Loving Comfort Maternity Belly Band Review And How To Put It On

More. More? More what? More. More what? More. More what? Hi everyone. I’m going to a review

on my new belly band from Loving Comfort. The maternity belly band that I just got from

the Motherhood store. And it is really good. I don’t have it on right now. I’m gonna

put it on and show you guys how it works. I really like it. I feel supported. I feel

lifted. It’s been helping my back pain. My feet pain. Sorry if my kids are, my kids

are playing, crying. You know how it goes. I’m going to show you how it works. In the

store I couldn’t figure it out. The instructions are inside the box on how to put it on. Like

inside on the roof. So I was like trying to look at it without ripping up the box because

I couldn’t figure out how to put it on. But, I figured it out. This belly band is

suppose to help with relieving pain, fatigue in your back and legs and abdomen. Lifting

you up and feeling more supported that’s what I’ve been feeling. But it has helped

with my back pain. By the end of the day my back and my hips. No fun at all. It’s latex

free. It’s made in the USA which is really cool. It is a little expensive. I spent 40

dollars on this. It’s worth every penny. I have to get through this. I have another

8 to 10 weeks to go for these twins. And I need to get through it. I’ve got two little

ones I’m chasing around. So, this is really good. So let me show you how to put it on.

So you get 2 pieces in the box which I was surprised when I first saw it. I was like

what the heck. My last one was one band so it through me off. So, let me show you. You

start with this band. So you wanna go this way. Wrap it around your belly. Put it on like that.

Lookin’ good. Then you take this part. The like corsety looking thing. So, you want the

wider part towards your butt. And the skinnier part towards your waist. And the tag is on

the outside. Hi Wyn. Hi. So then you want to just adjust it to what you want, you know

the pressure you want. You know, so you just feel it. Does this feel good? Should I loosen

it on one side? Should I loosen it on the other side? Actually I think I did really

good. I’m getting pretty good at this. So that looks good, feels good. So then you have

this extra little band. See like a little velcro spot. Put it right there. Then put

it to the other side. Then you put it on. Of course this would be under my clothes but

I’m getting some new stretch marks. They’re not the prettiest things in the world. I know

women really don’t care but it’s just it looks painful. And it doesn’t really

hurt it just, they’re red and they’re not friendly. I really feel like this has

helped me a lot. I feel like this is going to get me to the end of my pregnancy. Cross

your fingers for all the pain. I can’t wait ’til these babies are out of me so then

I feel light again. So then I can do whatever I want. Bend over, get out of bed easy. Just

I know I’m so close, I’m so close. It’s almost 30 weeks. What, What. Come here. Are

you ok? What do you think of my belly band? Do you like it? This is a great buy. I would

buy this if I had back pain during pregnancy and it’s worth every nickel. And it’s

been helping me so yeah. So that is my review on this amazing maternity support band. It’s

changing the game. Thank you guys for watching. Please like and subscribe. Share this video.

Tell everyone. And I want you guys to have a wonderful day. Bye. Can you say bye Wyn?

Bye. Bye.