Lawn Watering Schedule - Spring vs Summer

morning this Suns already bright out

here today we're going to talk about

watering but I'm going to talk a little

bit about the difference between

springtime watering needs and summer hot

drought needs because there's definitely

a difference between the two of them

we'll cover that a couple other things

so hold on one sec hey guys

so the main thing I want you to take

away from this video I'm going to cover

a few different scattered things but I

want you to understand the difference

between springtime watering and the

difference between summer drop watering

there's a definite difference and the

watering patterns that we do mainly

because of the temperatures that we're

dealing with here spring time cooler

temperatures we don't have a lot of

deep-drawing that goes on there's not a

lot of evaporation going on because of

the cooler temperatures

summertime drought a totally different

story we have for water completely

differently and what I want you

understand is just the simple fact that

in the springtime we definitely want to

have that deep watering and then a big

break like a full week break without

water we can do that in the spring time

where we can't do that the summertime I

have to admit I think this is probably

the best my lawn has ever looked since

we owned this house now keep in mind

this was a crappy lawn when we took it

over and I literally have a dark green

carpet back here now it's absolutely

gorgeous I'll show you in here in a


one thing we want to talk about so talk

about the difference between springtime

watering and summer drought watering

there's a big difference now this yard

the main two things that have made this

yard the way that it is pgf complete and

humid or those are the two things you

need to be putting down right now now

pgf complete is going to be the

immediate results that's the nutrients

so you got to put down pgf complete and

we put it down like every three weeks

every three weeks we're gonna put down

pgf complete right now this is the

growing season PGF is mild put it down

put it down put it down it should have

plenty of stock up at Amazon now it just

depends on the 18 versus the 40 pound

bags I'm talking

talk to Andersons and there should be

pretty good stock of one of the two

humidor humidor is that long-term

investment where were we're gonna see

some results the first year but the

second year we're going to be able to

use less and less fertilizer we're

adding carbon to our soil definitely

start putting down a humidor and it's in

stock so those two things are really

credit back here is pgf complete and

human sugar butt watering wise I brought

in all the cushions last night I brought

in all the cushions from the lawn

furniture because I saw these big

thunderstorms that were predicted to

come through there wasn't a drop of rain

last night so here's my mindset for the

spring you want to have a heavy watering

and then you want to have a dry out

period even up to a full week springtime

temperatures are coolers we don't run

the risk of deep drought and drying so

but we have your lawn is more

susceptible to disease and fungus at

this time so you don't want to keep it

wet keep it wet keep it wet you don't

want to keep watering water you want to

have that deep water and then you want

to have that dry out does that make

sense so you don't want to just keep it

moist keep it moist keep it moist you'll

suffer from chlorosis where your lawn

blades start to turn yellow you start to

have diseases so you definitely want

that dry out period well it's been a

week we had a real good rain about a

week ago and so this morning I came out

and guess what I get to run my sprinkler

system for the first time today my new

sprinkler system now we have a sprinkler

system on the front and the front half

of this lawn and I did a video where we

installed a full system already back

here on the second half of the lung so I

get to run that today but I want you to

understand the difference between spring

it's okay for your lawn to get a little

bit dry during the spring you just don't

you just want it's it's completely

different from that summer drought

condition now the summer drought

condition it's so hard to catch up that

lawn is just baking and baking and

baking and it's drying out the drying

out deeper and deeper and deeper

so in the summertime we have to

consistently water now a lot of people

will say you always do a deep-water and

then give it a break but in drought

conditions because of soil conditions as

an example there's lawn construction

construction debris all over my lawn I

mean there were just horrible piles of

rocks back here I know I can feel them

when I go down there are roots root

systems growing all in my lawn and

there's no way for me to do a deep water

cycle and have those areas that dry out

and I've done several videos on this

about hot spots and what we want to do

is we want to do that brief watering

cooling cycle during the summer so if

I'm in a drought condition in the summer

I'll usually come out and it's not cheap

I'm gonna tell you by the way water

costs a lot when you're hunting city

water but I'll come out and I'll do like

a a 5-10 minute run in the morning and

then late in the afternoon like at 2 or

3 o'clock when it's really hot I'll do

that cooling another 5 or 10-minute one

that's the only way that I can keep

these these crappy sections whether it's

roots or construction debris from drying

out I've got to give that lawn a little

bit of water low it's just like a

putting green putting greens we go out

every morning with water the putting

green middle of the day will go out with

a cooling drench coat just to cool it

down a little bit because putting greens

are higher content of sand and they get

baked they don't have a lot of

protective coating on it


so the same thing we do here when we

have hot spots on our lawn in the

summertime we just consistently hit it

in trying to say we're going to help you

survive until the rain comes through

but if you haven't seen my garden this

is insane

now these tomato plants are breaking

four feet they were eight inches just

over four weeks ago this squash over


this massive squash over here was six


these massive plants I've already got

baby's yellow squash coming up just over

four weeks I've already got tomatoes

that are probably 2 or 3 inches on here

no fertilizer all we've used is the

special super compost that has human are

we spray it with super juice with a

microbial pack and then we add the

organic matter we mix all that up in

that black cow compost and what happens

is it goes through a digestive process

and all those microbes start to break

down that organic matter inside of there

and the biochar that's in there gives it

a host to enter or host a post place to

live and it becomes a super generator

and it releases nutrients and it breaks

down into a human process so basically

I'm not using any fertilizer here on my

Gardens I'm just using that super soil

I'm gonna run over there real quick I'll

show you a pile I made up another pile

of it and I want to show you something

so this is black cow compost you can buy

it at Lowe's or Home Depot humid char

spray with super juiced micro packed

dump in the chicken feed this is 24

hours later and zoom in here and you'll

be able to already see the smoke that

steam and smoke what you're seeing right

there is actually the digestive process

breaking down all that organic matter

isn't it cool this is an ass-kicking

right here

that's what about 300 pounds this is not

a water roller folks this is a sand

roller no Linda stay and if you don't

think it's a workout you're crazy

one of Jacob's jobs on a daily basis now

is to double roll this just to keep it

firm I'm tired of roll that three other

pile thing around it is a [ __ ] but if

you've ever pushed a water roller

you ain't never pushed a roller do you

push the sand roller hey Nick come here

I'll kill you with ketchup ketchup good

job kill you when that one is over there

hung lizards Cassie

she's squirrel squirrel chipmunk oh all

right so Gardens are the same way you

want to give them a heavy watering let

them go through a drought process you

don't want to let them wilt but you

don't want to keep them oversaturated

oversaturated oversaturated to get that

same thing to get that disease it's the

same in all soil but I will tell you

using humid air in this chicken feed and

that you will build up good microbes

that will help fight that fungus so I

was going to put the lawn treatment on

this video but it got long we're going

to do a super over application of pgf

complete human char the chicken feed

we're going to do that on the front to

try and fight this fungus naturally

we're just gonna do an experiment that's

what I'm here to do I'm here to do stuff

that you shouldn't do so tomorrow I'm

gonna be putting up a video that you're

gonna want to watch we're gonna over

apply everything on the front yard all

at the same time and we're gonna try and

fight that fungus naturally I'm just I'm

tired of it so remember the rules of

watering guys don't overwater and don't

keep your soil saturated during the

spring heavy heavy water let it dry out

don't want to die let it dry out and

watch your 10 day forecast dude I would


absolutely rely on my 10 day forecast

just to know what's going on summertime

will shift and come summertime I'll do a

watering video showing this real

watering it's it's a little bit

different so hit subscribe because this

video I'm doing tomorrow is gonna be

really cool you're not going to want to

miss it

talk to you later