4 SIPPY CUPS: Which one is BEST? 😃

I have four styles of sippy cups I'm

going to review today and at the end of

the video I wanted to tell you which one

I personally recommend I've gone through

a lot of sippy cups and I've learned a

lot and there are some that I have found

that work and that don't work and a

little background I have a four year old

and a one year old and another baby on

the way and so sippy cups are essential

in this house because we don't want

spills we don't want leaks and in cups

fall the they drop the cups especially

in the car and so I have four styles of

sippy cups I'm going to review today and

at the end of the video I wanted to tell

you which one I personally recommend and

I hope this helps I will leave a link of

all these sippy cups in the description

box below for anybody who wants to look

at it and review the reviews and do

their own research here are the four

styles and two of them are munchkin and

the other two are different the first

one I have here is the Philips Advent

this is a munchkin straw design style

this is a take and toss this is the

old-fashioned spout kindness and when I

grew up with and this is the 360 degree

valve Cup sippy cup you can get all

these off the Amazon or in a regular

store like Walmart and Target and

everything but the first one I'm going

to talk about is the Philips Advent the

Philips Advent we bought from Amazon and

I again I will leave a link down below

so the Philip Advent I do not like I

give it a thumbs down because first of

all on Amazon it says it was nine ounces

but we got a 7 ounce cup and and I found

that very disappointing because you know

that's false advertisement and it should

really be fixed and I put a review in

and it really does need

be fixed on Amazon and secondly the

valve design is very bad it let me get

it opened here it is a disc valve to

keep the milk or water or juice from

going out when it's not in use but all

it does is sits inside here this little

circle here and this is the area where

it's supposed to sit but it's not secure

at all nowhere near secure so when you

put it in and twist the top back on the

natural motion of it gripping and it

moves the disc and it's not sealed

anymore and it becomes loose or it

becomes a little bit towards this way

from the turn and I find it leaks

constantly and also if you do get it on

there just right if your child decides

to throw the cup overboard the table and

it land on the floor then it moves the

disc inside and then it starts to leak

that's what I have found so this one is

a thumbs down so the next bottle we're

going to do is the Munchkin straw style

and this one's good if the valve inside

does not become loose but if you leave

the drink out for too long

it will start to I guess the heat or the

pressure or I don't know something else

scientific it will start to come out of

the straw and drip just like that and

that's a big mess and if you leave that

on your table for and I just got this

out of the refrigerator like five

minutes ago

so if a child walks away from it for

like five minutes and then comes back

it's dripping already and it does this

with juice it does this with milk it

does this with water and it's just I

don't understand why maybe because the

heat or maybe because the child is

pushing air

to the cup maybe I don't know but I want

to show you the inside of the sippy cup

see when I and see when I loosened it up

all that milk came out so it must be the

pressure it's a simple insert valve and

it comes apart and the valve is inside

and it keeps it poor and it works good

unless it's left out for like five or so

minutes and it starts coming out to

straw so that's a thumbs down for me for

the Munchkin straw sippy cup and the

old-fashioned taken toss here is the

taken toss this is the one I grew up

with this one is really good for older

kids if they are really good at keeping

their cups on the table and not laying

down like that and if they don't throw

their cups so this is not good for

younger kids my older child my four year

old does love this cup because she can

use it and she doesn't drop it she

doesn't throw it on the floor and it

won't mess up and the top won't pop off

because if it's a thrown just right the

top will pop off and it she won't leave

it on the laying on its side like that

like my one year old and it come out it

is started dripping so that's a thumbs

down for really young kids but it's

still good for older kids like like my

four year old so this one's an okay this

is sort of like in the middle good for

older kids bad for younger kids who like

to throw their cups and last but not

least the munchkin 360-degree sippy cup

valve I give this one a thumbs up

because all the way around for any age

because the valve stays in this is the

valve it simply pops out and it's got a

lock here and it's got a design of the

valve here so it locks into place and

the natural gravity let me pull out lock

it in like that and the natural gravity

and suction of whatever it is of the

water the juice the milk

out of the valve here it flows outward

this way into the child's mouth like

they're using it like a cup that they

just sip on it and it comes right on out

like I don't know how to explain it but

light like a straw sort of and it just

flows right on out and then the rubber

and the gravity just simply keeps the

juice when it's not in use or water or

milk it keeps the fluid inside I know

there's no such thing as the perfect

sippy cup if she does throw this off of

the table if she throws it from here to

the floor kit you know the natural

gravity of a drop or two will come out

of the edge but that is way better than

it you know then this happening in the

top pop off and I will show you that it

works I'll put some water in and secure

the top and I will simply put it down

and it doesn't leak now if I take my

finger and open it open the valve up

like that it will leak just the natural

gravity of it but when I when it's not

in use and it just sits there and it

could be there all day and it won't it

will not leak and this is the best sippy

cup I have for my one-year-old and my

four-year-old this one is foolproof

there is replacement lids for these I

guess to make sure that they you know if

it wears out you can replace just the

just the valve and not the whole thing

just the rubber valve which is really

good this one is my favorite leave a

comment below if there's another sippy

cup out there that you found that works

wonders that is absolutely foolproof

please put it down below I would love to

try and buy it and use it because you

know if it's better than the Munchkin

360-degrees sippy cup

I am willing to buy it I hope you found

this video useful please give it a like

it really helps out my channel

stay tuned for more videos for of home

school and family stuff and I hope to

see you guys later

bye oh good fine for just ten dollars

because they're just gonna ruin it up


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