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today we're going to be talking about

transitioning from a bottle so if you

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first off I want to put a little

disclaimer and say that every child is

the same this method might not work for

you it works for both of my kiddos it's

what I've learned over these past two

years and I find it to be a very

effective method I am not sure if this

will work the same as with breastfeeding

I have only bottle fed my children so

that is something to consider as well

when I first started transitioning out

from bottle to sippy cup with when I

would almost do with my second I not

want to have two children in bottles I

refuse to have to do even double the

work what I did was I purchased two

sippy cups

I purchased a straw sippy cup and I

purchased soft spouts now what I did at

the beginning was try and take away the

bottle during nighttime feedings and

then I night gave it to him

but that went totally wrong so I do not

recommend you do that at all if you're

planning transitioning your child I

suggest you just do it just don't go

back don't look back don't feel remorse

about anything just do a little bit so I

kind of applied it the same method that

I used as far as getting rid of the

binky because I had lost my son's binky

and I basically had no other options so

basically what I did is I just decided

to take away the bottle completely so if

at that time he would normally have a

bottle for the first few nights it was

kind of rough because he would cry for

his bottle and it was very heartbroken I

have to see him cry over it so much it

makes me feel about it honestly makes me

feel bad taking away something that

they're just so used to feel like it was

more beneficial for him not to have his

bottle any long time I just said hurt me

see him crying over it I just tried to

hold him and rock him and sing to him

you know pat him on the back to try and

give him some kind of comfort because in

a sense his bottle was his security when

he had lost his pacifier he turned to

his bottle for security so I feel for

him it was a little bit harder but he

got through it after

days he was ok with it and it's like if

the bottle was just never there to begin

with the second time that I did this

whole bottle transitioning to soupy

cupping honestly I felt like a brand new

newbie again I have no idea why but I

did and it was I think a lot easier the

second time around for me I already had

a sense of the type of method that I

want to use I want to say about a month

or so before he turned one I tried

transitioning him he just wasn't a fan

of the fit because what I noticed was

that my youngest was sitting the toddler

sippy cup so I realized that he really

liked the free place they become for

some reason I just did not want to use

those replay' sippy cups permit don't

ask me why I was just kind of weirded

out by it and I feel like I've always

been like that so what I wounded up

doing since I didn't want to do that was

that I already had dr. Brown's bottles

and they had recently just came out with

a spout that is kind of like a

transitioning spout I think there were

like 599 at Babies R Us I just bought

those and I switched him off so the

bottle itself was familiar to my son

that's what I wanted up giving him milk

out of I would still give him water out

of the other sippy cup he lasted about

two weeks on that dr. Brown's

sippy cup and after that I just

completely took it away I started using

the sippy cups that I had originally

bought him for milk and he actually took

to that by at least basically how I

transitioned my kids from their bottle

to their sippy cup the good thing about

my second key was there as reliant on

his bottle as my first was so like I

said you know every child is different

they're going to react differently think

it's just about figuring out what's

right for your child and kind of sippy

cups I prefer I don't recommend always

using the soft spot so because it's only

because I feel like that's still kind of

a bottle the texture of it at least

that's just what I personally think you

know you're free to do how you please

I'm not here to tell you how to do it or

what to use exactly or that you have to

do it this specific way I'm just here to

try and teach you the method that I use

which I just like to say the cold-turkey

method because I just took it away cold

turkey it didn't go back and give them a

bottle again I feel like that just makes


worse and I feel like it makes it more

difficult on your child and in a way

it's sort of confusing so thanks very

much for watching I'll see you for my

next video