How To Wax Your Eyebrows!

hi guys welcome back to my channel so

today's video is going to be all about

how I wax my brows at home this is so

easy and quick so hopefully you guys can

use this tutorial to save yourself some

time and money because I'm all about

that if you can do it yourself then you

should just do it yourself because it

just makes life so much easier so if

you're interested please keep watching

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notifications whenever I upload so I

like to use the GG microwavable hard wax

it's solidified when cold and then you

microwave it and I like to use the

applicators that have a slanted tip it

gives you a more precise application of

product and I also think it's really

important that you put your hair back

because if you get wax in your hair it

is impossible to get out so I like to

start off by brushing my brows down so

that when I apply the wax above them

none of these hairs get waxed off and

then I pick up a small bead of wax and

apply it on the top of my brow pull

above my brow and I follow the growth of

the hair and then I also wax above the

tail as well and again apply the wax

with the growth of the hair when you rip

the wax off and rest against the growth

of hair you want to pull low and fast

don't pull up keep the wax and your pull

close to the skin and then you can use

whatever wax is left over to kind of

pick up any excess wax that was left on

the skin

so before I wax below the brow I always

brush upward and do the same thing a

small bead of wax and apply it with the

growth of the hair

I also like to wax off the little

scraggly hairs under the front of my

brow so I apply just a really tiny

amount there because my brows do grow a

little bit lower and again we're going

to rip against the growth of hair low

and fast and then just use the excess

wax to pick up anything that got left

over and same is applied to the middle

of my brows so I apply the small bead of

wax with the growth of the hair and then

I'm also going to be ripping it against

the growth of hair that's how you remove

all the hair if you apply if you rip

with the growth of hair it's not going

to come off and any hairs that didn't

come up with the wax I pluck I usually

have a couple stray ones that don't come

off with the wax and I don't like to wax

twice because I find that it just kind

of makes my skin a little bit irritated

so I prefer to just pluck off any stray

hairs and brush through my brows once

again then once I've brushed them up I

take a small pair of brow scissors and I

trim off the little scraggly hairs that

tend to grow up like weeds and can make

my brows a little bit too fluffy and

once they're all aligned I go back in

with the tweezers or one more time and

just kind of tweeze any leftover

scraggly and that is it for that whole


alright guys so that's why I wax my

brows at home like I said it's super

easy and fast I can typically get this

done in under 15 minutes and I usually

do this every other Thursday I know that

this wasn't really on shaping your brows

but I would highly recommend that the

first time you start to embark on a brow

journey you get them professionally done

and then keep up with the maintenance in

the shape of the brow after you have a

professional kind of assess the best

brow shape for your own face so yeah I

hope you guys found this helpful if you

have any questions you can leave them

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thank you so much for watching bye guys