas favorite food and we're

gonna mix it up with this we got a case

of this is the Southwest Canyon canine

formula it has beef and Gruber so we

just mix the beef and gravy up with the

chicken formula kibble and that's heelas

favorite thing in the whole wide world

because she's like can we open it up and

have an early dinner so right before we

get to walking with Gila we got to get

prepared to doing it oh that's a big

yawn right there girl so one of the

things that I recommend you do after you

get your leash in your harness all set

is grab a one of these you're like ooh

is that a fanny pack heck yeah it is you

can either use one of these or a side

pack whatever you prefer but we love

sporting it old school and using a fanny

pack and this right here is a fanny pack

from free to now these are really

awesome fanny packs that you could put

dog treats in and hold while you're

taking your dog for a walk the best time

to train your dog how to walk is when

you're actually doing it and you need

those rewards on hand don't struggle

trying to carry a thousand bags and

while you're taking a walk just put one

of these bad boys around your waist fill

it with treats and you'll be good to go

heel is like I'm already ready to fill

this thing up and go for a walk daddy yo

let's do it we want to thank free to for

giving us one of these bags to try out

with Gila today I'm gonna strap it on

and fill it with some treats some good

little meats and we're going to teach

you guys how to effectively walk around

with your Siberian Husky cuz if you

don't got that bait if you don't got

that money honey your dog ain't gonna

listen so let's go ahead and fill this

thing up with treats get this thing now

this comes with a bunch of different

pockets so if you wanted to put a bunch

of different treats in this bad boy you

can fill up different kinds like

say you want to put Turkey in the front

but you want to keep some dry treats in

the back this pouch is gonna let you do

it it's also adjustable down here so it

fits all different sizes maybe you

needed a little thin maybe you need it a

little bit wider and look there's even a

secret pocket right here like if you

want to keep your own personal goods

like money or a wallet in here while

you're on your walk this is a wonderful

little pack that I definitely recommend

we're gonna try out right now with miss

Gila she's like I just want to go

outside and get on that dog Twitter so

let me shut up and let's put some treats

in this thing Oh Safi I should put all

these in here what's this thing what is

that that's not a dog treat that's not a

dog treat no don't eat dirt

sir they all go so one of the reasons

it's really important to get yourself a

separate dog pack is because they're

gonna have food all inside of them you

don't want to use one of your own like a

Gucci one or like a Louis Vuitton pack

if foods gonna be getting inside of the

pockets so it's really a good idea to

get an exclusive one for whenever you

want to walk around with your pepperoni

pizza look at that face oh thank you

face you speak thank you

good good girl look at that it's filled

to the brim what do you think we're

gonna zip it up I'm gonna take miss

Sheila on a walk and teach you guys a

cup of cool tricks about walking a

Siberian Husky roni pizza you think this

thing's pretty dope I think it's pretty

cool you ready lady

anybody speak all right let's go so

first things first that you need to do

before you go on the walk you need to

make sure that you have your dog sitting

and being still before you open the door

you don't want them scrambling and going

crazy before you walk outside all right

the next thing we're gonna do is we're

gonna open the door but you got to make

sure that you're the first one out the

door you leave first so we're gonna go

ahead and we're gonna tell Gila to stay

sit stay

stay go ahead

all right now we're outside basically

the dog can go outside whenever you give

permission so now that we're on our walk

let's just progress forward and turn all

right so we're chilling out here with

our pepperoni pizza I usually use just

this long strip of walkway it's a good

stretch that we can use to practice

walking up and down at a slow pace this

is such a great time to be training Gila

there are so many distractions we have

traffic literally right here we have a

dog barking across the street it's just

insane right now and she's super duper

distracted so these treats get her

attention and train her to get off of

those distractions so every single time

she focuses on us yeah we're gonna give

her a treat that's a good girl

yeah that's a good girl we want your

attention good girl just my good girl

look right here good girl that's a good


right here yeah there you go there you

go yes good isn't it yeah come

ela come sit good girl this is awesome I

love this thing alright let's put a few

in our hand right now

ela come he lets sit

good girl good girl

Gila come good girl Gila sit good girl

you're doing so good

you see the difference between not using

treats and using treats every time Gila

gives me her attention we reward her

there you go girl

stay come


really good pace love this Gila come

she's like hold on dog Twitter bro dog

Twitter come sit speak girl hey another

one you get double you get double the

prize baby sit we're gonna go the other

way okay come this way good pace good

pace a lot of people have a problem with

gila walking in front of me I honestly

don't mind as long as she walks at a

steady pace that's my rule you can't be

pulling me as long as you're not pulling

me that's fine you can walk a little bit

ahead of me bro I don't need to be that

much of an alpha male Gila sit stay good

girl good girl we're gonna head home now



good girl

girl stay I'm gonna walk a little ahead

of you stay stay


good good girl that's a good girl

there you go Bobby

this right here is what you're looking

for sign me up

right here yes good girl so basically

make sure that you're bringing treats on

your walks make sure that you're

rewarding your dog

anytime they give you attention there

you go this is a good girl case sit good

girl speak good girl

hey stay okay go ahead oh and just in

case you guys are wondering I am

hands-free this leash is attached to the

fanny pack so I was actually able to do

everything without using both of my

hands well I mean in terms of walking

the dog Oh Britney Spears we're back

sorry we left you hanging broski molesky

what you doing

we should you in boy what you doing you

speak caballo so if you guys want to get

yourselves one of these SuperDuper

awesome free to pet fanny packs so that

you can train your husky Roni Pizza how

to walk like a gentle man or a Gentile

lady there you go

we'll have everything linked down in the

description below so you can get your

hands on one of those they're pretty

essential when it comes to teaching your

Siberian Husky how to walk we're

probably gonna have to use one on you

pretty soon aren't we do Ronie

we hope you guys had fun today hanging

out with us we hope you guys enjoyed the

episodes and if you do don't forget to

smash subscribe hit that like maybe I

got them backwards and we'll see you

next time with another episode of guess

what yep whatever we make yeah but I'm

gonna get that back