Watering Houseplants | When and How Much Water

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crazy plan guy so in this video when

they want to talk about is watering

their plants and if you sound like that

I'm Katya earlier who's a little bit

confused on when to water your plants or

how much water to give your plants I'm

here to help make that now why are your

plants may sound simple and it is

especially if you only have one or two

plants but for someone whose unit to

house plants and someone who's just

starting to collect a lot more plants it

can get a little tricky because as you

guys know you know all plants aren't

created equal so different type of

plants have different watering schedule

as well as different amount of water to

give them so I'm here to break it down

and help them find that for you guys

hopefully that will help you guys

maintain your plants and making sure

that you're thriving and healthy before

we get started let's break down the

watering schedule into three different

categories and as well as the amount of

water into three different categories so

that way as I'm talking about the type

of plants and the amount of water or the

frequency of stuff walking to give them

and you guys can follow along so we'll

start with the watering schedule so

there is infrequent which I would say is

anywhere between four to six weeks apart

there's your regular watering schedule

so that would be your eight to twelve

days apart and then there's your more

frequent watering schedule which is


five to seven days apart so when it

comes to the amount of water you should

give your plants I break them down into

about three categories little water

normal water and a lot of water and what

they mean by little water is I'm going

to use this Pozos as an example so when

I'm pouring water I allow the water to

fill up at the top and then drain

through once so that's what I need with

little water now normal water I would do

it twice or three times so poor once

water drain through port spice water

drain through and pour three times in

water drain three before I put them back

I comes to why a lot obviously it's got

to be more than three times or you can

actually even turn your faucet on and

you know give your plan a good shower

for a while but I normally build water a

lot I'm more in the little or normal

watering again it depends on the plant

so that's what we're gonna do right now

is I'm gonna show you guys the different

type of plants and kind of what their

schedule and water level is like so

we'll start with the group of plants

that have infrequent watering schedule

as well as require a little watering and

these would be--you're you know sense of

the areas or your snake plants yours

easy plant your ponytail palm your

cactuses you know your succulents your

aloes and these guys typically do not

need to be watered often again I water

mine maybe anywhere between four to five

weeks apart depending on the season

right now we're in the winter season so

I would say maybe about you know five to

six weeks apart and when I do water them

I only give them little watering so that

means I pour water once allowed to pass

through and then put them back in their

decorative pot this is what makes these

plants so easy to care for and so great

especially for a lot of beginners is you

think really are low maintenance and if

you're the type of president tends to

forget to water your plants these would

be good for you guys

so the Mexican Plus plants I want to

talk about are those that have a regular

watering schedule and the normal

watering level so those would be your

monstera your Pelias your photos your

rubber plant here where the paradise

your spider plants you know your typical

tropical house plants if you have

your home so again when it comes to

wiring these guys anywhere between eight

to twelve days apart and the reason why

I give a range is also because it

depends on the size of their pot as well

obviously something that's in a four

inch pot will dry faster than something

that's in you know an eight inch pot so

be conscious and be aware of that and

yes again when I water these guys I

allow water to pass through two to three

times before putting them in there

decorative pot so the next group of

plants we'll cover are those that have a

more frequent watering schedule and

those of the your policías your

miranda's your to Dante's Ramon things

and the reason for why I water these

guys you know every seven days eight

bases because they require their soil to

be consistently moist and not more on

the drier side so when I do water them

though because they are already moist I

don't give them normal water I will just

give them little water so again I pour

water once allowed to pass through and

that isn't it so these guys can get a

little tricky and if you are looking for

more detailed care tips on how to care

for your colleagues yes I did do a video

of it so be sure to check that in the

description below so the next couple

plans I want to talk about are those

that fit in between the infrequent

watering schedule and regular watering

schedule and those would be your hoya as

your carries your canosa's your string

of hards your some of your succulents

your silverdollar pepper or your

parallel and the reason why I categorize

these guys in this group is because they

prefer to be more on the drier side but

not as dry as that of a state plan for a

zz plant but they also don't need to be

watered as frequent as that of a

monstera or opposed and definitely not

as frequent as a Murata when it comes to

the water level I give these guys normal

water level so again for example in this

4-inch of variegated spring of hearts I

allow water to pass through twice before

putting this guy back and again I do

this one every two weeks I would say

this one would be every three weeks and

the reason point is obviously you know

smaller clock larger pot so this will


drier faster than this guy that's pretty

much it when it comes to the watering

schedule of all the different type of

plants I have hopefully you guys found

this video helpful and did you find it

too confusing but if you're still not

sure on when to water your plants or how

much water to give them I would always

suggest to you know follow the rule of

thumb which is one research your plan

and that way it gives you an idea on how

much water they need and when to water

them to follow the rule of thumb when it

comes to watering which is cloning water

your plants when the soil is dry so that

is sticking a finger into the soil to

feel if it's wet or dry that's dry and

the soil isn't sticking to your fingers

then that means it's time to water your

plan and give them normal watering

levels you can also get the moisture

meter you know there's a pee on Amazon

that you can get that usually will help

tell you when to water your plants or

you can even take it a step further and

you know create a spreadsheet and mark

down all the different plants you own

the size the schedule of when to water

them and then lock the dates or when you

do water them and how much water you

give them that will kind of give you a

general idea on the patter the more

experience you get and the more you pay

attention to your plants the more you

walk by them and inspect them for pests

or clean their leaves you know touch

them the more you'll know when they need

to be watered and how much water to give

them but yeah that is pretty much it

guys thank you so much for joining me on

this video and again I'm looking forward

to 2019 and for those of you guys's new

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