How to Start and End a Professional Email Email Efficiency at Work Training

a great way to establish a professional

tone for your emails is to begin each

one with the greeting and and with an

appropriate send-off you should place

your greeting in the body of the email

at the top not in the subject line

include the person or the people you're

addressing in the greeting also consider

your relationship to the person you're

messaging the further removed you are

say to a first-time client or a job

prospect the more formal your greeting

should be at the end of your email the

phrase you use to sign off has a hidden

purpose it gives your recipient a clue

about what you'd like them to do I look

forward to your response can help

reinforce the fact that you want your

recipient to write back while please

contact me if you have any questions is

a good way to finish up an email that

ask someone to complete a task

this sign-off indicates that you're

available to help if it's needed if

you're not sure what else to say best or

thanks can work in a pinch even if you

have a signature that automatically adds

your name to the end of your email type

your name out immediately below your

closing line just like hand signing a

physical letter in your automatic

signature add your full name title and

essential contact information work phone

number is good to include where as your

personal email and Instagram is not a

short quote is acceptable but leave out

images or other attachments that will

make it harder for others to read and

respond to your email it may also be the

case that there's a standard template

for your company so ask your manager

about it starting and ending your email

in a professional way will lead to more

respectful and productive exchanges and

remember to add a little variety to your

email openings and closings it gives

your messages more of a human touch