💥When and How To Start Anti-aging : Skincare Routine for Every Age Group

good morning if you're an Lea here so

today I'm so excited to continue our

antiaging series if you guys haven't

watched my previous video please do so

because we go through a really really

important diet tips lifestyle tips and

also very very crucial and essential

fundamental skincare habits as always

prevention is going to be way way WAY

easier and much better than reversing

what has been already damaged in today's

video we are gonna talk about when and

how to start anti-aging and what your

skincare routine should look like for

every age group so let's get started

again our skin is an ever-changing

living working it knows how to regulate

rejuvenate repair and also it

regenerates new skin cells every single

day it knows how to push away that skin

cells every single day however this

process dysfunction will slow down with

biological aging and also your lifestyle

your diet whatever you're doing with

your skin care so that's when your skin

care products come in to support this

process to kind of push your skin cells

to do its job when it comes to

anti-aging skin care routine there are

three main strategies that you can

consider first prevention second

maintenance and third reversal in your

teenagers all the way up to early 20s

your skin is already very very awesomely

independent so you might not need a lot

of support from skin care products but I

think it's also a really prime time for

you to form really good skin care habits

look for simple formulas that are gentle

mild enough that you can use every

single day Vic to the very core series

which is going to be cleanser

moisturizer and sunscreen and I will be

going through each steps so that you

know what to look for cleansing the most

fundamental rule when it comes to

cleansing is to be as gentle as possible

in my teenagers I think the number one

skincare mistake that I always made on a

daily basis was really going at it

attacking abusing and aggressively

cleansing with a really stripping

alkaline foamy cleanser I ended up

damaging my skin barrier I

with the driest skin ever and I thought

that was the way to go to keep my skin

clear but now we know that is not true

we want to protect our skin barrier as

much as possible to prevent the signs of

aging and cleanser is inevitably the

most skin barrier damaging product we

want to choose a cleanser that is really

really gentle on your skin that in fact

leaves your skin really plump supple and

hydrated after wash and ideally that is

close to your skin's natural pee doesn't

need to be fancy it doesn't meet to be


something like crave Beauty matcha him

hydrating cleanser or a drugstore option

like Vani cream gel cleanser if you are

in Muji store definitely check out their

face soap from the sensitive skin range

the mile range step number two is to

properly moisturize I know it is very

very easy to neglect this moisturizing

stuff especially in your teenagers

because your receive in production is

going out of the roof at the moment our

skin feels the most comfortable in

repairing rejuvenating and regulating on

its own in a really well hydrated

environment so your moisturizer doesn't

need to be really thick or buttery or

waxy at all she's a really lightweight

gel moisturizers that you feel the most

comfortable wearing some amazing

products that I could highly vouch for

is active house soon-jong gel cream Muji

also has really good ones and so does

Neutrogena hydro boost line step number

three started protecting and stopped

baking apply really really good

broad-spectrum daily sunscreen that you

feel the most comfortable in applying

every single thing please repeat after


I will apply my sunscreen every single

day and write this down somewhere in

your bathroom if you do need that

physical daily reminder and without a

doubt a lot of skincare experts

including dermatologist biologist

estheticians and even your mom would

agree with me the most cost effective

and the best anti-aging skin care

product is going to be sunscreen that's

simply because the UV damage is going to

be the number one cause when it comes to

skin aging but it damages our skin in

multiple different love

- let's learn about the two main UV

radiations that affect our skin if there

is UVA and UVB UVB is the one that

intensely birds our skin especially in

summer times especially on really sunny

day it has a shorter wavelength so it

reaches our epidermis which is the top

layer of the skin however the power it's

very very intense then there is UVA

which is more associated with skin aging

this has a longer wavelengths that it's

present all year round even in winter

even on cloudy and rainy days and it is

able to penetrate the glass or the

window so it's actually present indoors

- also UVA penetrates deeper into our

skin reaching the lower level or the mid

level of skin called dermis and dermis

is where it decides our skin bounciness

basically because it has collagen

protein and elastin fibers and all of

that when you're looking for a sunscreen

make sure it is broad spectrum or it has

a really good UVA protection as well and

we want to apply at least SPF of 30 on a

daily basis the best sunscreen ever is

something that will encourage you to

apply every single day and everyone has

different preference when it comes to

sunscreen texture and just some

ingredients I will leave my product

recommendation down below which will

include my favorite crave beauty beat

the Sun and of course elta MD UV clear

SPF 46 clinic my no sunscreen is also an

amazing option but yes feel free to test

out and try and explore your own options

now we're moving on to our late 20s and

early 30s this is the time where you

will start feeling some physical

biological changes and this is when I

start noticing my metabolism slowing

down significantly even though I was

eating the same amount of food I was

just becoming rounder and rounder so

that's when I started working out and

going to the gym and trying to maintain

this bodily function to not like drop so

we are entering maintenance mode we're

trying to balance out what is slowly


was once present in our skin but again

it doesn't need to be too extreme or too

crazy or too harsh or intense in this

stage we might need a little bit more

hydration so look for a really really

good humectant ingredient humectants are

basically like water magnets they just

draw moisture Dorf draw hydration from

the air from your skincare products and

from your skin to make sure the top

layer of their skin is really supple and

nicely hydrated cumec does include

glycerin hyaluronic acid sodium Halloran

8 and a lot of really great natural

moisturizing factors that your skin

already produce those are really good

ingredients to look for in skin care

products you are really diligent and

hydrating and well nourishing and well

protecting your skin you might not need

to introduce retinol or other active

ingredients at this stage yet my

favorite hydrating product include

LaRoche was a yellow b5 serie Bioderma

hydra Pio serum and also the ink ulis

poly glutamic acid is a really great

serum too next we have anti oxidants one

of my favorite ingredient groups to not

only include in my skincare routine but

also consume and deposit in my body a

lot especially if you are someone who

lived in such a developed metropolitan

city that has little to no green space

such as New York where a soul or Hong

Kong you are exposing your skin to a lot

of great external stressors that can

stress out your skin cause free radicals

including toxins radiation and stress I

like incorporating antioxidant rich

product such as primera alpha and berry

water cream or primera miracle seed

essence for an affordable option the

Incubus coq10 is also a really really

great and gentle option if you are

venturing out to this Gourevitch acid

the vitamin C game which is definitely

one of the hands-down the best

antioxidant ingredient in skin care you

can go for something like drunk elephant

c firma you know what Department slows

down as we age exfoliation department

our skin naturally regenerates new

healthy skin cells every single day

pushing away that that skin cells so

that our skin maintains that really

plump and useful look how

where this process gets to kind of slow

down ear by ear that's why we feel like

our skin appears more dull in complexion

and our skincare products aren't

absorbing really well your makeup

doesn't really sit well so I think this

is a really good time to start your

chemical exfoliation game by

incorporating some alpha hydroxy acid

and alpha hydroxy acids are basically

chemical exfoliants that unglued that

that skin cell bonds that kind of makes

your skin easier to push away that that

skin cell so when it's renewing on its

own exfoliation it does get addictive

include assets only when you really

really need it my favorite is definitely

going to be crave PT kala lujah 5.25% of

like colic acid if that is a lot I think

you can go for it lactic acid formulas

someday Riley good genes has a really

really good one the ordinary recently

launched mandelic acid 10% and mandala

acid is known to be the biggest molecule

in the AAA games so it offers a really

great gentle exfoliation if you are

willing to try the fruit enzyme peel

that's also a really great option as


the beauty pie offers a really great

fruit enzyme paste next step protect

your skin barrier more than ever our

skin is more than half of fat and that

is a good thing our natural fats on our

skin which is actually a part of our

moisture barrier or a skin barrier that

includes ceramide cholesterol and fatty

acids those are the components that will

protect our skin from losing hydration a

dermatologists call dr. Messner says

that by the time we are in our 30s the

ceramides counts decreased by 40% and by

the time we are in our 40s 60% of the

skins are in my house is already

decreased so that is a pretty sad news

but the good news is that there are a

lot of great topical products or topical

skin care products we can reach forward

to replenish and balance out what we

have lost but first of all how to

protect your skin barrier I will link a

video right here so that you have a

better understanding on how to

holistically care for your skin barrier

if you do compromise yours

again look for something that has

cholesterol fatty acids ceramide and

crave beauty grape failure relief was

designed to repair and restore a broken

and damaged skin barrier or you can

simply reach for rows of seed oil or any

kind of oils that are more rich in

linoleic acid than oleic acid finally we

are entering the reversal strategy this

will be applied to someone who's in

their late 30s or 40s and above someone

who already does have mature skin with

visible signs of aging such as sagginess

fine lines or deep lines in this stage

of life it is very very natural for our

skin cells to slow down and shut down

its factory so we might need to hire

some personal trainers aka some active

ingredients to remind our skin cells of

what they are capable of doing and we

can teach our skin cells to do certain

things again first and foremost all the

strategies that diet lifestyle and

preventive method of skin care and

maintenance method of skin care those

are always going to be your foundation

however this is a really really great

time for you to actively look for some

active ingredients vitamin A and vitamin

C are probably going to be your best

friends from now on if you are

interested in learning more about

vitamin A retinol retinol in general I

do have a tol dedicated video on that so

please click here vitamin A is probably

going to be the most well researched and

the most clinically proven ingredient

when it comes to reversing the signs of

aging my favorite retinol product still

remains to be the pestle and mortar

superstar oil it contains 8 PR as well

in a blend of tamaño oil and really

nourishing blend of antioxidant rich

oils also this is when you can start

looking for a high concentration of

vitamin C formulas the incubus vitamin C

product is a silicon-based vitamin C

that you can easily apply in the daytime

underneath your makeup or you can

alternate these on using retinol on one

night and vitamin C on another night and

I think vitamin C and is such a high

percentage such as 30% it really does

affect your overall complexion and it

provides great antioxidant

fit as a baseline as well pet pet is

another active ingredient that you can

start incorporating it wouldn't show as

much of a good dramatic result such as

vitamin A retinol products or vitamin C

products but it's a really overall

promising ingredient group that you can

definitely benefit from with consistent

use another great anti-aging skincare

tip that you might want to incorporate

in this reversal strategy is to apply

more facial oils that are rich in oleic

acid than linoleic acid these are the

oils that typically feels a little bit

greasy or a little bit thicker and just

a bit heavier but these are going to be

great at really making sure your outer

most layer of the skin as well plump and

hydrate it and in order for us to really

keep your skin bouncy and healthy is to

bring back the fats into your skin and

there's nothing like facial oils and

there are really great oils in this

category including Marilla oil argan oil

olive oil avocado oil tomato oil sea

buckthorn oil and while you do apply

these oils I would highly recommend you

to do some facial massage either that's

just lymphatic drainage massage to keep

that waste and talks in away from your

skin but also just any kind of physical

manual action that can lift up your skin

I typically do kind of like a gentle

facial massage whenever I do use

cleansing oil so that was my

comprehensive guide on when and how to

start antiaging this is not the right

way or the only way to approach

anti-aging of course if you have any

wisdom to share in this anti-aging

subject definitely do so by commenting

below so that everyone in the pump of

them can benefit from your wisdom

thank you guys so much for allowing me

to be a part of your life and your

skincare journey and stay healthy take

care and I'll talk to you guys soon bye