STOP Your Husky From Pulling On The Leash! (Easy Steps To A Smooth Walk)

what's up YouTube welcome to another

episode a sixty formula today we're

gonna be walking Gila around and we're

gonna be teaching you some tips on how

to walk your Siberian Husky now it's

really easy you just got to learn a few

separate commands now a lot of my

viewers are asking me you know my husky

is pulling my husky sees things when we

go on a walk it's like she's tugging he

is tugging so I'm gonna teach you guys

how to avoid that how to switch that up

so you can see Gila she's tugging a

little bit right now and we're gonna go

ahead and mint that a little bit so

anytime your Huskies doing this I see my

arm it's just like she's like let's go

pulling me you're gonna want to stop the

walk and pause this so let's stop

because she's pulling me right now Gila

come come sit

Hey Hey look at me right here right here

good girl all right

so anytime your dog is tugging we're

gonna do this we're gonna get their

attention you have them look at us it's

a good girl

you're gonna treat him there you go good

girl good girl

Hey break

now continue the walk now so far she's

not tugging at all

she's doing pretty good she's checking

out weird stuff he's got a you're not a

boy dude he's so weird I don't get your

science animal so we'll wait for another

tugging moment and then I'll show you

guys exactly what to do well that's a

crazy-looking spider whoa you see that

no you guys can't see that what am I

talking about it's tiny lately she's

just been a walker she likes to smell

she likes the dog Twitter communicate

with all the pup O's on the Block it's

pretty annoying okay we got a pool

moment here Gila come sit

go girl eyes right here

hey no sit down all right

see how she's not listening to me we're

gonna back up now come on we're backing

up or backing up we're backing up

come sit good girl dogs especially

Huskies they hate going backwards in

their walk good attention break let's go

so just continue to practice this sort

of thing if your dog is pulling going

after squirrels you're gonna take just

like that good catch Gila come sit good

girl good girl Gila



focus focus

see now I'm at this point where I gotta

bring treats out here yeah that's a

Nutter Butter

these are high-value treats focus that's

a good girl

that's a good princess stay no tugging

break and go good girl very good girl

see not all dogs are perfect every dog

has to keep continuing the practice it's

practice it's practice you got to have

patience your dog has to practice this

stuff every single day if they don't

practice it every single day then

they're gonna be poop at it that's just

the deal if you guys have a dog that has

this problem it's because you're not

doing routine I have a lot of viewers

that come to the channel they say hey

you know the trick to having your husky

do everything that you say is routine

and that couldn't be more of the truth

so look we got a good steady pace here

we're just walking good girl no tugging

it's a good girl sometimes especially

you know Gila you know she is a very

very alpha oriented husky she wants to

be on top all the time so a lot of the

times she's gonna make the decisions

that she wants to make that she thinks

are preferable to her own situation so

if you don't have those treats in your

hat no tugging Gila come sit good girl

that was great job right there we're

gonna get you a treat for that we're

gonna get you a treat stay stay look at

that tree fell and she didn't even go

for it immediately that was focused

right there sit good girl good girl stay

good girl that's great work break go

ahead all right and the walk continues

so anytime your dog decides you know

they want to tug they want to pull you

like you're a toy you need to stop the

walk have them sit and focus that is the

deal here and let's say you walk back

you try to have them sit and they won't

do it

you're gonna walk back farther then walk

all the way back home walk back to your

couch if you have to they will get the

hint eventually they're gonna get it

right I'm telling you guys they're gonna

get it right at one point or another and

then that's where you start moving

forward what do you smell by smell some

goose poop you got the dog Twitter this

is a good walk girl you're doing good

you're doing good

no tugging please don't roll around that

thank you

she's like hold on Mandy just left me a

DM Mandy just left me a damn I gotta I

gotta check it alright no tugging no

tugging come now hey girl come

hila she really does not want to do this

so we're gonna move back I'm gonna take

it back and take it back a notch we're

gonna go back here hila come good girl

sit that's a good girl that's a good


you did good job right there there you

go good job ready break

let's go peanut butter all my hands now

come on you troublemaker

it's not good to feed your dog cookies

obviously you should never do that but

if you are doing you know training high

by you treats cookies you know as long

as they're good cookies don't have

chocolate cookies that's not good you

don't your dogs eat chocolate but you

know peanut butter especially the Nutter

butters those five dollar decadence

those are going to be the ones that

really help you when your dog's

affection topher this is becoming

routine as of late what is up with the

like love grass or something

also you're completely tangled in your

own mess thank you very much you're

doing good on the walk don't mess it up

now hey no tugging good girl good girl

hey hey no tugging come

sit good girl

break no tugging at Gila stuck take a

step back maybe mum good girl sit good

girl good girl she almost went after

like a bird or something so bright a

good girl she's here to get home she's

eager to be home it's still hot outside

we're still waiting for the winner to

come around

winners almost here come on bromance

it's his way is this way creepy face

leave Brett a photo I just slipped a

photo in Brent's message box no tugging

good girl

you being a pro right now all right

successful walk successful peanut butter

munch and Brittany's booze was that well

so basically if you guys were wondering

what you should do to prevent your

Siberian Husky from pulling on the leash

those are some tips you can take just

make sure you are going back and back

and back in the walk if your husky is

refusing to listen to you dogs hate to

go backwards and their walk progression

so this is going to teach them to calm

down settle down before they may

progress forward and this will teach

them to not tug they'll get it into

their head that tugging leads to

digression which will bring them back

towards the house and stall the walk

that's all you got to do and Gila is

doing really really good working on all

her junk and all her tricks and all that

stuff so if you guys are having problems

with your husky and they're pulling and

such I hope this video was helpful for

you now this week I have a lot of

viewers who just got siberian husky

puppies and they are training them to do

a whole bunch of really cool things like

sit and stay I'm gonna teach you how to

do all the simple tricks for Siberian

Husky or any dog for that matter this

week so if you guys are enjoying the

episodes if you're learning a lot from

the YouTube channel stay tuned you're

gonna learn even more and you're gonna

see even more cuteness as the episodes

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