Husky Puppies First Walk Outside! [SHE IS SO HAPPY!]

no we're gonna go

oh you think I don't come on






no want to go in that mud I don't want

to repair



oh look a little plot


Lola Reaper

please say come watch him watch a movie

oh really pick me say what's this come

they say


some repack





you know on them if it stole them up

ain't go good

that's um


it's so crazy

Lola no don't eat them old





yeah what study what's this

she got it all right I've got it yellow


food no chance

million repent Lola come this way they

say hello you know well then let's go

let's go Gary

already waiting go Minnie go frame by

the drop it tiny small good girl alright

yes honey they say what's this let's go

thank you thank you I couldn't wait you

by the door you know

all that

Rupert waiting like a patient good boy

not a pet