RUNNING WITH A GUN IN HOT WEATHER | How I carry in a belly band during a run in the heat!


good morning everybody welcome back to

my channel if you're new here my name is

Stav I have a channel focusing on

self-defense and carry mostly and I'm on

vacation right now which is why I'm not

in a sweatshirt because I'm from New

England and it's really cold back home

but here it's nice and hot and I decided

since I'm here I'm gonna do a video

showing how I carry a gun when I go

running in warm weather because I did

one previously but I've had some

requests to do a warm weather carry

video so I'm gonna show you guys how I

carry in warm weather back here it's

nice and hot so I could do it here I'm

gonna be honest with you I've not been

going running every day on my vacation

but I did bring things so I can show you

how I do it in warm weather please make

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please let me know do my best to make it

happen for you it's really nice out here

today's actually the cloudiest day we've

had but it's been beautiful

this is the classic hip hugger they have

a few different ones this is the inside

of the holster you can see here there's

a magnet so it holds your gun in place

pretty well while you're running pocket

that's another holster pocket for a gun

another pocket holster pocket pocket

holster pocket and again these have

magnets I also really like this strip

that they include on the top and bottom

of their holsters that's what allows it

to stick to your body or to your pants

and doesn't let the gun or your holster

move around so that's what it looks like

when you buckle it up and I'm a size

small I'm 5 foot 2 and about 110 pounds

maybe 115 on vacation but now I'll show

you guys how I wear it my cameraman too


which is nice so you can have your

hands-free you can carry your pepper

spray in your hand and not have any of

this going on so concealment is pretty

great with this holster you might be

able to see it printing a little bit but

no one's really gonna notice these

people don't

anything you know I'm just



if you guys are interested in this

holster I'll include a link below where

you can find this holster by can-can

concealment and also this pepper spray

that I can rebuy palm I have a 10%

discount code you guys can use I'll also

include that in a link below I hope you

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I hope you guys have a great day and

I'll see you back in the cold of New

England bye