What should I know when introducing a sippy cup to my 5 month old?

most pediatricians will recommend that

you get rid of the bottle by about a

year of age and that your babies

drinking from a sippy cup at that point

and it's it makes it easier if you start

younger and just start slowly

introducing it to them it's usually

harder to eliminate the bottle around

that time and bedtime so that's usually

the last time to go but start with

mealtimes and after your baby's eating

solid foods they're eating them well at

breakfast lunch and dinner follow up

they're solid food meal with a sippy cup

and it's okay to give them a little bit

of juice but if they're drinking a lot

of fluid at that point and they're

getting good at drinking out of the

sippy cup it would probably be best at

the young age of five and a half months

to give them formula or breast milk

whatever they're used to and just give

it to your baby see how they react to it

but at this young age your baby will

probably still lack the dexterity to

hold the cup and bring it to their mouth

but as your baby gets a little bit older

and this will happen especially if

you've been introducing it and

demonstrate babies like to do what we do

so show your baby how to do it and then

hand them their own sippy cup and have

them do it and you know you'll probably

find more success around eight nine ten

eleven months of age but it doesn't hurt

to start introducing it now if you have

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