Leather Pants The Final Frontier in Menswear?

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possibly the final frontier of men's

fashion it's leather jeans leather pants

and one of the reasons I wanted to talk

about it is I've seen some people

writing about it and I saw it in the

runway shows for fall winter 2019 hi

Stefani called

leather pants the final boss of street

wear and I saw essence calling it a

forbidden fruit and they even reference

Tom Wolfe's bonfires of vanity is one of

the cell cultures that Tom Wolfe talks

about is like leather people in New York

people would wear leather on leather on

leather and something that I always

think about what I'm talking about

leather pants what I'm thinking about

them Chuck Klosterman

in a feature that he did referencing

fitty cent he said that if you wear

leather pants that's indisputable proof

that you have no friends because if you

had friends they would tell you that

leather pants are ridiculous

now whatever Chuck Klosterman isn't

exactly a fashion icon he's just a

writer that I like and I always thought

that was funny and interesting so I want

to talk about some of the runway shows

that I thought were interesting that had

leather pants and kind of going to the

aesthetics and silhouettes and I'll come

back when we discuss something I don't

know whatever


up first is a leaks definitely leather

jeans fits into their aesthetic unluck

we've got like the leather pants

underneath some long coat and another

thing and a puffy jacket these pants

kind of almost look like they're waxed

with like a wax jacket and these two

bags then we've got these red leather

pants with the stripes going down boy

cardi wore these and Matthew Williams

featured it on his Instagram account

it's like obviously playboy cardi he is

a celebrity he is trying to dress in a

way that's wild and crazy and these

pants are something that is indeed wild

and crazy

speaking of silhouettes that aren't

necessarily very new let's take a look

at Selene

we've got Eddie Salman doing the same

thing he always does but and he

incorporated leather pants again and

with Celine it seems like everything

he's doing is a lot more pared down and

a lot more maybe less exciting but kind

of more sophisticated we've got this

first look that I'm showing up he's got

a guy black turtleneck black leather

pants black leather jacket with kind of

like a zip Chelsea boot very kind of I

mean if you saw a guy wearing this this

is like a crazy rock-and-roll look but I

think that this is closer to something

that maybe I could consider wearing next

one I've got this guy in the leopard

jacket with the same kind of these are

slim pretty skinny leather pants in my

mind I would wear leather jeans that

were skinny and slim like this just

because it's more like that chic rough

and then we saw one at least on the same

leather skinny pants this overcoat kind

of thing with a single button

and the tie I don't I wouldn't do it

like this I think that if you're gonna

wear leather pants it's gotta be either

Punk or rock and roll it's gotta be like

profit tumble this is like the boldest

statement you can make don't cry wearing

a tie with it I just don't think that's

gonna work for you look good for Chris

Van Oscars first collection at Berluti I

thought this was a great collection

overall on first guys he was sent down

the runway he's wearing a leather blazer

and leather pants a lot like Frank

Reynolds from Always Sunny in

Philadelphia it's interesting in the way

that it's kind of showing off Berluti

'he's kind of signature leathers that

are so fine and almost kind of rustic

and worn but this is like a ludicrous

outfit the next one we saw it's like

we've got this guy and I think what

looks like a pony hair kind of coat and

leather pants and a leather hoodie I

think that in my mind if you're going to

pair these leather pants with things

typically I'm thinking you one pair it

with something else

unless you're doing like a leather biker

jacket here's another look we've got

leather black pants like a leather

overcoat kind of double breasted thing

and then like a leather hoodie this one

looks a lot more like the elites kind of

look like that street punk I think that

this kind of works better last on my

list we've got our meds a house of

extreme luxury of refinement wealth and

the first look that they had ferments

their men's collection was this guy

coming down in a blue overcoat

kind of like other blue colors and then

these kind of wider high-waisted blue

pants now I think that if I was going to

try out to try to pull off leather jeans

leather pants I would go for like that

Eddie Salman skinny rocker look but this

kind of wider high waisted leather pant

might work out I mean in this outfit I

think it kind of works I still think

it's really wild and really bold but

there's something about the way that the

muted Blues work together the

textures of the different materials I

think you can pull off a wider leather

pant if it's paired in a similar way to

this outfit

plus one other look that seems to have

like the same maybe a similar leather

pant this guy is wearing all blue again

he's got like a blue bomber jacket he's

got the same boots as the last guy and

then like a pair of wide blue pants I

think that though what looks like a

leather shirt might be overkill in this

situation why do I find leather pants

interesting they're a garment that

hasn't really gone mainstream at all

even as men's fashion street wear has

evolved and men have become so much more

comfortable wearing bold outfits leather

pants still are something that's on the

fringe on the threshold of will feeling

comfortable in them I'm wearing a

leather biker right now and there was a

time when a jacket like this used to

hold more energy so to speak he used to

indicate something like maybe I was a

punk or at a motorcycle or I was trying

to be rebellious but unless you're

around your dad or something like that

people typically won't really bat an eye

at you wearing like a leather like

perfecto style jacket like this leather

pants because we haven't seen them at

all because there's something kind of

weird still remain in an area where

there's so much to be explored if I

could get a pair of leather council this

is what I would do I look for a pair

that a slimmer maybe more form-fitting

something that really fits me I see a

lot of vintage leather pants for an

affordable price but like newer leather

pants are typically super expensive

leather isn't a cheap commodity but I

would try to get something that fits me

right has like a slim or skinny

silhouette I had worked with probably

black story at fall boots and the rest

of my outfit I would try to make it


maybe neutral maybe I wear like a black

turtleneck I would let the leather pants

be the focus of my outfit and then kind

of building and something that's a

little more pump or a little more like

bohemian New York chic kind of thing

that would be my idea I'll keep my eyes

peeled I'm always on the lookout for

something new in my wardrobe

but I've never found a pair of leather

pants that are either in a price that I

could buy or fit me the right way so

I'll catch you guys in the next video

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