Sippy Cups: My Baby's Favorites & Must-Haves | Susan Yara

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I've got a really interesting

topic for you because we're gonna talk

about sippy cups because I bet you

didn't know or at least I didn't know

until now that there is a lot to know

about sippy cups so I actually found out

that Nakash was interested in a sippy

cup because we were at a restaurant one

day and I was drinking some lemonade I

put my drink down next to him and I

didn't think anything of it that was a

really boneheaded move on me because he

could have just knocked it down but

instead what I saw him do was take it

and put his mouth on it and he instantly

sucked up from the straw so he was like

6 months old and he was drinking from

the straw really easily and that was

kind of like you know like mind

explosion like whoa I didn't know my kid

could do that at 6 months kind of a

situation so we went ahead and skipped

these types of cups these are the

trainer sippy cups and you see a lot of

people with these I kept trying to give

them to Nakash because I guess I just

thought that this is what you give a

baby when they're first starting with

sippy cups and the concept is you know

they are closed so that they don't have

spills because obviously spills are a

big issue when you've got a baby and

they you know turn it upside down and

they have to drink I didn't want to push

it too much on him he didn't really like

that concept of like having to tilt his

head back to drink these

so the sippy cup that we've actually

used the absolute longest is this one

what makes this one interesting is so

first off it has this kind of closure

and I like that and the straw pops out

but if you as an adult try to suck from

it it doesn't work so a lot of the time

babies are like they chew it first and

they sometimes even play with it

so when you chew and suck at the same

time that's when the liquid comes out of

it so this is great for an infant for

like a first first time sippy cup

because they like bite down on it and

suck and then the liquid comes out and

it keeps everything from spilling so

when they throw it inevitably it doesn't

spill anywhere and this one has been

really really great it doesn't come out

really fast either and I think that's

great for an infant baby next up is this

sippy cup from munchkin this is just two

parts this is that's the lid and what's

great about this lid is that it seals

when it's just sitting but the minute

your child tips it

suck it opens up and the liquid comes

out so they get to practice drinking

from a real cup but you don't have to

worry too much about spills when he

throws it on the ground which he does he

always does it does splash a little bit

of liquid on the floor so be aware of

that it's not completely spill proof but

I find that he really likes this cup and

it really has been a good trainer cup

for him because now he's starting to

drink from cups you guys it's crazy he's

a big boy so these are cool

I really recommend these alright next up

are just straw sippy cups like pretty

straightforward straw sippy cups

this one from Philips Avant has a lid

that would circle around it but what I

have found is I hate lids

I kind of hate lids on sippy cups

because they become a thing you know

like if it is turns then that's all

Nakash wants to do is like turn it and

turn it and turn it and then he makes

mess and then he doesn't drink the

liquid it's really annoying so you'll

notice on a lot of my sippy cups if they

have lids I actually removed them these

are great because they're really

straightforward I mean at this point now

that Nakash is becoming a big boy

toddler he likes to have a regular straw

and he likes to just like have the

liquid come out really fast what makes

it really good though for a toddler

still is that it has the silicone tip so

it's still soft so if Nakash were to

throw this one you'd notice like it

would cause more of a spill it's not bad

but it has a little bit of a spill

especially since I took the cap off but

with this one because it's enclosed it's

much less of a spill if he does throw it

which again you guys inevitably he

throws everything right so it pops up

like that again it's a soft silicone

straw I like that and all of the liquid

comes out really straightforward because

it's just a straw like that this one

tends to be a little bit more annoying

to clean though and that's something to

kind of keep in mind as you start

getting into the straw sippy cups is the

more parts there are the more that they

come apart and the more you have to

actually clean them so I'd say these are

probably a thumbs down from me they're a

perfectly fine sippy cup but having all

these different parts is really annoying

and same with this one

perfectly fine but like I said I took

the top off of it but we still use this

and this one we don't really use as much

but this one we

yes and I do like that it tells you how

many ounces you're giving cuz we're

still getting milk so there you go all

right next up weighted sippy cups these

are our probably our most used sippy

cups in the house right now

nikasha is 21 months old and he is

pretty much these are like his go-to

sippy cups he loves these I'll tell you

why I love them first and then I'll tell

you why he loves them

so these Zoli ones are they have lids

usually but I just told you I removed

lids they're so annoying to have on

there because all he wants to do is on

off on off on off but again it's that

silicone straw so it's really soft can

chew on it if he wants he can walk

around with it and I'm not worried about


and as they get a little bit bigger or

if they get used to like that tilt back

motion they can do that they can drink

from this sippy cup in any direction

like if Nakash is sitting with us on the

couch watching some TV or something and

he decides to like lay back he sometimes

does this and he can still drink his

liquid it's kind of genius the weighted

straw these are our favorite this is my

second favorite and I'll tell you what

the difference is so I love the size of

these because now we're only giving him

like 6 ounces of milk so this is a

perfect sized one when you go back to

like all the different parts again

weighted straws are a little bit

annoying because there's a weight that

you have to take apart so you pull it

off and then there's only really just

then the straw and you just leave it

like this you don't have any other parts

and that's what I like about this that's

why it makes it so simple is it's these

two and this and the weight and that's


it's really straightforward this sippy

cup is by dr. Brown's it has really

great reviews on Amazon that's why I

bought it it's a little bit bigger so

that's what I liked about this is that

it holds a little over like 9 ounces of

liquid in it this is the way it works

the cap pops off like that but I'd you

guys I take all the caps off so I'm

gonna go ahead and take this off so you

can see it in its true form when we how

we use it this is a great way to straw

as well it's kind of the same

functionality but this is what I'm

talking about with the part so when you

take this apart though check this out so

this part comes off and then this part

comes off and when you wash them you

have to then put this part back

and again it's not rocket science I'd

realize but you know what busy moms

don't have the time for this so you have

to pull this back through and yank on it

and then you have to take this and you

have to feed it in here and push it back

through again not hard but if you don't

do it tight enough so you have to make

sure this is tight and you have to make

sure this is tight otherwise the suction

doesn't actually work I've actually

handed this to Nakash before and he just

like throws it and doesn't want to

bother with it anymore because it turns

out I didn't pull it tight enough it's a

perfectly fine sippy cup but I do love

the Zoli one much better it's just a

little bit smaller okay and then last

I'm gonna talk about the big kids sippy

cups because we're starting to dabble in

those I'm learning a lot about them and

I feel like maybe if you're watching you

might want to know about them too so

first off is Camelbak this says it's for

like two-year-olds what I like about it

is that again it's a soft straw you know

when we use something like this it's

usually when we're out right when he's

like at the park or if we're going for a

walk we take a big sippy cup like this

because it holds a lot more water in it

and we can pee out longer so I'm not

worried again that he's gonna hurt the

inside of his mouth at all if he falls

with it or if he like hits his head with

it there's crazy things that happen

being a little paranoid but a silicone

straw just it makes it easier there's

also these taken toss sippy cups these

are really popular they're kind of like

cheaply made so that you can take them

wherever you want and you can toss them

if you need to because they're you

didn't you know you don't spend a lot on

a pack of them and they're really

popular and I always see kids with these

and I bought them I bought them for any

cost because I was like oh these are a

great concept but then I realized

they're really they're truly for big

kids they're not for your toddler at all

I have a nanny I I don't make that a

secret I have a nanny that's how I get

to work and be a mom at the same time

and she saw me with these one day and

she was like first off Nakash absolutely

has to be sitting if he's using one of

these because things will spill but this

straw is hard so if you it's not a

silicone straw it is a plastic straw but

you don't want your kid running around

with a straw like this because it's

hard straw you got to be careful you

know it's one of those things and I

think you know we get really relaxed

when we think that these are like for

babies or for toddlers

it's not necessarily right like we

actually do need to watch our kids and

we need to make sure they're not running

around with a cup like this and a straw

like this last this is nee cautious

favorite and I think it's because it's

mommy's favorite this is a Hydra flask

for kids

he loves my Hydra flask because he sees

me drinking it all day long I've talked

about that before so I got him his own

Hydra class because he was stealing my

Hydra class all the time it's awesome it

keeps all the liquids cold or hot if you

want them to be I think he likes it

because it makes him feel like a big boy

and he really is you guys he's at that

point in his in his toddlerhood where he

wants to be the big boy he wants to be a

big kid and he knows there's a

difference now between being a baby and

a big kid and so the Hydra plastic is


again I make him sit down with this

because it's a hard it's a hard sippy

cup it's not sit because that's why it's

not a sippy cup so it's a hard trough

but he loves it and it really does hold

a lot and we get to be matchy matchy

because mommy has her own Hydra flask

and I think he really likes it so big

kid Cup Hydra blask

I love it I recommend it so that's my

little rundown on sippy cups and what

I've kind of learned about them over the

past year and a half I can't believe I

own this many sippy cups and I hope that

this was helpful for you because you

know I didn't really know anything about

sippy cups I didn't know the this many

sippy cups existed on the market it's

kind of crazy tell me below in the

comments which sippy cup you loved he

loved any of these ones or if there's

one I should check out anything that you

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until next time I will talk to you soon