Weaning at 4 Months: Why and How We Did It + Schedule | Ysis Lorenna

today's video is going to be all about

how when and why I wind my baby early

and telling you all the reasons and how

we did it at four and a half months old

I hope you've been enjoying these

weaning videos and I hope they have been

useful to you or helpful if your weaning

your baby or thinking about starting in

the weaning on to solid foods journey

let's get back to the beginning where it

all started

James was always a very sick e-baby he

had terrible reflux he was on medicine

for that from a very early age for about

to 2 to 3 months old until he was 5

months old he was on medicine for his

reflux and one of the things that a lot

of people told me is that once your baby

starts start on solid foods they tend to

keep food down a bit more and one of the

reasons why babies are weaned of it

earlier is to help them control or get

rid of or better the reflux so that was

always something that I thought back in

my mind might be a reason as to why I

would wean

Jem's early if you don't have any idea

about when to start weaning your baby in

the UK the general guidelines is to

start at 6 months old there are lots of

reasons for that but it's considered

safe to win your baby from four to six

months old from four months all your

bodies are able to process solid foods

so there is no medical reason against

giving your baby food when they're four

months old plus the guidelines are to

start at six months old like I said for

several different reasons one of the

reasons is that you give your baby

more milk so they get more of the

nutrients specially if you're

breastfeeding you're giving your baby a

lot more of your antibodies for a lot

longer the other reason is that you give

your baby's body more time to mature the

stomach and everything else and for them

to get a bit sturdy to sit up so there's

less risk of choking these guidelines

come from the World Health Organization

so they are followed by a lot of

countries throughout the whole world one

of the reasons why we name is

recommended from six months onwards is

that in a lot of countries where people

don't have easy access to clean water

and food they try to keep the breast

milk or the child's a food supply which

is their mother's milk for as long as

possible to avoid contamination they say

don't start it too early but don't leave

it too late as well because starting

after six months

old is not good for your baby the

general rule is around about four to six

months I was planning on starting at six

months just because I thought there's no

reason to start early but James had such

terrible reflux that I started to

consider all my possibilities and all my

options we spoke to our pediatrician our

health visitors and our GP and we voiced

our concerns and we said what we were

thinking about doing just starting

weaning him a bit earlier to see how he

would take the food and if he wasn't

interested we'd leave it a few weeks and

try again if he wasn't interested we

obviously would have stopped with the

recommendation of all these health

professionals that we trust we went

ahead they gave us the go-ahead and they

said give it a try your baby is four and

a half months old he's perfectly fine

and capable of digesting food stop very

slowly so that's what we did we started

him I can't remember how many weeks

exactly he was but it was four and a

half months old

the first food that we actually gave to

James was banana I mashed up a banana

with a fork and I offered it to him and

he seemed to eat it but he wasn't overly

impressed by it but then I tried him on

different fruits and he seemed to take

to the other fruits quite well and now I

know from many many months after I

started weaning James that he is not

that much of a big fan of banana who

followed the three-day rule where you

introduce every new food and you keep it

for three days just in case of allergic

reaction so we started with banana for

three days then the next three days we

did Apple then the next three days we

did pay and we just went around the

first foods we were we were following

roughly the Annabelle caramel first

foods guideline that she has on her book

only the links of her book down below it

was really helpful they're usually just

like very easy to digest fruits and

vegetables so then we introduced him

onto some vegetables so we did sweet

potato then we did carrots then

butternut squash just like the usual

Britain veg that babies tend to like the

most because I wanted him to accept the

food rather than reject it immediately

if you know what I mean there's plenty

of time to get him used to them the not

so pleasant fruit and veg but these

first couple of weeks I want him to

understand that food is a good thing and

that he wants to eat it instead of

associating it with a horrible taste and

not wanting it all then I started mixing

up two different flavors that had

already been introduced so for example

I'd mix up apple and banana or pear and

apple or carrot and sweet potato or

carrot and apple mixing one fruit and

one veg and so on so forth until we had

finished all of the recommended first


because we started him early we had no

rush to move on to several meals a day

so we kept him on just the one solid

food food a day for about two to three

weeks we kept him on that one meal a day

and that was around about lunchtime that

we were offering him at first I

struggled a bit to kind of know when to

give him the food I started giving him

the solids about two hours before his

bottle was due so he wasn't too hungry

and he wasn't too full so that seemed to

work because then I could give him his

bottle and he would take the bottle

fully and he would eat the solids fully

then I moved it a bit closer so I just

gave the solids about an hour before his

bottle and that seemed to work as well

after that we moved on to two meals a

day and that was when he was about five

five in a bit month old we moved on to

two meals a day so we were doing

breakfast and lunch breakfast was

usually a couple of hours after he's

first morning bottle I can't remember

exactly how many bottles a day he was on

at the time and I was also breastfeeding

him so I just remember feeling

completely overwhelmed by the amount of

planning that I had to do because it was

so much feeding yeah I'm glad that that

period is over looking back now thinking

about it god I literally lived to feed

either breastfeed bottle feed or solid

food or cook Oh God anyways so so yeah

that's what we did so that's when we

worked two meals a day he was still

having all of his bottles I didn't cut

any of his bottles all his breast feeds

when I started weaning him but but

gradually when we moved on to two meals

a day he dropped one bottle oh I'd say

for about a month and a half nearly two

months we kept on for two meals a day

when we moved on to two meals a day I

started to introduce a bit more flavor

in his food so mixing three flavors

together or mixing up some of my

homemade food with some pre-made food

and all my previous weaning videos which

I'll have not all exact damn below about

winning equipment and things like that I

did talk about how I wanted to feed

James homemade food as well as premade

baby food simply for the convenience of

pre-made food when you're out and about

or when you don't have the time to cook

sometimes I mix a little bit of my own

homemade purees with purees from Ellis

kitchen and he seemed to enjoy that as

well but at that first stage even on two

meals a day he was only a very very

smooth purees with no lumps no texture

not anything just like very thinned out

purees which he seemed to enjoy

at about seven months we introduced

James on three meals a day so he was

then on breakfast lunch and dinner and

desserts all snacks in between so if he

had breakfast and a dessert he wouldn't

have a mid-morning snack if he only had

breakfast I would give him a mid-morning

snack so that was kind of when our

routine starts to make more sense

because I could kind of plan our days

around the meals so his breakfast is at

half-past eight his lunch is at twelve

o'clock and his dinner is at usually

4:30 or 5:00 p.m. so that makes sense

for us and he's still on three bottles a

day now he's on his morning bottle he's

afternoon bottle and his bedtime bottle

but these bottles they gradually became

three for a long time I still had loads

of bottles throughout the day but it

seems that this is kind of the way that

he's going now is these three bottles a

day and even now I'm noticing that he's

not drinking all of these bottles fully

anymore so I've got to start rethinking

what I'm going to do if I'm going to

drop one bottle if I'm going to just

reduce the amount of each bottle and

still keep three bottles a day for him

he's on a lot more textured foods he's

not on lumpy foods yet but he can handle

pieces small pieces of soft food like

boiled carrots cooked apple cooked pear

if I just cut them quite small he's able

to eat it and he's also on finger food

so I introduced finger foods to him at

about six and a half months old and he

took to them quite well he absolutely

loves finger foods boy just loves

feeding himself I forgot to say that

we're doing traditional spoon feeding

weaning with a little bit of baby led

weaning baby led weaning is when you let

your baby feed themselves so we're doing

a mixture of both because we do give him

some finger foods and then he can feed

himself those finger foods try not to

give you baby something too small

because that's when the risk of choking

comes unless it's really soft and he can

dissolve it with his gums but generally

just something about this size and

should be safe for your baby something

that he can easily hold on to at first

with James and I think with most babies

he would spend ages just sucking on a

piece of toast and just feeling the

texture with

turn most of it would end up on the

floor on the table but eventually he

started to realize that he could

actually eat that and mash it up with

his gums even though he doesn't have any

teeth yet and now I give him a piece of

toast and within a minute 30 seconds

he's finished eating it all and there's

nothing left on the floor so yeah I

think the next stage for us will be to

get James to eat pieces of food so to

introduce more lumps of food for him to

see how he goes that's always quite an

anxious period in my mind whenever I

have to change something that's working

well for us because at the moment I

don't worry about what I'm giving him so

much because I'm so used to what I give

him so changing it's gonna be a little

bit nerve-wracking the next step as well

for us is to get him to share our meals

to eat what we're eating instead of me

constantly making different purees for

him just to make food for ourselves and

then put some side fruits for James and

mash it up for him and give it him which

will be a lot easier than pre making all

these purees weaning has been successful

so far and I don't regret starting at

four months old I think it gave us

plenty of time to introduce James to

food slowly in our own pace

it really helped with his reflux I

forgot to say that was like the reason

why I started the weaning journey with

him it's been messy it's been fun it's

been successful so that's what I've got

to report about weaning if you have any

questions about our experience with

weaning and more than happy to answer

your questions so leave them on the

comments below if you have any general

questions about weaning I'll try my best

to answer and help you but be mindful

that I recommend if you're in doubt or

if you don't know what to do or if

you're looking for some you know

consistent serious advice please check

with your doctor with your GP with your

pediatrician or your health visitor

before introducing anything to your baby

this is by no means a guide to winning

your baby this is just how I did it for

my baby and I wanted to share my

experience in case other people out

there are looking for some tips or like

to hear what other mums of

unlike I do I watched so many videos

read so many blog posts and books before

I weaned James so hopefully my video

will be useful to some of you out there

that are thinking about starting the fun

we need early with your babies and if

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