The Best Transitional Sippy Cup For Babies - What Worked for Me & My 8 Month Old - Think Baby

hey guys it's Melanie and here's baby

Kota she's 8 months old and if you're

wondering why she has red cheeks is

because we just got done eating

it is hmm all right you guys I want to

show you guys this this is her new sippy

cup and we've been trying a minute we've

been trying to get her to take a sippy

cup forward a couple months because the

doctor said I'd try introduce a sippy

cup with a soft nipple at six months of

age and we were having a hard time with

it all of the ones of soft nipples elect

Aria have like flat tops they were not

they just she wouldn't take it I had a

hard time with my son as well so we

found this and this is amazing can I

show on what it looks like it's from a

company called think baby she would not

let me take it huh it is the only cup

she will drink out of I like I was

actually sent this to try and I was like

alright okay like you gotta give a shot

right I'll show you guys I could up

close a view of it um but she actually

Oh drinks it so I was pretty surprised

because we tried a couple different cups

so far and her nose it she likes the

handle which I you to I think that a

bottle should come with handles um but

the way that's the tip is shaped I'll

show you guys it's almost like a flat

nipple and it doesn't have like that

flat thing on top like other sippy cups

too if you know I'm talking about anyway

you guys this is like the one sippy cups

you drink side up so I guess we're gonna

have to order some more to hang it's a

beautiful thing so anyways if you're

wondering this is my new office it's why

is my desk up so high that's because um

it's better for your back and why is our

flooring behind me is because we're

gonna do flooring in the boy room yes

yeah anyway I want to show you guys like

up close a personal of how this works

yeah you see okay alright kids guys so

I'm going to give you an up-close look

out of the bottle and then I'm going to

show you like her first reaction I

actually filmed that to see if she would

take it so this is it it's a brand

called big baby you guys know I'll link

everything below um the base of it is

shaped like a bottle which I think kind

of helps you know like her want to grab

it but it also has these

awesome handles which makes it awesome

it makes it so easy for her to hold on

to and I just I love that about it it

breaks down like this really super

simple you put the handles on first I'm

pretty sure you can do this without the

handles as well

and then you put the nipple on over top

of it and it comes with a cap that's

similar to like a bottle cap and the

nipple here it is I mean if it's just

like a bottle nipple only it's flat so

it's a sippy nipple only it's more like

a bottle nipple compared to like the

other ones at the stores so it she's not

like against it she really likes it so

it's working for us so far so I

definitely plan on getting her more of

these I'm shy Oh Garces take a drink

is it good try it

chikka drink almost yeah you got is it

good okay well I'll give you careful

buddy she's actually drinking it we have

got this are you actually drinking it

yeah if you call me damned yeah cute she

cute yeah good job said I cannot believe

she's actually drinking it like she's

actually and you're going to do it you

like see by a righteous guy so that is

it the only cific after shaking so far

hopefully she gets you know into um like

regular sippy cups

um fun time she's a year old but for

right now I'm very thankful that she

will at least like this one I think it's

just easier for her also because it has

the handles on it he knew your dough

cute you say thank you so thanks for

watching subscribe tell

all right bye elegance