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hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you guys are new here my name is

Dominique welcome and if you guys are

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clicking on this video today I'm gonna

be sharing with you how I got my eleven

month old son Roman to transition from a

regular bottle to a sippy cup so if you

guys are interested in seeing what I did

and all the mistakes that I made in

doing so then just keep watching firstly

I do want to say that it took me almost

till 10 months to realize that I even

had to start transitioning from a bottle

to a sippy cup

I just thought one day maybe he would

just you know walk to the local Walmart

pick himself up his sippy cup and just

start drinking out of it I don't know

what I was thinking but yeah it just

dawned on me like oh my god he has to

start drinking like a different kind of

milk he can't just drink formula for the

rest of his life oh my god he has to

drink from a sippy cup so I had a moment

of just like I'm the worst mom in the

world which I'm sure you all have had

you guys have been watching me for a

while you have seen that I have been

trying to give him sippy cups since

around 6 months but I've always tried to

give him water in these sippy cups so I

don't know if it was just me but I

always thought that they use sippy cups

for just water and juice obviously I'm

not around that many babies I don't know

how it is I just always kind of

associated milk bottle I never thought

that you would put milk in sippy cups I

have no idea why I would think like that

but it never even dawned on me that I

have to you know switch into a sippy cup

that was until I watched somebody's logs

and their one-year-old daughter was like

drinking regular milk and drinking out

of a sippy cup that I was like I'm doing

something wrong here so after that

moment of panic I was like today is the

day he is gonna start drinking out of a

sippy cup I thought it would be so easy

and I don't up not being so easy and I'm

gonna share those things with you guys

the first thing I did was I replaced one

regular bottle with a sippy cup and the

first sippy cup I used was this event

one because I already had it at the

house I have tried to give him water in

it and he hated it but maybe it was just

the water that he didn't like well

that's what I thought but he ended up

not liking this bottle so after a couple


I tried with this and he just would not

even sip any of the milk out of this

bottle he did not like it so the next

best thing I thought was gonna be the

Tommee Tippee sippy bottle since he uses

the regular Tommee Tippee bottle to

drink his milk so I figured hey this is

gonna work

it didn't after a couple days he didn't

want to drink from this either he would

just bite on it and just kind of laugh

and not drink his milk so then I went

out and I purchased another sippy cup

and I got this one this is the Nook

Transition 10 ounce sippy cup and the

reason I like this is because it's very

much like a regular bottle top so I just

felt like it was the most similar to his

regular bottle and he does like this one

I got him to drink one of his bottles a

day out of this for a couple of days and

then after that I started doing two

bottles a day and then three bottles a

day and then now eventually I don't give

him any more options a mistake that I

did make was that if he didn't finish

his milk out of here I would transfer it

into his regular bottle and let him

drink the rest this was a mistake

because after a while I think he started

manipulating me these smart little

babies he started manipulating me

because he knew that I would pour it

into here after so after a while I

stopped giving him the option and it was

like you drink out of this bottle or you

stop just kidding he eats like regular

food throughout the day too but yeah

just I didn't give him any other options

the reason I kept this bottle a night

for a while is because I thought that it

was like more relaxing for him you know

at night kind of want to soothe him let

him have his regular bottle so I did

keep this into his routine at nighttime

and then let him just drink from this

but then eventually I was like no like

you have to only drink from here so then

I got rid of this altogether and gave

him no more options so now he is solely

on his sippy cup and he loves it no the

mistake that I made was at the same time

I was trying to kind of wean him off of

formula as well he eats food really well

but I wanted him to start drinking

something other than formula all the


so I did start trying to transition him

onto like almond milk and coconut milk

and maybe some coconut water

I think that was an error in judgment on

my part because you're trying to get him

used to a new bottle so you can't also

try getting him used to new milk so yeah

that was a mistake that I made so now

that he's fully onto a sippy cup I am

starting to try and get him off a

formula but that'll be in another video

so yeah those are my tips and tricks and

everything I did to get my scent to

transition onto a sippy cup so that is

it for this video I really hope you guys

enjoyed it do give it a thumbs up if you

liked it and I will see you in my next

video bye