Help! When Should Girls Start Wearing Makeup and Shaving Their Legs?

hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

sure you could tell by the title that I

need your help with something major

dilemma going on here and I just really

want to make a very well thought-out

decision or I guess it can't just be my

thoughts it's gotta be like this

community effort or something but

anyways um my daughter is 11 years old

and she just started middle school about

a little over three weeks ago and she

has already come home asking if she can

start wearing makeup and if she can

start shaving her legs oh my god I'm

sitting here like serious like already

know it's so hard to be able on

sometimes especially when you're the mom

of little girls I feel like little girls

are just there's so many more decisions

that have to be made with little girls

and little cause they're so dramatic

just kidding well I was I know I was I

know my parents would definitely testify

to the fact that I was a major major

drama queen and but one thing that I do

know one thing that I can definitely say

about myself and I kind of pride myself

on it or I don't know about pride but

that's kind of a kind of a bold

statement but um I really am very

connected still - you know myself at

every age you know I definitely remember

what it felt like to be 11 years old I

remember you know the thoughts that went

through my head and the reasons that I

felt the way that I did about certain

things and so I definitely know what's

kind of going through her head you know

one of the things that she said is that

she feels like other girls look a little

bit more put together than she does and

at first I was like how so because she

goes to a school where she is supposed

to wear a school uniform and the uniform

is basically school spirit shirts which

you have to purchase from the school or

collared button-downs so everybody's

dressed the same so obviously it's not

because of that so um so I kind of knew

where this was going and so she said you

know she just really wanted to start

wearing makeup and although I would

rather her not wear makeup because I

want her

stay a little girl for the rest of her

life I dunno what she's going through

because I remember being 11 years old

and I remember being in it was called

junior high at the time now it's called

middle school but I remember being in

junior high and I feel like that was

kind of the turning point when other

people's opinions started to matter you

know and it wasn't just the opinions of

your parents as a matter of fact your

parents opinion of you really stopped

mattering altogether it was literally

like your friend's opinion and your own

personal opinion but I also remember

that was kind of the age where you

started to compare yourself you know

with other little girls and I think

that's very natural I think that you

know it's even natural as a 44 year old

woman I'm still comparing myself

occasionally to other women like I said

I think it's totally natural but anyways

um I know that you know here she is

she's in sixth grade and last year she

was in the fifth grade so she was kind

of like top of her class you know and

now here she was in the sixth grade

bottom of the totem pole

as far as grade levels she's with a

bunch of new faces because she goes to a

school where kids from other

Elementary's are not going to this

junior high so there's a lot of new

faces and stuff but on top of it

she's with 7th and 8th grade girls you

know and 6th 7th and 8th that's kind of

the years where you really start to go

through a lot of changes you know

hormonal and physical you know

developmental and stuff like this and so

I understand you know her wanting to you

know wear makeup and stuff like that but

it's just it's just such a hard decision

to make and I also remember whenever I

was young my parents were like

absolutely not you're not gonna be

wearing makeup at age 11 because I was

exactly that age to when I wanted to

start wearing makeup and I wanted to

start shading in my legs and I was just

like I heard a bird saying the stupidest

things to my parents I was like you know

what whenever I grow up I'm gonna let my

daughter wear makeup when she's 11 years

old I even remember going you know what

whenever I have kids I'm never gonna

make them teachers and I obviously did

not stick with that one so I definitely

remember where she's coming from and I

remember looking at my legs and looking

at other girls legs and seeing that they

had shaved and

oh my god my looks so stupid and blonde

and hairy you know and that's pretty

much exactly what she was saying to me

that all the other girls in her PE class

have shaved legs which I find really

hard to believe but it doesn't matter

because I'm sure she's comparing herself

to the ones that she looks up to you

know and so I with the whole shaming

thing I'm not really I could really kind

of go either way because first of all I

don't think that people really look that

close at little girl's legs I have two

nieces and I seriously cannot tell you

right now if they've ever shaved their

legs or not because I have just never

scoped out little girl's legs even her

friends I have no idea if they have

shaved legs or not you know so I don't

really think that shaved legs like sends

the wrong message or anything as far as

makeups just like you know I definitely

want to let her start wearing something

I'm just not exactly sure what she had

she had expressed an interest in wearing

lipstick blush mascara you know

everything she didn't say I should I

don't thank God but I was just like

absolutely not on the lipstick you know

there was no reason that an

eleven-year-old little girl should be

wearing lipstick that's just my opinion

I don't know you might think differently

but I thought maybe cherry chapstick or

strawberry chapstick just something to

enhance the natural color of her lips

because she has naturally pretty reddish

lips she was a very colorful face is

very dark eyebrows blue eyes red lips

you know so I thought maybe some

chapstick to enhance the color of her

lips she is already wearing this this is

a BB cream by peerless that's really

actually phenomenal but it's just a

tented moisturizer and it's very very

lightly tinted but I like her to wear it

because it has SPF 30 and she's out in

the Sun during PE and stuff like that so

I do want to keep her skin protected so

then I thought you know I remember being

10 years old and my mom letting me curl

my eyelashes for picture day that was

just the only day I was able to curl my

eyelashes no mascara anything like that

and I just remember going god it looks

so different and so much better with

curled eyelashes I still feel like that

to this day and honestly some people are

just born with naturally curled

eyelashes so I

I think that one's a big deal I'm not

quite sure about my Skara like I said so

so far I'm I'm okay with like some BB

cream maybe some chapstick and maybe

curled eyelashes so um I'm just curious

to know what your opinion is on all of

this so if you have a daughter that's in

middle school or even if you have a

niece or if you just remember being in

middle school or if you are in middle

school and for some reason your watching

this video then leave your comment down

below and let me know what your thoughts

and ideas are about it are about it you

know how much makeup is too much and you

know at what point is it sending the

wrong message how do you feel about

shaving legs are you like me and just

like who notices that stuff anyways you

know one thing that I did tell her is

that you know one thing that I'm quite

sure is that whenever you're interacting

with anybody especially people you don't

know very well they are more concerned

with your perception of then than they

are concerning themselves with their

perception of you you know so you can be

rest assured that all the thoughts that

are going through your head about what

they're thinking about you those same

thoughts are going through their heads

so nobody's even paying attention to

each other they're just paying attention

in themselves and how they're coming off

to other people so I promise you nobody

has noticed that you have not shaved

your legs and but you know I get it like

I said she doesn't want solitary legs I

can I can't even see them I cannot even

see the hair on her legs unless we're

like in certain sunlight so like I said

I really don't think that that one's

such a big you know dilemma I think I'm

just gonna go ahead and let her do that

but anyway so like I said let me know

what your thoughts are leave your

comments in the comment section below I

really look forward to reading them and

hope you guys have a wonderful week and

I'll see you next time