How To Water Your Lawn : Watering Tips

hey guys Alec ain't here go one care not

with another lawn tip now today we're

gonna talk about how to water your lawn

that's right seems like a simple process

but it's a question I get a lot so today

I'm going to tell you exactly how to

water your lawn but before we do that

you should view the video that I did

earlier which is how to know when your

lawn needs water I'll link to that below

in the description so here's how you

water a lawn first of all realize that

your lawn needs about one to

one-and-a-half inches of water a week in

order to stay healthy and green and

vigorous now if your areas having one of

those cooler wetter summers where you

get rain you know couple times a month

then go ahead and just do one inch per

week but if you're in a drought

situation definitely make sure you go up

to an inch and a half per week so how do

you know how much water you're putting

down well you go to your local garden

center and you get a rain gauge looks

just like this and you set that out

there inside the stream don't put it at

the end or at the beginning of the

sprinkler stream put it right in the

middle run that puppy for 45 minutes to

an hour and when you get one half inch

of water then you know you're good

that's right because we're not going to

deliver the entire inch of water all at

the same time I want you to deliver a

half-inch once during the week and a

half inch a couple of days later the key

with watering is you want the lawn to

dry out actually the soil to dry out in

between waterings you don't want it to

be constantly wet now you don't want it

to be dry for too long either which is

why I said if we're getting some rain

health during the month then just do

twice a week half inch each time if

we're not getting any rain help if we're

in a drought situation then you need to

do a half inch each time but go three

times a week

letting the lawn dry out in between this

is one of the mistakes that people that

have sprinkler systems make they think

they have to water every single day and

they may put down an eighth of an inch

or even if they do put down a half an

inch they still think that after water

every single day and the answer to that

is no we really just want two to three

waterings a week

half-inch each time now if you can't get

a rain gauge I mean they're almost free

at any garden center but if you can't

get a rain gauge then just get a tuna

can tuna cans are about an inch deep so

you know that after you filled that can

up halfway you've got to happen

so the key is understanding how long

your sprinkler takes to lay down a half

inch of water mine for example because

I've tested it with my rain gauge takes

just about 45 minutes or so to get that

half inch down yours could be a little

bit different could be longer or shorter

depending on the water pressure that you

have and also on the type of sprinkler

that you're using the last little piece

of the puzzle is to figure out how to

cover your lawn by moving your sprinkler

around to me this is the fun part I like

to drink a beer move my sprinkler drink

a beer move my sprinkler drink a beer

drink a beer drink a beer and move my

sprinkler alright there you go guys

that's how you water the lawn so I

really hope this tip has been helpful to

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the lawn