How Much Is 1 Inch of Water When Watering The Gardening


well hello everyone and welcome to

another mi short here this is going to

be another bonus video so hopefully you

enjoy but I get it a lot of times a

question of I would like to know how

much to water my garden so I'm not

either under watering or over watering

so look how much water should I be

giving my garden and simply put it's

very impossible almost it's nearly

impossible to give you the right amount

to water your garden however there is a

kind of industry standard that we like

to say how much water should the garden

beginning per week and that industry

standard is one inch of water however

very few people know what one inch of

water even looks like how much is one

inch of water where does the one inch of

water go

I mean is it right around the base of

the plant is it the whole bed is it the

whole garden how much is one inch of

water so let's talk about that right now

you guys I think it's something that is

very crucial I've used it in the in this

past year and I've found that it is very

very accurate to keeping the plants

healthy and thriving because oftentimes

we like to during the hot summer we like

to kind of ration out the water you know

say oh I only have 10 gallons water I'm

gonna give it to every single plant and

you know it's okay I mean an emergency

situation it's okay but if you have

water to spare and you want a lush

vibrant garden if you can afford to use

the water that's required to get one

inch of water per plant or to your beds

that's going to give you a lot of

success so when it comes to one inch of

water where does the one inch of water

go and where do we draw the line when

they refer to one inch of water they're

talking about one inch of water per

square foot and that's very simple

especially when you can kind of round it

off with a single plant here you simply

just take a ruler and boom one square

foot as simple as that 12 inches by 12

inches and then all you have to do is

take 12 times 12 and get at 144 and

since you only need one inch that one is

it's redundant you don't need to

multiply 12 times 12 times one because

that's how you find the volume of

something you find a volume of a object

and how much

it will hold so you imagine drawing a

little pool here that's 12 inches by 12

inches by 1 inch and you can simply just

make it easy on yourself by taking 12

times 12 and that's how you can find the

volume of that space and since you need

100 and you one inch of water over those

144 square inches

I gave you a in the description box

below a conversion that actually you

could plug how many square inches you

have all right your cubic inches right

into the right into the little converter

and it will pump out a number for you

and how many gallons of water you're

going to need now it is in US gallons so

for Canadian people I am very sorry

you're gonna have to do an extra

conversion for that convert gallons to

liters but I'm sure there's something

for that as well so and I'll even put a

link to one I'll find one for you guys

but yes so the the amount of water to

fit in that 12 inch by 12 inch area is

actually point six gallons so it's

shocking how much water is actually

required to sustain a healthy plant and

a lot of times we find ourselves as

gardeners under watering like I said and

it's surprising when you give it that

one inch of water how much they grow and

how fast they grow because I just put

these in the ground about three weeks

ago and they've grown about probably

almost man at least eight inches so

they've been really responding well to

it and also during the hot season they

go through a lot of stress but what do

you do if there's no you know what do

you do if there's no definite space here

like my lettuce bed where I just have

plants throughout the entire bed what do

you do then so let's go talk about that

so we're here with my lettuce bed and

obviously I cannot take my you know my

individual measurements of my plants

because it's just all plants so what do

you do in this case and the miracle of

raised beds is if they're in are in a

rectangle or a square you can easily

take the dimensions of them by simply

taking the measurement

of the raised bed and mine just so

happened to be 3 feet by 10 feet

equaling 30 square feet so there you go

that is your answer that is what one

inch of water is referred to as one inch

of water per week in the gardening

community and so hopefully I helped some

people out hopefully I answered some

questions and if you have any more put

them in the comments box below I'd be

glad to answer them but yeah I will have

all the links to those converters in the

description box below for the my foreign

friends that use the metric system and

and then the my US friends that actually

use US gallons and yeah so there you go

so hopefully that answers some questions

and until next episode this is my garden

reminding you to grow big or go home

I'll talk to y'all later see ya bye