Top 10 Clothing Items Fall 2018 // Fall and Autumn Clothing Favorites // What to Wear During Fall


hey guys welcome back to my channel

my name is Megan if you're new here and

today I'm gonna be showing you guys my

top 10 favorite clothing items in my

wardrobe for fall and fall clothes are

literally the cutest of all time so I'm

going to show you guys my favorite

clothes for fall that I've worn in the

past years and some new clothes that

I've gotten in the recent months so

let's get started the first clothing

item that I have is a dress in it from

the Lonnie moss collection impact Sun

and this is just a cream dress with

yellow flowers and it ties in the front

and I'm kind of obsessed with that I

think I've shown this in my

back-to-school clothing haul but I'm

gonna show it again because it's

literally one of my favorite things in

my wardrobe right now it's so cute I'm

so obsessed with this


and the second item that I have and my

favorites Falls collection if I'm

feeling a little bit spicier on a day

and I'm a little bit more interested in

what I'm going to be wearing I usually

wear a pair of overalls and this

surprisingly is from Target in the kids

section I know in the kids section it is

one of their biggest sizes so if that's

wise it's it's from cat and rat and it's

just a plain pair of them overall this

is such a staple to have in the fall to

layer with literally everything this is

so adorable


the next clothing item is also denim

it's a denim skirt um hello I wear this

all the time is from Kohl's

in a mud in the company mud we're just

from cold and it's getting a little bit

too small for me now I might need to go

buy a new one but it's this denim skirt

it's a dark wash sorry about that one

buttons not let me put that it's just a

dark wash and I wear this with literally

everything it goes with every top you

can imagine so cute if I'm not feeling

jeans that day


so next up is a jumpsuit from

Aeropostale it's navy blue and it has

these grey stripes going down all the

way and super flowy it's kind of like a

light summer type of outfit you can wear

but of course it works for fall too and

I like to wear jackets over this I think

it's super cute

it's halter at the top ties in the back

and goes all the way down to my equals

cuz of course it's a jumpsuit


and next up I think you guys are

probably tired of you mentioning my sure

by now but the iconic lead well shirt

it's literally amazing like my favorite


it's a white shirt with red stripes it's

kind of orange red and then it's a

button-down shirt with ruffles on the

sleeves you guys already knows by now if

you watch my videos uh-huh and it has

horizontal and vertical stripes in the

back so this is for me well and I got it

in the sale section I don't know if they

sell it anymore I mean if I find out

that they do I'll definitely link it in

the description down below with all of

the other clipping items


by the way if I ever don't find the

exact clothing item then I'll make a

similar one in the description always I

never don't link and you take for my

clean items mixed up if you know me in

real life and the winter and fall time

this shirt is like my Holy Grail

clothing item I wear this at least twice

a week I really need to buy it more of

this shirt

don't know if they sell them anymore I

really hope they do

I hope this I hope these cover me more

tours to which I only they do they still

sell it anyway it's this mock neck ribs

the brace shirt from Uniqlo I always

elaire dainty go3 with this or just

cooler in general and this goes with

like any bottoms because it's just plain

and gray and it's so flattering and

comfy and warm and like anything you can

ask for everything you can ask for for

fall and winter awesome


these next two clothing items are

actually new um I got them very recently

a few weeks ago this is a white plate a

white basic button-down shirt there's

really not much to say about this one

but you can use this for layering you

can wear it as just a shirt it's

literally so amazing you two are is how

many different ways if you want to see a

video on

different ways to wear a white

button-down shirt I can definitely do

that vide for you and might already be

in my list of video ideas um stay tuned

this is such a basic shirt but you can

wear so many different ways and it's

such a staple to have for fall I

definitely recommend getting one if you

don't because I know there's so many

times when I needed a plain white

button-up shirt but I didn't have one

and I finally got one from forever 21


I also recently got this shirt from

forever21 so it feels really air you

when you put it on and it ties you can

tie it on the side or tie it in the

front it's up to you and however you

want to wear it but this shirt is so

cute and I'm definitely going to be

wearing this as outerwear and you can

just atop itself


now the last two clothing items are

actually what I have on right now and

that is this adidas kind of like v-neck

I wouldn't say it's a v-neck but it's

kind of a v-neck I don't know what to

call it

if you know comments what it is down

below it's this orange shirt and my mom

actually gave it to me because it

doesn't fit her anymore so she asked if

I wanted it and of course it's kind of

retro and vintage vibes I kind of like

the whole like vintage adidas nikes sort

of look if you guys know what I'm

talking about I see those types of

clothing items on consist and you can

Instagram all the time so I'm running in

breath news so I love it this shirt so



and lastly is these white striped pants

with blue stripes on them

you guys know these are my favorite

pants in the whole world I've mentioned

these pants just as much as my made well

shirts even though I only have eight

videos I've probably already mentioned

that like three times so thank you to my

cousin Natalie who bought these pants

for me last Christmas I wear them all

the time no matter what season even in

the summer I'll wear them if it's not

too hot out those are my top 10 favorite

clothing items and clothes you should

own for the fall time so thank you so

much for watching this video if you

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haven't already so thank you so much for

watching and I'll talk to you next

Saturday bye