Weaning a Baby From Breastfeeding - First With Kids - Vermont Children's Hospital

breastfeeding mothers have been babying

me with lots of questions about when is

the right time to wean their baby off

the breast and how old should the baby

be well again this is not my decision or

your baby's health care providers

decision it's a personal decision

between you as the breastfeeding mother

and your baby the American Academy of

Pediatrics recommends that moms

breastfeed their babies at least through

the first year of life but introduce

solids around six months of age and as

solids take up more and more of your

baby and toddlers diet you tend to

produce less breast milk naturally so it

actually is easier to wean your baby off

of breast milk after year of age than it

is before a year of age so what's the

best way to do this well the best way is

to do it gradually for example start by

removing one breastfeed today and just

hold there for several days and distract

your child during that time take them

somewhere where they wouldn't otherwise

be breastfeeding to a fun activity then

several days later remove another feat

in several days later another fee

perhaps leaving the night feat as the

last feed to go if your child is thirsty

rather than offer them the breast now

you can offer them as a toddler whole

milk between the ages of 1 and 2 in a

cup or a bottle or two percent milk

after the age of two never decide to

wean your baby or your toddler off of

breastfeeding when something stressful

is going to happen in their life such as

moving your toddler to a new room or

moving them from a crib to a bit moms

also asked me if they're breastfeeding

how far out can they go is there an

uppermost age where they can continue to

breastfeed again that's a personal

decision but my recommendation is if a

breastfeeding mom or their child are

starting to feel uncomfortable that may

be the time to consider weaning so that

hopefully tips like this will feed you

just the right information you need when

it comes to knowing a little bit more

about what you should do if you're a

breastfeeding mom and you want to wean

your toddler from the breast this is

pediatrician dr. Lewis first from

Vermont Children's Hospital of Fletcher

Allen reminding you to always be first

with your kids