5 Steps To Weaning Your Baby Off The Bottle


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the AAP does recommend lenient the

bottle by 15 months I personally thought

that it was 12 months so we weaned Noah

by 12 months your bottle brings your

baby security because your baby has been

suckling on either a boob or a bottle or

something like that since they were born

so this might take a while to wean

sometimes it's quick like a week

sometimes it takes up to a month maybe

two months like always I have my handy

dandy bullet journal here so we got five

steps to weaning your baby off of the

bottle these five steps are what worked

for my family what worked for my son so

step number one is to be consistent like

anything else kind of in life but also

in Parenthood you have to be consistent

if you want something to work whether

it's your baby sleeping or they're

eating or their bottles so being

consistent is completely completely

non-negotiable if you're trying to get

your baby to wean off of their bottle in

the most painless and quickest way

sometimes we feel like you know giving

in and giving them the bottle because

you know they they're fussing or

whatever is better for them but in the

long run it's not because you're

actually confusing

if you're not gonna take this seriously

why should they you know what I'm saying

like if they're like well she's just

gonna give me the bottle if I do X Y or

Z then I'm just gonna do X Y or Z

because she's not very serious about

this you know you can be serious about

something and consistent while still

being loving and comforting so finding

the right balance between the two is

really important because you do want to

stay consistent so you're not confusing

your child it took about five weeks to

wean Noah and I think it took that long

because in the first week and a half to

two weeks

I wasn't consistent honestly some days I

just forgot in hindsight I wish that I

stayed consistent throughout the whole

thing because it would have been easier

both on him and myself and my husband so

the second step to weaning your baby off

of the bottle is going to be to dilute

their bottle of milk or formula whatever

at their drinking

I put 1/4 milk in his bottle with 3/4

water so this is his bottle now and then

in his sippy cup I just put straight up

milk so what I did was I gave him the

sippy cup first that was straight milk

that he could taste it and he didn't

like the thing it was and he didn't like

that it was in the sippy cup but he

tasted the milk and then he took his

bottle because he felt more comfortable

with the bottle but when he was drinking

his bottle

he realized hmm this isn't right

what the heck but he remembered that the

sippy cup the more foreign cup had the

liquid that tasted more familiar so

actually after like the second or third

time that I did it he fully put his

bottle to the side picked up the sippy

cup and drank from the sippy cup and

every once in a while he would go back

and forth like he would stop the sippy

cup and then grab his bottle because

that's what was familiar to him but

every time he took his bottle and he

realized that it was very watery and

eventually just straight water he would

go back to the sippy cup and that's kind

of the the bulk of the process of how to

wean your baby in my opinion is to

dilute their milk

bottle until there's very little to no

milk and then put straight-up milk in a

sippy cup so eventually this delicious

bottle of milk is now just bland water

or very diluted milk and the sippy cup

is the gold is is what's so good and

what's so familiar to them so that's

step two so step three is gonna be to

provide extra comfort for them so again

they find comfort in one the suckling

movements of their mouths but to their

bottle in general so you're gonna have

to provide that extra comfort that

they're essentially losing so this could

be in a sense of extra cuddles um what

we personally did which some of you may

agree and some of you may disagree which

is you know you do what you want with

your child and with how you want to

raise your kids but for us we

implemented like all the comfort at once

so when he was transitioning from this

his bottle to his sippy cup we cuddled

with him in bed we turned on his

favorite Netflix show and we gave him

his elephant which is like his lovey or

his security a little blanket animal

thingy that he sleeps with so he got

cuddles from mom and dad he got to watch

his favorite TV show and he got his

lovey so we tried to give him all the

comforts so that even though he was

doing this really foreign and

uncomfortable thing like going from the

bottle to the sippy cup he still had a

ton of love and comfort and he still

felt really safe so that's a big one as


for number four I think this is gonna be

more customized to your routine and your


but basically wean the bottles in order

of like least importance in the sense of

like an emotional connection like if you

wake your baby up and the first thing

they do is you know you're in bed with

them and you give them a bottle and

that's very comforting to them then I

wouldn't we in that one first or if your

baby takes a bottle right before they go

to bed and that bottle is what helps

them go to bed I would not mean that one

first most often it's the mid day one

that's the least emotionally connected I

don't think I'm making sense but if you

have questions on this or any of the

steps leave a comment down below or DM

me on Instagram I will be happy to

answer any of your questions I just

don't know if I'm making this point very

clear I hope that I am but if I'm not

and you have questions then feel free to

ask I wonder what ever you guys whatever

questions you guys have

and then Step five to weaning your baby

off of the bottle is going to be to not

have multiple changes happen at once or

don't do this when they're sick so not

doing this when they're sick is pretty

straightforward because you are making a

huge change in their life and when

you're sick you're not really at the

best mental emotional and obviously

physical state to be handling a change

especially when you're a baby and you

can't convey what you're feeling or what

you're wanting so if your baby is sick

or having a really bad teething episode

then I would maybe wait a few days to

get started on this but then also the

reason why I wanted to do this before

Noah turned 1 was because I knew that

when he turned 1 we would be switching

from formula to milk and we're not doing

cow's milk we're doing Oh milk so I

either way I knew that we were going to

be switching from formula to milk and I

didn't want his transition of formula to

milk happen at the same time he was

transitioning from a bottle to a sippy

cup because that's just too much change

for them that's not fair to put them

through all of that it's gonna cause you

and your baby way more stress than you

guys need so I would not do this well

you are having some other change whether

it's a new baby you're having a new baby

come into your child's life if you're

moving again if your child is sick or

teething I would wait just a little bit

to make sure that your child is in the

best state physically mentally and

emotionally to take on this big

challenge because to them it is a big

thing to go from a bottle to a sippy cup

so those are the five things first is to

be consistent second is to dilute their

milk bottle and introduce the sippy cup

full of their amazing amount three is to

provide extra comfort because they are

losing comfort from their bottle so they

need to gain it in a different way

whether it be through you or watching TV

while they drink the milk

or a lovey so I'd know Noah doesn't

always just watch TV while he's drinking

that was something that we were doing

only Wow he was transitioning step four

would be to wean the bottles in order of

least importance emotionally and then

Step five is to not start this process

if your baby is sick teething or already

going through some other kind of

transformation or change so I hope that

helps you guys I will put pictures right

here of a few different sippy cups that

I recommend that worked for us and

worked for Noah you can find all of them

at Target I don't think any of them were

more than $7 so they're pretty

affordable and they don't have to be

sippy cups you can go straight from the

bottle to a cop we started introducing

Noah to a regular cup at about 7 months

or so but I was not consistent with that

so he didn't fully learn how to drink

from a cup and so he was about 12 months

so that is gonna be it for today's video

I hope it was clear enough for you guys

again if you have any questions at all

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