First Wedding Dance Tips

hello my name is Micah Lydia we would

like to show you how to create your

perfect wedding dance we would like you

to choose from two options one is a

natural looking dance with some fancy

tricks that you can wow your guests with

or a routine and we would normally

suggest a rumba or foxtrot now we'll

show you how to create your perfect

natural looking wedding dance

first of all the position your right

hand will be going on ladies shoulder

blade a new ladies your right left arm

will be relaxing on gentleman's arm your

left hand gentlemen will be on ladies I

level and the hand ladies will be just

going straight into it now the next

thing we're going to learn is a sway

it's a movement of your upper body

towards your standing leg and then

transferring the weight from left to

right now to make it look more

interesting we will going to rotate it

we're going to rotate it to the right

clockwise all the way around as many

times as you wish now finally we're

going to learn our first trick gentlemen

take your hand in and open up the

position we're going to do an underarm

turn with switching spaces your left

hand gentlemen is going across lady's

hand and moves lady to the other side we

will do exactly the same one more time

switching places into open position then

by bringing lady in you connect again

make sure you

really have a good frame over here and

sway all over again now in terms of sway

you can do it as many times as you wish

now the trick number two is a bit more

fancy we will place our partner towards

the guest then we'll open up the

position and cross with your partner

finishing to your right side then we

will do a rollup making sure we kept an

eye contact and the last bit is very

similar to the first one we're going to

switch places and going to do

immediately a close hold connect as

always and then sway from left to right

now to finish your dance

I would suggest something even more

fancy now after swaying a few times

we're going to show you how to do a

great dip now make sure that you

gentlemen face everyone then turn your

partner straightaway close the hold lead

your partner in front of you and create

a beautiful dip what I would suggest at

the end is to bring your partner up

nicely open up the position and say

thank you very much to all your guests

will show you how natural-looking dense

would look with music



if you go for option number two which is

a routine you could potentially do a

rumba we'll show you an example of a

lovely rumba routine that you could

perform at your wedding we will commence

with exactly the same position like

natural looking dance beautiful hand on

a shoulder blade arms of a boys shoulder

and will commence with a basic movement

just to get the nice eye contact with

your partner looking at each other and

smiling now we'll continue with an

underarm turn and we follow it with a

beautiful New York to face one side of

your guests and another New York on the

other side we'll add some more underarm

turns that always look very fancy and

we'll continue with opening to right and

left this figure is nice going one way

and the other we'll follow it with a

beautiful spiral and just like before

we'll finish with a dip and again I

would suggest to bring your partner up

nicely open up and say thank you to your





there are a few things I would suggest

when you learn in your wedding dance

first of all ladies try to bring your

wedding dentures to a class all similar

shoes just so you can get the right

feeling of the dance

second of all please practice between

the classes that really makes a big

difference if you have a chance to go to

a venue a day before your big day

I'll strongly recommend to do a dance

there I promise you you will feel very

different at your venue then in the

studio and the last most important thing

is to maybe try to practice the dance a

little bit on a dais it is like a dress

rehearsal before your big show it's

really important to get it spot-on

I hope you liked the video it has given

you an idea what you can achieve with

your wedding dance I wish you all the

best bye