Water Propagations Being Planted For Spring

hey guys it's Erica and as you can see

here I have a whole bunch of water

publications that I need to get potted

up I just want them to be ready to grow

their roots get a little bigger and just

get adjusted in their soil for

springtime and also I want to clear up

my window space to have some more

propagations we got to switch them out

and this isn't even all of my

propagations that I have going I have a

lot more but I'm not ready to pop those

ones up yet so we're just gonna go with

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okay here we go first before we get

started I just want to show you this

little propagation I have this is a

begonia I'm not sure what kind of

begonia it is but look how tiny that is

I had a begonia and then it got powdery

mildew so I took a leaf that fell off

and I put it in water and it actually

rooted and the leaf that I originally

put in here died but this new little

plant has a lot of leaf sprouted and I

have to wait to pot it because that is

just so tiny can you can you see how

tiny it is but yeah I thought that was

really cool I'm so happy that I have a

little plant because I really like that

begonia and then it just got powdery

mildew speaking of I have a begonia here

that I want to pot and see this jar is

just absolutely filled with roots so I

wanna pop this begonia oh my gosh oh

this is definitely the biggest problem

with putting different kinds of plants

into one propagation thing because I

have no idea how I'm gonna separate

these oh my gosh

so I finally separated the plants and

you can see here that these roots are

pretty pretty insane and I'm really

happy to finally be getting it potted up

these are pretty insane - oh my gosh

you've been in there for a really long

time I don't know how long but

definitely too long so I guess these are

the smallest size pots that I have which

are pretty big they're bigger than I

would like but that's what I got so

that's what I'm going to use and I have

my soil mix here this is the soil mix

that I make so I'm gonna be using this

for the begonia because begonias they

like to be wall draining but they do

like water so I'm gonna give them good

draining soil and then a clay pot or

terra cotta which might end up being a

mistake because I'm an underwater er I

don't want the soil to dry up too

quickly and wanted to retain some

moisture so that I don't kill it by

under watering it

this looks so sad oh I don't even think

I told you what begonia this is so I had

a really beautiful begonia I don't

remember the name right now but I found

it do it when I was doing a nursery tour

and it was so so pretty and then it

cropped powdery mildew and I only was

able to save like one stem and this is

this is the one stem but I loved it so

much even though it just looks like a

little stick it has my heart I'm so sad

that the plant like it was gorgeous it

was so pretty I'm gonna have footage on

there so you can see how pretty it was

but I'm really sad that it's gone but at

least I have this little stick to remind

me of it and hopefully we'll grow and do

well because its roots were really

tangley and there is no way that I was

gonna be able to untangle that so

hopefully it can do well in here next

I'm gonna do a hoe yeah so I'm gonna


make sure I have a lot chunkier mixture

right here I'm gonna use for the Hoya

but I'm gonna try and avoid because I

have really big really big chunks of

orchid bark yeah I have really big

chunks of orchid bark in there because I

ran a small chunks and I really regret

putting in the big chunks cuz they're

way too big for small plants but we're

gonna use it anyway and I'm gonna pop

this Hoya that I have I took cuttings of

a Hoya that I won in an Instagram thing

like a while ago and I wanted to take

cuttings in case that I couldn't take

care of the Hoya and they all grew I

have some more cuttings over here these

were just my you know second-chance

opportunity in case I killed the Hoya I

didn't kill it though so I'm just gonna

have two little boys now I guess I'm

gonna use the other small pot that I

have it's called a boy yeah I don't

actually remember DS 70 or something

like that it's a really cool boy yeah it

has like fuzzy ish we use and I love

that so I'm really happy to have it I'm

really glad that I won wanted to give

away because I don't think I would have

ever found it in store or would have

seen it online stand there just fell all

over my laptop I need to get a camera

stand where I can have like film from

above I really like potting things when

I'm sitting on the floor but I'd be

really hard to film so well I am sitting

on the floor but I like me pot to be on

sore too I've been avoiding the big

chunks of bark as much as possible it's

looking a little crazy potted up it'll

it'll settle it all settle in you know

I'm gonna water everything - by the way

at the end of this video I'm just gonna

do it all together because I'm probably

gonna have I don't want to keep going

you know like back and forth to water

these plants

there we go cute oh I think I'm gonna

pot up this variegated Marant ax I took

a cutting of this variegated Marant ax

because the variegation doesn't really

do well under grow lights it kind of

turns yellowish so I wanted to keep one

that would stay white and I've kept it

in a north-facing window so it's doing

okay it has a couple of dead leaves but

we're gonna trim those off once this is

plotted and the root system on this

thing is insane

it's definitely ready to be potted I

could have potted it Wow probably a long

time ago cuz this is this is crazy this

is a lot of roots

it actually has like a little stem

growing off the base there but I think

I'm gonna bury that part pretty deep and

oh I was thinking of putting it in this

pot this is a glazed clay pot and Morant

has like a lot of moisture so this will

help the soil from getting dried out too

quickly it's also kind of tallish which

will be great for these really insane

roots so I'm gonna use this soil this is

the same soil I use for Z for the

begonia and this is just a soil mixture

that I'd milk that's too much I brought

that has really crazy roots it still has

the selling label on it I buy almost all

of my plants from Brook thrift stores

this one was from Goodwill for $1.99 and

it came with a really cute a really cute

tray how cute is that these both came

together so yeah I really love it this

is a great great find

and I think the marantz all would look

really pretty in here I wanna see if

this can Dobbs this will look so pretty

in here

because it's kind of matches the leaves

oh my gosh

okay the moranto looks really good in

here too I feel like plants mostly look

good in white pots and terra cotta pots

like if you want a good looking plant

you just gotta put it in a pot like pot

oh wow

kind of has a lot of growth well sorry

growth oh no the soil still too much

these roots are so long I really

shouldn't have waited so long to pot it


Wow and it's not even bendy the growth

doesn't even bendy because there's like

the stem goes all the way down into here

so it's growing off of like sorry the

roots are going off of like two nodes I

think this looks this looks really funny

to me because it's all facing one side

I'm gonna have to rotate this pot so it

can kind of even out with its

surroundings cuz it looks really funny

like this in my opinion I really like

this look but yeah it's gonna gonna

retain the water pretty well okay remove

the dead leaves on miranne says

sometimes I've struggled to remove the

dead leaves because they'll kind of

start like stripping the stem of the

plant so I like to do it with shears

that one came off pretty easily but this

one that's going yellow yeah that one

looks like it's gonna strip cut that off

and it's gonna be on its way to being

beautiful in no time and I really hope

that it kind of like branches out a

little bit cuz it's just like one big

stick oh my gosh it's so tall it's so

tall former anta okay we got three three

plants down lots more to go

the one that I'm kind of the most

worried about not because it's difficult

but okay maybe because is the skinned

abscess because there are so many

cuttings of it I'm gonna have to kind of

arrange them and hold them in the

arrangement that I want them as I fill

it with soil so that's the rough part

but um let me grab some more soil here

and I'm going to make some of this crazy

funky crazy chunky mix and I'm again I'm

gonna avoid the working bark as much as

possible it was a mistake I regret it

but I'm gonna use this soil like I don't

want to waste it

so I'm trying to make the best the best

of it and I'm gonna end up with a lot of

orchid bark by the end of it looking

pretty good and this is the pot size

I've decided on because there's a lot of

cuttings and I want them all to fit and

I think some of their roots are pretty

long some of them aren't like a super

long but we're gonna put them all

together anyways so let me just remove

you from the water okay yeah there you


and I bought this vase specifically to

put cuttings in from good well of course

because it's it's not clear the roots

kind of grow faster when there's not

sunlight hitting them and also it kind

of grows less algae

because algae grows when there's

sunlight so I really don't like algae um

there's more cuttings over here oh these

are these are baby roots put those in

and right this is not the arrangement

I'm just putting it in here so I can

have everything gathered and see what's

going on and I think this is the last

oh there's two in here we go okay this

is kind of a lot this is why this is the

most difficult this is the most

difficult thing for me to pot right now

because there's so many so many pieces

but I really want to keep them all

together I feel like it's gonna be such

a full and gorgeous plant after so let

me try and arrange this now how I like

to arrange these plants is I will I'll

kind of like lay them over the edge and

then I'll add in centerpieces later on

because I feel like that's the easiest

way and usually the the plants that I

tend to put in the center are the ones

like this single leaf plants and they

have some new beeps about to pop out and

I like to put those in the center

because it's just easier their roots are

usually shorter and then like I said

usually when I am when I'm like

repotting or something I'll be sitting

on the floor and I will have like the

plant on the floor also and it's just so

easy and super fun like that and you can

just get everything dirty and it's all

good because you could just sweep it up

after I think for this one I'm gonna

have to take it to the floor I don't

know if I'm gonna be able to film not

though this table is shorter than the

one that I was using so maybe I'll be

able to do it like this okay

this is a lot better I can see a lot

better now I think I put too much soil

off the bottom

so this is how it's looking so far I I

don't think you can see very well but

it's kind of looking a little bit ugly

but that's okay because as I pour though

the main thing is that I want to get

these really long roots deep into the

pot as possible because this pie is not

as deep as these roots are long but I

don't want to put them in a bigger pot

than this I'm not as worried about like

how nice the planets gonna look because

it still is a lot like it's gonna fill

out a lot more than it is right now

there's a lot of single loops in here

that are already starting to pop up like

their second leaves this is how it looks

I know it looks so crazy and there's

like empty spots here but I'm telling

you that the leaves in here I'm gonna

put out new leaves and it's gonna look

more full I got all the roots under and

the leaves are pretty secure in here I'm

happy with it it's gonna look great next

I think I want to do these string of

Dolf things and as you can see I've ran

out of container just containers to hold

my propagations so that's how many

propagations I have but I have it in

this a really big container because they

have really thin roots that get tangled

very easily like the book on your roots

did so I put them in here this isn't

like a large amount of cuttings there's

like three or four cuttings in there

this isn't a large amount of cuttings

either you can see it's kind of bare at

the top this only is for cutting is I

think as well four or five I was

thinking to kind of combine these but I

have a pot here for the string of

dolphins if I end up plotting them

separately I was thinking about

combining them because I think it would

be like a fuller cuter plants and these

I potted up recently

I don't know how recent it was but yeah

I think that's a good idea I'm gonna put

this soil back so that I don't mix their

soils because I want to use the soil

that it's in right now since that seems

to be doing really well for it like this

plant is growing a lot it's doing great

I think all of these are rooted like I

said they have really thin easily

tangled like roots that get easily

tangled so I am going to try and

separate them without getting them super


business how it's looking so far it's a

lot more full but it's not like the

fullest but that's okay

I'm still happy with how it looks like

that okay this this is the final result

I feel like the roots are all covered

and I think it looks pretty good

is there a narrow format in Sony eyes

which is my favorite in Sony I saw I

took a bunch of cuttings from the plant

that I got because I want more plants of

it I sold this pot from my new in yeah I

didn't have a pot in here but I had its

little nursery pot in here and it looks

so cute but I really love this pot like

I love the color and I love how it has

like this white kind of looking worn

down so why not put a really nice plant

side that I love now let's take a look

at these roots I'm not sure how many

cuttings are in here oh gosh it's in the

shape okay it's like it's still inside

the base this is why we don't let her

plants root for too long I really don't

want to damage the roots and plants do

not like it when you're touching their

roots like this from my experience like

they just don't like it

all right I finally did it I finally

untangled it there are five pieces in

total with a lot of roots and now the

roots have dirt on it so it's kind of

muddy right now and I'm gonna put them

in this time I think it'll look good I

just want them to get used to being in

soil we don't gotta have them in there

like perfect pot of all time yet right I

feel like this would be cool to have

staked I have this the stick from my

plant farm unboxing so maybe I'm just

gonna put it here just for funsies I'm

not really gonna tie anything or go

crazy I'm just gonna put it here for fun

and see what happens I think I will end

up helping it grow up the steak even

though the steak is so tiny this pot is

so tiny - so here we go I feel like I

put the steak in the wrong spot there we

go Oh buddy damaging your roots doing

that the trouble with this one is that

it had roots coming from higher up nodes

on some parts and then lower nodes on

other parts so it was kind of I didn't

really get like all of the roots under

the soil but hopefully they just get

accustomed to being an heir and kind of

function as aerial roots that's the best

situation I could hope for but otherwise

it still has roots on the lower down

node as well so if worse comes to worse

those roots will die and we'll still

have the lower roots anyways so it'll be

fine but next what I'm gonna what I'm

gonna pop I have two deliciosa cuttings

right here and look at this

this is the same thing as the out in

Sony eyes but the thing is that the

deliciosa cuttings are from when I tried

to do semi hydroponics and it didn't

work and the whole plant died but I took

a cutting of the leaves and they

actually rooted even though the leaves

look so incredibly sad so here are their

roots which I'm so proud of because I

didn't think any of that plant would be

saved and they have quite a few leaves

growing they're really tiny leaves but

they are leaves regardless so I'm very

happy and I want to pop these up and I

don't really care about these leaves cuz

they're too long and not really helpful

but we're gonna keep them on anyways ok

so since I don't want this to be a

permanent thing at all

just to keep the plant from you know

just let it be able to rip onto the soil

so that it won't be falling over all the

time I think I'm just gonna add in this

chop stick this is definitely not

supposed to be permanent so it's fine if

it looks so crazy I couldn't find my

tomato shrink so I used hemp string and

I just wanted to make it so the base is

like straight both bases are straight I

don't really care how these leaves are

full philopon around looking cuz this is

such a hideous setup this plastic

chopstick this hemp string these

flopping leaves it's not a good look but

in 30 years this pot is gonna look

beautiful it's gonna be huge

and it's all gonna be worth it all gonna

be worth it in the end so we'll just

take the L right now so lastly I want to

pot up these peperomia this is a

peperomia glabella and i save these

cuttings before I killed the plant this

is why I take cuttings because in case

the plant doesn't make it I'm still

gonna have a piece of that plant and

it's not like the plant is completely


I still have you know a plant and this

has grown so much while being in this in

this water so I I feel like it's finally

time it's finally time to put it in soil

this is like the smallest pot I feel

like it's a good size again it's from

Goodwill and these stickers are so

annoying to take off so I'm over it

like every pot has a sticker and I'm

tired of it I think though that I've

gotten like a lot better pepero Mia's I

have a will I have a Rana birthday I'll

have two copper Otto's okay I have a

Rana Verde and a frost and they're doing

really well they're putting out new

leaves like crazy so Gilly

maybe maybe I'm good taking care of

pepperonis now maybe I'm like the best

peperomia caretaker of all time I'm just

kidding no but seriously I really think

that I'm going better at it those yeah

those plants looks so good and they

think me so proud every time I look at

them I'm like

I used to saket taking care of

pepperonis and look at you guys you guys

are thriving I'm really proud of that

and then also watermelon pepperoni is

have also been like I never had trouble

with them but after I killed my big one

I have taking good care of Waterman

Pablo Mia's I have so many propagations

of them they're just like the easiest

pepperoni for me oh when I also revived

my peperomia post rata Wow I am getting

good at caring for Boronia a life

mission achieved why is this so hard to

pot okay we're bringing back the small

table for this one also

well I'll add some soil if it needs it

after I water it I can't wait to see

growth though okay um I think that's all

I'm gonna pop for today I was gonna pot

this the spider plant but I didn't

really find anything to put it in for

now so I'm just gonna wait on that I'm

gonna clean up come back okay guys still

i watered all of the plants they've all

drained and everything if there were

some roots sticking out I kind of put a

little bit of soil on top of those but

for the most part these plants look so

good they look so good I love them

except for like the reason that I was

doing this was to create more space but

these pots definitely take up way more

space I'm probably gonna put a lot of

these plants outside for the spring and


some of them might just end up living

outside but I think they look so good I

love them I love having terracotta pots

I'm gonna probably like make all my my

shelf terracotta pot so that it kind of

looks more put together someone

recommended that I do that and you're

completely agree they said it a long

time ago but I'm just really lazy and

I'm gonna have more repotting videos oh

my gosh I have so I have a lot of plants

that I need to repot put them in bigger

pots so I'm gonna have videos of that

let me know how you feel about that

because I really love potting plants and

repotting them it's one of my favorite

things about owning house plants yeah

here only plants I'm gonna show you guys

a close-up because I feel like you can't

really admire them from here um but if

you watch this far I have no idea how

long this video is but I feel like it's

gonna be a long one let me know if you

like longer videos or shorter videos I

personally like longer videos thanks

I'll just make them walk I don't know


anyways if you watch this far thank you

so much I really appreciate it and yeah

I'll see you guys in the next one bye